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If you are thinking about getting lash extensions then you are at a right place. Getting a pair that suits your eye the best is something that only certified and qualified technicians will know how to do. Women often think that extensions are a piece of cake and a process that takes 20 minutes or so, but that is not the case. If you truly want to know all about the right way to apply lashes, then read the following 10 rules.

10 Steps for Perfect Eyelash Extensions

  1. Under- Eye Stickers

If you are at a right place and if your technician knows what he or she is doing, then they should apply a set of eye stickers on your face. These are actually gel patches that need to be placed 3 millimeters away from your lower lashes. Your technician shouldn’t use a hard pressure and should check your lids to ensure that there are no gaps for extensions to fall.

eye stickers

  1. The Right Kind

You and your lash technician should come to a mutual agreement. Talk about what you want to have and what you want to avoid when you get eyelash extensions. If this is your first time getting them done let them know. However, if you’ve already had your fair share of ups and downs then speak up and tell them what you believe works the best on your eye shape. Know that there are dozens of lengths, types, and shapes that you can go for. This is great news if you are someone who is picky and indecisive at the same time.

  1. The Length

It is always the best to go for 3 different lengths of extensions, starting with the lowest kind at the inner part of your eye. You should use extensions that go from 6mm to 14mm in length. Based on your eye shape, choose where you want the longest lash to appear. Many women mostly go for the outer corner, while some like the middle part of their eye to look the fullest and to pop. The best option is to go with 8mm lashes all across the eye, and then add some longer lashes in between.

  1. Pick Up Process

Your technician will spread all of the lashes on her vinyl pad. This way, lashes will be a lot easier for him or her to access. Your eyes will be closed all throughout the process so you may not know what they are actually doing all throughout the appliance period. This may be some good news because they will use a huge set of tweezers and needles around your eyes. This part can look scary to an inexperienced eye.

  1. Waiting

You will have to lie down on the table for about 2 hours. It is best to come makeup free and in some comfortable clothes. You won’t be doing a lot of talking because your technician needs to focus on their work. This means that you can bring your phone and earphones if you feel like relaxing, listening to some music, and enjoying the process.

  1. Dip

They will hold the extensions to the tapered end and dip them into glue. They are going to make sure that there is enough of glue all throughout the lash and then apply one piece at a time. If there is any excess amount they will swipe it off before the appliance.

  1. Tweezers

They will isolate your lash one by one by using tweezers. Once they’ve picked out a lash they are going to apply some glue all over the lash starting from the base to the tip. This way they are prepping the lash for the appliance.

  1. Appliance

Applying lash by lash is crucial if you want to avoid the possibility of them gluing down together. Lashes should be facing upwards and parallel to other lashes on your eye. Your technician will need to wait for the glue to dry down before they can move onto the other pair.

  1. Separate

By using tweezers they are going to separate your natural lashes and extensions. Any unwanted gasps will be filled if they were previously forgotten. Once they are successfully separated your technician will dry them using mist with distilled water for 3 minutes.

  1. No Touching

Once they are done with the appliance you will open your eyes and see the results. A must not after getting your beautiful lash extensions is picking them or wearing makeup. Make sure you keep them dry for the next 24 hours so they can completely set.

What happens during your appointment is obviously extremely important to the results you get with your lashes, however just as important is what happens AFTER your appointment. This is a crucial time where you absolutely must refrain from getting them wet for 24 hours (and preferably 48 hours) – so have a shower and wash your hair before your appointment. You also need to stay away from steam – so don’t even go into a bathroom while someone else is showering – and also make sure you don’t get steam near your face while cooking.

You also need to keep all oils away from your lashes. That includes waterproof mascara and even facial cleansers. I’ve seen something as simple as a cleanser totally ruin the bond from the lash extension glue within weeks and the client needs a new full set of extensions!

If properly applied and properly cared for your lashes should last at least 3 weeks, and as much as 5 weeks (if you’re really careful and a little lucky) – but I generally recommend an infills appointment every 3 weeks to keep them looking perfect.

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