Do You Need A Hairdresser Or Hair Stylist For Your Hair?

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Going to a hair saloncan mean a lot of different things. You could get your daily routine maintenance at the salon, transitioning your look for a new season or dramatically changing your style. But whatever you plan on doing, there’s one thing you should be avoiding is a bad hair appointment. With this you will able to understand the duties, similarities and difference between your hair stylist and hair dressers. Because no one wants to leave the salon looking worse than they want in.

Similarities between hair dresser and hair stylist

Professional care

Each hairdresser and hairstylist ensures that they protect their client’s hair from the damage. Both professionals want their clients to look best, so they ensure that hair will give them beautiful look.

Determining what suits the client

Highly trained professionals also help in figuring out the look that suits best on their client’s lifestyle and needs. They listen to their client’s requirement, and it is a massive part of their jobs. Some clients who work outside day long prefer a no-fuss bob, for models they prefer more rainbow tresses. 

The hair professionals also know their client facial features and hair types. The list of hairstyles to choose from is unlimited. Still, there are a few styles and cuts that don’t for individual clients.

Interpersonal skills

Just like makeup artists, stylist and hairdressers also work with clients regularly. Both of these have a common aim of beautifying the client’s hair, but both of them do some very different tasks. But to carry out their professional duties in either job, they need to have strong interpersonal skills. Now, let’s have a look at their differences:

hair dresser

The Difference between hair dresser and hair stylist

Both hair professionals have same skills, but they don’t do the same job. Here are the differences. 

Duties they perform

Hairstylists: They give beautiful styling to your hair, such as waves, curls, or volume. They are responsible for combining the technical skills to create a chic look, red carpet styles, and the list goes on.

Hairdressers: A hairdresser is a person who learns about things that range from their cutting, applying permanent hair extensions and chemical treatments, etc. When a hairdresser finishes work, they can style the hair or can take help for the hairstylist. 

Working environment

Hairdressers: They need a pleasing environment with admirable lights, good music and realistic climate control. Moreover, they only schedule the appointments at which their clients are available. Although, a few hairdressers work part-time don’t have any problems but who works full-time or have their salon has to work long hours, including holidays, weekends and evenings. 

Hairstylist: Most of them work from the salons, which are typically clean and well-lit. They can be an employee or own that salon and work independently. Even some of the hotels, cruise ships and resorts hire them as a guest amenity. A minimal number of a hairstylist offers their service to the hospital patients and nursing staff.

Physical Requirements

Both of them spend most of their shift time by standing or walking. It is said that they must keep their salon work area clean. In some salons, the stylist also sterilises, clean the chair and their tools. They should possess excellent stamina to withstand the physical demands of the job.

Chemical Exposure

Hairstylists are exposed to several harsh chemicals, including hair dyes, which contains ammonia. Although they wear gloves, aprons or smocks, still there are chances that the harsh chemicals could reach their skin and cause irritation. Some salons are well-ventilated, designed, but due to some substances, the smell can be unpleasant, especially when a hairstylist is exposed to them for many hours every day.

Professional Training

Hairstyling for any occasion or event also comes under hairstylists. Unlike hairdressing, hairstyling doesn’t involve changing the basic structure of the hair, so it’s generally not regulated by any agency. 

For example, if you go to a hairdresser, they can only cut your hair like a bob or blunt. But if you go to hairstylist will give you just an illusion of blunt cut or bob without cutting your hair.

Now the Big Question: How to Choose the Best Hair Salon?

Choosing a hair salon can be a daunting task. Here is the right advice to help you make the right choice. 

1. Get recommendations

Start asking your family or friends about the salons they visit. You can also pick one of your friend’s hairstyle if you have similar hair to them, and then ask the questions like, does she like the cutting process? Is the hairstyle suggested by the hairstylist or she wanted it, etc.

Ask the overall experience of the salon like, was the stylist on time and pleasant? Was she feeling comfortable and relaxed? Once, you’ve talked with a couple of your friends and family; it’s time to search for the online reviews.

2. Do research

So, you have created a list of salons with the help of recommendations, but now what? Now, it’s time to check out the salon’s website, reviews and gallery for the style bios and prices. Also, check whether they are offering any referral program or not. 

Moreover, check the reviews on the cross-platform like Yelp and Facebook. Make sure to be careful, as some people have a habit of giving negative reviews. At last, call the salon and ensure that the stylist is taking new appointments. 

3. Make an appointment

Now that everything is searched and decided, it’s time to make an appointment. But before making one, instead of changing your whole look, consider doing something different like colouring your hair or a new cut. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with the stylist. Tell him/her about your doubts and concern. And most importantly, how do you want your hair to turn out. 

Final Lines

These days, the hair industry has a lot of potential and hairdressing, and hairstyling is no exception. Which option you choose depends on your needs and lifestyle. Both of them have their unique skills, hard work and dedication. Like you can colour your hair or add hair extension and many more. You can take a visit to the best hair salon for your new look. They have plenty of creativity to style your hair and your look. 

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