How to Quit Smoking?

quit smoking

Smoking is one of the worst addiction which can ruin the lives of people. It is not an easy task to leave it, and one has to work hard which can gradually help to stop smoking. The most important thing is to make firm mind as it can help to keep you in control. Many ways can help you to achieve the goal of changing routine. One of the best solutions that can prove beneficial for all and make it easy to quit smoking is electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette, which is commonly known as e-cig is safe compared to traditional cigarettes that contain chemicals. Moreover, one who is going for e-cig is not said as smoking, but it is called as vaping. It has e-liquid which is made up of different flavors and while one vapes, he/she can feel flavor in their mouth. There are e-liquid available which even contain nicotine, but if one has made up mind to quit smoking, they must opt for chemical-free e-liquid.

People who wish to quit smoking will find e-cig as one of the best options for them. Cigarettes have many adverse effects on health, and it affects internal parts of our body, which disturb normal working. But going for e-cig will help to have safe health as best e-liquid will not have chemicals and consist only of is now possible for all to quit smoking by firm determination and electronic cigarettes.

Importance of e-liquid

Vaping is one of the best options that can help to reduce tobacco use, and even one can quit smoking. E-liquid is responsible for giving the feel of smoke, and so it is essential to have best e-liquid, which can give satisfaction and at the same time does not harm our body.

Why e-cig is the best option when it is about quitting smoking?

E-cigarettes are very similar to the regular cigarette, but it is chemical free. It works on battery and has charges, which will help to charge e-cig. It does not create any bad smell, in fact, gives out pleasant aroma, which makes it possible to use it even in public place. It will not harm the environment or people around us, and so it can be taken even in the non-smoking zone. Some chemicals get included in tobacco in the traditional cigarette that can harm our body but opting for nicotine, or chemical free liquid will not have the wrong effect on health. It gives an option to save money, health and above all can help to quit smoking.

People who wish to stop smoke and have healthy life must make up their mind and work hard to achieve their goal. It will take time, but one must be confident enough to make it possible with the help of best e-liquid, which is easily available today. One can find it as best option to quit smoking.

Other ways to quit smoking

Stop buying cartons of cigarettes

If you are planning to leave tobacco use, then start it by stopping the purchase of new cartons of cigarettes. Even if you buy, instead of a package buy only a pack at a time, and make sure you carry only one or two with you. Place all the cigarettes in a tin. So, at the moment of craving, you will not have any cigarette immediately to smoke. This will help you to wean off slowly.

Put all the money you’re saving by quitting smoking in a large container

Collect all the money in a large jar, and say bye to tobacco use. Spend that money on something that you have been dreaming such as going to a five-star hostel, meet an old college friend staying far away.

Say no to coffee till you are away from cigarettes for two months

Say no to coffee at least for two months while you are trying to keep away from smoking. Decaf yourself until you have been cigarette free for two months.

Carry a healthy snack food

Find a healthy snack, which you can carry with you in place of cigarettes. Try sunflower seeds, sugar-free lollipops, chewing gum, carrot, etc.

Switch to a cup of herbal tea

You can sip a cup of herbal tea whenever you desire to have a cigarette. A cup of herbal also provides same stress relief as such of nicotine. So, this gradually helps you to wean off smoking.

All these ways help you to wean off smoking gradually. No method is of instant help but needs strong determination and persistence. Quit smoking and see the difference you get in your life and the change the life gives you. Stay healthy.


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