Brow Lamination: What Is It and How Does It Work?

brow lamination

The eyes, nose, and lips—these three features are the most significant contributors to a person’s appearance, there’s even a song titled after them. There’s no wonder why countless people all over the globe invest in treatments to enhance these attributes specially brow lamination, combined all creates a well-balanced, more attractive face.

However, while the eyes, nose, and lips make up a large part of someone’s appearance, there’s another important facial feature that could either make or break your entire look—your eyebrows! 

Although the eyes are the window to the soul where you can see a person’s true emotions, thoughts, and attitudes, they can’t look as mesmerizing without the brows just above them. The curtains to the windows are just as important. 

The Relationship Between Brows and Beauty

With your eyebrows, you can express emotions, affect your face shape, and boost your appearance. Just think of the public figures with the most unforgettable faces—Frida Kahlo, Gwen Stefani, and Cara Delevigne all had beautiful brows that perfectly complemented their other facial features, reflecting their individuality.

Sure, you can never go wrong with a gorgeous shade of lipstick, but brushing out and filing in your brows will take your look to the next level! Even without wearing lipstick, you’re sure to look and feel your best as long as you have amazing brows to back you up!

Unfortunately, fixing up your brows isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you want to make your eyebrows look fuller, you’ll have to go through countless trials and errors,  trying out various brow gel alternatives to get it right. Luckily, you don’t have to risk ruining your brows with brow lamination.

What Is Brow Lamination?

You’ve heard of waxing, plucking, and bleaching, but what about brow lamination? This brow treatment sounds complicated to some, but it’s actually pretty simple! The process involves “perming” the eyebrow hairs, pulling and lifting them to create the illusion that the eyebrows are fuller than they are in reality.

Brow lamination is most sought after by those with thinning or unruly brows, as it makes it easier to look well put together with much less effort. When you get your eyebrows laminated, you’ll have one less thing to think about when getting ready—not to mention that you won’t have to spend a lot of money on brow products again!

What Happens During the Procedure?

Like with lash extension or brow waxing, the procedure of brow lamination is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is set an appointment, lie down, and let the expert do their job, and voila, you now have full brows to die for!

Here’s what to expect during the procedure:

01. Applying the Lifting Cream

To perm one’s hair, a professional will need to use perming lotion containing chemicals that change the hair’s texture, creating waves or curls. Just like perming the hair on your head, perming the eyebrows requires the use of a special cream.

The lifting cream painted onto your brows will create a chemical process, breaking down hair bonds to allow them to be shaped. 

When you don’t use the cream, it would be impossible to keep the hairs in place without using brow makeup products. The lifting cream creates the magic—its formula is responsible for how well your brow hairs will behave and form into the shape you were aiming for.

02. Brushing the Brows in Place

To make the brows look full, each hair must be brushed upward, pulling them in a uniform vertical direction. Brushing up the brows makes all the difference! Once the hairs are all pulled upward, your brows will instantly look different.

Rather than a thick and defined shape, brushed-up brows create a soft, feathery feel, giving the appearance of fuller brows without them looking too severe or dense. Once the brows are brushed up, the technician will apply the neutralizer.

While the lifting cream allows your brow hair to be brushed up in the desired direction, the neutralizer is responsible for sealing the brows into place. After the neutralizer has been applied, you can enjoy beautiful, brushed-up brows for the next few months without touching them up!

03. Layering On Nourishing Oil

Although brow lamination is a quick, non-invasive procedure to beautify your brows, the chemicals used for the treatment can cause skin irritation and hair dryness due to the chemicals used.

Side effects such as swelling, redness, peeling, and itching can ensue after brow lamination, which is why it’s crucial to apply nourishing oil before finishing up. As its name suggests, nourishing oil replenished the brows’  moisture, keeping the side effects at bay.

Final Thoughts

Grooming your brows is perhaps one of the most impactful beauty tips anyone can receive! Thanks to brow lamination, you can have beautiful brows with minimal effort and look great as when you first stepped out of the salon. With proper aftercare, you can enjoy gorgeous brows that look on fleek every time.