Supermodel Secrets to Your Most Embarrassing Beauty Woes

supermodel secrets

There is nothing like the horror of waking up to a brand new day with a massive red and yellow swollen pustule on your nose. As if zits are not already one of life’s little tactics of giving you hell. But to have a huge one right smack in the center of your face; how cruel, right?

As you lament the great misfortune of having overactive sebaceous glands, you probably also think why you weren’t born a supermodel who never has to deal with beauty woes.

Here’s a reality check though — supermodels are not immune to skin problems, bad hair days, and other temporary physical maladies. They are, however, experts at concealing their beauty issues.

Supermodels learn on their own or take lessons from the leading professional stylists in the industry so they can easily take charge of their physical “presentation.” So, take a cue. This way, you do not have to feel like a complete loser (your words) just because you do not look the way you want to.

To get you started, here are some of the best supermodel secrets to embarrassing beauty concerns:

●      A mondo pimple on your nose

The quickest trick that supermodels use these days is a pimple patch. The patch is a skin colored medicated adhesive that can dry up the pimple while also concealing it. You can even apply makeup on the patch for a true color match to hide the fact that you have a zit.

If you do not need to leave the house and you want to treat the pimple naturally. Wash your face and apply salicylic acid or tea tree oil. These two topical solutions will kill the bacteria of the pimple and dry it out as well. By the end of the day, the zit will be significantly smaller.

●      Melting makeup

Very few primers can withstand intense heat and humidity. When you find your face melting because of such conditions, models advise getting clean facial tissues, a huge makeup brush, and loose setting powder.

Place the clean tissue on your face to absorb, while also keeping your makeup in place. Once the tissue has absorbed the slick off your face, place another clean tissue on your face, dip the makeup brush in the loose setting powder, and brush it on top of the tissue. This will further absorb oil as a light layer of powder is applied to your face.

To prevent another melting episode, spritz your face generously with a refreshing setting spray.

●      Bad haircut

The tried and tested solution that models have to a bad haircut is a slicked-back do. Use lots of gel as you comb your hair in place. This makes for a chic and sophisticated hairstyle that works on all face shapes.

If you do not like using gel, wear a beret. It’s the most romantic and fashionable headwear to hide a botched haircut.

Or, invest in a wig. You can find wigs just about anywhere these days. You will be like an all-new person instead of someone who’s insecure about having a bad haircut.

●      Stye

The best remedy for a stye is to leave it alone, but if you cannot because you have to attend an event where looking good is a requirement, use this style trick — apply dark eyeshadow on your lids. The darkness of the eyeshadow will hide the swelling and create the illusion of same-sized lids.

To avoid contaminating your makeup, scrape off eyeshadow powder onto a tissue, and use a disposable applicator.

●      Sweat stains on your clothes

If you tend to sweat through your clothes in the most embarrassing spots of your shirt, attach pantyliners to those spots. The pits and the lower back section of your top are those most prone to sweat stains so stick those pantyliners there.

The liners will absorb perspiration and keep you feeling dry.

●      Oily skin

Silicon-based mattifiers are very helpful in controlling the shine of oily skin but if you want a solution that can really treat oily skin, models swear by a light water-based moisturizer and a facial mist.


This combo signals to the sebaceous glands that there is enough moisture on the top layer of the skin and they do not need to produce sebum excessively.

●      Lifeless hair

Limp, lifeless hair can make your overall look dull. Supermodels use different ways to add body to limp hair. One is by applying baby powder to the roots. The powder absorbs oil that weighs hair down.

Another solution is a texturizing hairspray. Spritz this on your crown and scrunch your mane to achieve volume while blow-drying.

The last strategy is to shampoo hair and only condition the ends of your hair. Ridding your roots and scalp of oil will give a temporary lift to your tresses.

●      Jiggly skin

Heading to the beach in a bikini but you didn’t spend the last four weeks exercising to create taut arms, glutes, and abs? Hairspray is the solution.

This is a trick straight off the Victoria’s Secret and Miss Universe Pageant runways. If you do not want your skin jiggling like Jell-O when you are parading your body at the beach, get ready with a can of extreme-hold hairspray. The chemicals in hairspray are not good for the skin, so once you’ve created a solid first impression, wash off in the salty seawater.

●      Bloated face

If you had pizza or anything savory the night before and you wake up the following day looking really puffy, like a Japanese mochi, dunk your face in ice-cold water. This will take care of the swelling and also tighten those pores.

Another trick to deflate a bloated face is a cup of tea. Drink tea, and it wouldn’t hurt to apply some on your face as well. Green tea and chamomile are the best, they have diuretic properties so they can help shrink that bloated face and also take care of your bloated tummy.

It is every model’s job to look perfect but it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is — nobody is. But, use these supermodel secrets to look fab at all times if looking perfect is good enough for you.


Jessicka Bell co-founded the AgenC, one of the leading model/talent agencies in the Middle East, in 2014. After just three years in the market, the AgenC now works with most (if not all) of the heavy hitters in media and fashion, as well as represents over 1,000 talents ranging from international models through to cast, kids, creatives and photographers.