supermodel secrets

Supermodel Secrets to Your Most Embarrassing Beauty Woes

There is nothing like the horror of waking up to a brand new day with a massive red and yellow swollen pustule on your...
eyelash extensions

The Process of Doing Eyelash Extensions

If you are thinking about getting lash extensions then you are at a right place. Getting a pair that suits your eye the best...
quit smoking

How to Quit Smoking?

Smoking is one of the worst addiction which can ruin the lives of people. It is not an easy task to leave it, and...
egg bhurji recipe

Egg Bhurji Recipe 2017 Easy Steps | Indian Style Anda Bhurji

Egg bhurji recipe or Anda bhurji recipe is one the easiest recipe. You can make this in various ways, by scrambling in fried onions,...
uttapam recipe

Uttapam Recipe Step By Step | South Indian

Uttapam one of popular and widely accepted dish from south Indian cuisine. And no doubt it is as healthy as idli and dosa and...

Fashion Tips

Amazing Tattoo Trends for 2017 – Best Tattoo Designs For Girl

tattoo trends 2017
Top 2017 Tattoo Trends  Tattoos have evolved extremely since the day they were first practiced. Tattoo artists try to express their creativity through the wonderful...

How to Dress up Like a Dream This Festive Season

festival dress
How to well dress up during festivals ? Festivals come in our lives to give us yet another chance to laugh with our loved ones...

Best Fashion Tips and Advice for Musicians

Fashion tips
One of the most important things that all successful musicians around the globe have in common is a great attention for fashion. As far...

10 DIY Ideas to Look Fashionably Sustainable

diy fashion clothing ideas
Creative and Useful DIY Fashion Ideas Image credit: I know I am not telling you anything new or shocking when I say that there is...

Bridal Trousseau Must Haves and Trends for Every Indian Bride

bridal trousseau
The Indian bride defies all stereotypes and her style and personality isn’t limited to the coy and conservative anymore. In fact the Indian bride...
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