We are into various kind of street food and samosa is also among. Though samosa stuffed with potato is well known and popular but now days Vegetable Samosa, Chinese Samosa, Paneer Samosa, Samosa Pastry, Keema Samosa, Chocolate Samosa, Khoya Samosa, Egg Samosa have taken a good place in the world of street food. And people enjoy having above flavor of samosa any time.

I have tasted almost all the above flavor and honestly it was delicious to have more and more. Today, I am going to demonstrate eight varieties of samosa.

You can taste your favourite flavour –

8 Different Types Of Samosa

1. Vegetable Samosa

vegetable samosa

source: 123coimbatore.com
As its name speaks for itself, Vegetable samosa is stuffed with various kinds of vagitables like diced potato, diced carrot, crushed cloves of garlic, frozen peas. Mixture of all these vegetables makes this samosa delicious enough to have more then 2-3 pieces.

2. Chinese Samosa

Chowmein samosa

source: Pinterest

Chinese samosa is basically stuffed with chowmiein, it can also be revised with hakka noodles or Indian noodles depend on your choice.
This is something new we can in samosa’s flavor.

3. Paneer Samosa

paneer samosa

Source: Wishesh.com

Generally we have paneer samosa with having few pieces of paneer, but if you want or if you are a paneer lover can have samosa fully loaded with paneer. Believe me, it will bring wow factor.

4. Samosa Pastry

Pastry samosa is stuffed with extra cream to change its flavor. This unusual samosa is quite demanding.

5. Keema Samosa

keema samosa

source: Pinterest

If you are interested in non-veg. here we have keema samosa having spicy and delicious flavor stuffed with fine minced chicken or mutton. Surely you will get something different in taste.

6. Chocolate Samosa

chocolate samosa

source: miriammerrygoround.com

All time favorite chocolate especially among kids. What if we get something new in samosa, exactly what I mean to say a samosa stuffed with chocolate chips having better taste ever.

7. Khoya Samosa

khoya samosa

source: Chandrakala Recipe

khoya samosa is as common as rest other samosa, it is filled with khoya or dried whole milk and nuts. You are required to dip it into sugar syrup after frying. You can have it as desert

8. Egg Samosa

People love eggs, so what you think if we have egg as a stuffed in samosa
That’s true if you want to make changes in your taste you can have scrambled egg samosa

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