23 Best Curtain Bangs Styles for Every Hair Length

curtain bangs styles

It’s 2022, and curtain bangs are getting even more popular. Thanks to the rise of Korean beauty trends and the comeback of nostalgic fashion influences from the 70s, these bangs are not set to be outgrown soon. 

Which face shape suits curtain bangs?

 Curtain bangs are here to stay. It evolved from the wispy curls to being the go-to bangs for all types of faces in the present. Its versatility made it popular to make your hair look more stylish. 

So, you don’t have to worry whether you have a round, heart, or rectangular face shape. Curtain bangs have a way of framing your face most effortlessly!

How to style curtain bangs quickly?

Bangs can make or break a hairstyle. Sometimes, a full-on fringe can be too much of a statement, while a side-bangs can look slightly outdated. Curtain bangs, however, give you the right amount of balance between style and comfort.

Curtain-cut fringes, unlike other hairstyles, require low maintenance. You don’t have to constantly trim it or worry about pimples and other skin concerns on your forehead. On a plus note: it can also get styled quickly! Here are some ways you can take advantage of those curtain fringes to complete the look you’re going for!

Styles for short hair curtain bangs

  • Cute Bob haircut

Who said you can’t style your curtain bangs with short hair? It’s easy! Just get your handy brush and pull it inwards while blow-drying your hair. Repeat until you get the flowy locks you want to achieve—and voila! Set it with a hairspray and notice the enhancement of your facial features in an instant.

  • Rounded Bob haircut

A more feminine take on the usual bob starts is to style it in a way that locks would highlight your cheekbones. Curtain bangs perfectly draping beside your center certainly helps with that! 

  • Shaggy curly haircut

Shorter curls are now a rising trend. With curtain bangs, this hairstyle helps give a charismatic look that complements your fluffy curls and makes your eyes stand out.

  • French girl haircut

Edgy with lots of volumes, this style fits girls with oval and heart-shaped face structures. Add a shaggy look by subtly lifting your roots and twirling your curtain bangs!

Styles for curly hair curtain bangs

  • The versatile curls

Another way to sport short hair and curtain fringes is to curl it! It is perfect for date nights or a trip to the museum with your best friends. Get those perfectly short waves with a texture spray to add volume to your bob, and you’re good to go!

  • The ‘I’m not like other curls’

Curtain bangs on curly hair? Yes, please! Flaunt your curls like it’s the 70s and complete the look with those loose fringes. Make sure that you are taking care of your hair with your curly girl must-haves, along with these dry and frizzy bangs remedies. 

  • The curtain coils

Curtain bangs are inclusive of all kinds of hair. With a dab of moisturizing serum to keep your coils and fringe shiny, you can achieve a textured hairstyle that can bring out your facial features and jawline! 

  • The curl-ups

Curls in a high bun with curtain fringes hanging side-by-side is a face-framing look you should cop! If you don’t have natural curls, grab the nearest curling iron and recreate it with minimum effort but maximum results!

Styles for medium length hair curtain bangs

  • The mid-length rush

A lob cut is more flattering for those with square-shaped facial features. Easy to carry, this midway hairstyle can benefit women who are always on the go. Living a fast-paced lifestyle might leave no room for styling, but a curtain fringe can do the trick!

  • The mullet

This hairstyle is an ode to two iconic trends that go way back: curtain bangs and rock and roll. If you want to stray from the usual layered look, a mullet cut is a way to go. Top that with curtain bangs and your modern grunge getup is complete. 

  • The classic

Nothing beats a classic. If you’ve got straight and flowy hair, a medium cut with curtain bangs automatically gives off that Rachel Green vibe—perfect for every girl! 

  • The big hair day 

Don’t be afraid to volumize! If you’re up for a big hairdo then grab your curlers and make it happen. This works best for girls with oblong-shaped faces and shoulder-length hair. The curtain fringe even adds an accent to that vintage look! 

Styles for long wavy hair curtain bangs

  • The romantic updo

If you’ve got the long locks, you can easily cop that romantic girl vibe with the curtain bangs and updo combo. Style it by loosening your fringes on both sides. A messy tousle also adds up to the look—paired with a preppy clip, of course!

  • The wavy frame

Those shiny beach waves are always a staple look. One way to transform it into a more playful and layered look is by adding fringes! Curtain bangs can add a frame to your wavy hair which lets your face and mermaid locks stand out individually! 

  • The ‘barely-there’ fringe

If you have long and straight hair, going for parted and layered curtain bangs might be for you! It doesn’t just lift your facial features, it’s also easy to style—from updos to half-buns, the chic and effortlessly flattering fringe speaks for itself!

  • The sporty 

One major struggle of girls who have a round face shape is finding the right fringe that complements their facial structure. So, the curtain bangs trend is probably heaven-sent! 

If you belong to the club, style your curtain bangs with a ponytail. If you’re worried about your face looking big, the bangs will serve as the frame that accentuates and flatters your features. Go rock that sporty gal look, girl!  

  • The high-bun

A messy bun is a go-to hairstyle, especially for girls who have long hair. With curtain bangs though, you get an effortlessly tousled look for any occasion!  

  • The half-bun

This versatile style can be for the short-haired and long-haired girls who don’t want to fully commit to a bun. A half-bun is perfect for those with bob cuts looking for a more casual yet chic hairstyle.  

  • The mousse flick

Relive the origin story of curtain bangs with those long locks and perfectly-flicked fringes. Use mousse to ensure long-lasting waves! 

  • The beach balayage 

Hop on the balayage trend with the additional edge from your curtain bangs! Complete your summer look with subtle waves with a roller to achieve long front drapes that flatter your face shape. 

  • The angel waves

Achieve that dreamy look with feathery waves and curtain fringes by curling with a straightener instead of a curler! This style works best for medium and past shoulder-length hair. 

  • The highlights

A little color always levels up a hairdo! These subtle highlights paired with your tapered locks and fringe are what you need to achieve that multi-tone look—whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair! 

  • The hidden bangs

Another reason why you should get curtain bangs on your next haircut is that they can be hidden easily. Not feeling your fringes for the day? You can easily slip it behind your ear, and it blends with the rest of your locks. 

 Will curtain bangs work on thin hair?

Definitely! Curtain bangs can improve fine and thin hair types. It can also be styled and volumized, in a way that accentuates your features and face structure.

You can inquire about your go-to salon to get more professional advice. However, before proceeding, you must first know the difference between a hairdresser and a hairstylist to achieve the curtain fringe hairdo you want! 

The Verdict: Are curtain bangs worth it?

There’s a reason why trends are becoming a classic—and curtain bangs are a suitable example. These fringes add a different level of sophistication to any hairstyle and face shape, even with its simple yet framing wisps. So, if you’re planning to get one, go for it! 

But remember, getting curtain bangs, applying hair treatments, or coloring your hair will only look its best if you keep your hair healthy