Top 9 Simple Ways to Treat Your Skin in Summer

Treat Your Skin in Summer

 Summer means getting tons of outdoor scenery and loads of sun exposure!  Time to put on that two-piece, grill that barbecue, and take that long drive to the beach!  Summer can easily be equated to fun, fun, fun!  But, when you’ve had too much sun exposure, not only the painful sunburn but also the lifelong damages to your skin are left — wrinkles, dark spots, and hyper pigmentation.

What are the skin problems in summer?

There are certain skin issues that become more prevalent around summer time, most are brought about by the dry and humid weather that clogs up your pores and makes your skin feel drier than ever.

1.  Sunburn treatment:

If you’ve had too much sun then that tan you so glorify is actually sunburn. Pour the sap of an aloe Vera leaf on your sunburned skin. Aloe Vera does not only soothe and cool off burned skin, it resembles skin so closely that it immediately repairs damages on the skin matrix and rebuilds the lost outer protective layer.  If you can’t get hold of one, try lathering on a cold cream.

2.  Itchy skin:

The dry humid water is causing an awful lot of moisture to evaporate from your skin.  Keep your skin moisturized with powerful moisturizers.  Get that added sun protection by making sure your product is loaded with antioxidants and sunscreen.

3.  Heat rash:

This skin irritation appears when sweat is trapped underneath your skin. Try to stay out of the sun and heat until the rash disappears.  To help speed up your skin’s recovery, try bathing with uncooked, rolled oats.

4.  Acne breakouts:

The generally dry and irritated skin you get in summer causes the oil glands in your skin to overcompensate on moisture which clogs your pores with excess oil, trapping dirt, dust and other skin impurities.  So, even when it’s summer, keep exfoliating. Get help from salicylic acid, a beta hydroxyl acid that stimulates skin cell turnover while also acting as a natural anti-inflammatory which helps soothe your irritated skin.  If your acne goes beyond moderate, it’s time to pay your dermatologist a visit.

3 Clinical treatments you can easily get in summer 

Summer is also the time to give your skin additional in-clinic treats!  Make sure to choose the ones that won’t harm your skin more.

1.  Laser hair removal:

So you think you’re ready for that bikini?  Don’t get in it until you’ve undergone laser hair removal for your bikini area and your underarms.  Save your skin from dryness and irritation that can be easily caused by shaving, and in summer, it’s repeated, frequent shaving.

2.  Photo rejuvenation:

This is basically a laser treatment that uses intense pulsed light and works on a highly targeted patch of your skin.  It helps you treat your sun damaged skin, particularly from age spots and wrinkles that developed due to excessive sun exposure.  Overall, this treatment also significantly increases collagen levels in your skin which aids it in recovering from too much fun in the sun (so you can have more again next time).

3.  Fraxel Restore Dual:

This is another laser treatment option that facilitates restoration of skin moisture and healthy complexion by stimulating collagen production.  Keeps your skin looking plump and moist against the beach or arid environment in the background with this procedure.


Top 2 summer care to treat your skin with this season 

1.  Put on that sunscreen:

Make sure to reapply often.  There can be no better way to treat your skin in summer than with an effective sunscreen.  Prevention is still your best weapon against sun damage.

2.  Keep exfoliating:

Not even the dry summer climate should hold you back from stimulating skin cell turnover.  Use mild and gentle exfoliates so as not to harm your skin.


 Summer is fun but it’s never fun to be causing damage to your own skin.

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