5 Jewellery Brands To Rediscover

jewellery brands

Brands of jewellry that need to rediscovering

More and more people are discovering more and more Jewellery brands in order to try something new, or something a little more different. Each brand will claim to appeal to the variety of people, but will arrive with extortionate prices and no real history or tradition behind it. When you take a look at jewellery it should be appealing, beautiful, technically brilliant and offer an overall package.

It’s time to move away from brands that are simply creating jewellery, instead moving back to the traditional, timeless and classic jewellery that people have been quick to brush under the carpet.

If you truly want to jewellery brands to consider take a look at the brands we have listed below.

1.  U-Boat

There aren’t many brands out there that are able to boast Swiss movements with Italian heritage. If you are truly looking for something that has a structured presentation, technical magnificence, U-Boat watches is exactly the type of watches you should look for. With a distinctive styling, versatile appearance and use of rare materials, U-Boat have continued to subtly create jewellery that is perfect. It doesn’t stop there as their techniques have continued to surprise, using acid baths to create their watches. U-Boat’s methods are incredibly sophisticated, showing off their intricate designs for the world.

2.  Theo Fennell

Theo Fennell are timeless and with Mr Fennell securely in charge of the designs, Theo Fennell have seen something of a renaissance. Theo Fennell have created a jewellery range which is delicate yet beautiful, applying it to each and every style of jewellery. The concept of ‘good things arrive in small packages’ has allowed them to create some of the most aesthetically pleasing jewellery, as well as provide trophies, jewellery and much more to major sporting events and royalty. If you are looking for something truly unique, timeless and something that oozes elegance.

3.  Tresor Paris

Tresor Paris are renowned for their work with elegant, yet luxurious jewellery. Their collections continue to provide a jaw dropping reaction, creating something that is a truly special gift. Their designs take years, from the planning all the way to it being produced. Their tradition and heritage are included in each aspect of each design, handcrafting exquisite collections. If you are interested in getting the perfect item of jewellery, Tresor Paris, is glamorous, versatile, timeless and simply perfect. Tresor Paris could potentially be the only jewellery brand you’ll ever need to buy gifts for your partner, family or friends.

4.  88 Rue Du Rhone

88 Rue Du Rhone have excelled from excellence, continuing the family tradition creating quality and only the finest Swiss watches. Pierre and ElieBernheim, grandsons of the famous watchmaker Raymond Weil, branched away in order to make an accessible Swiss watch. The have respected the tradition, working with music icons, creating vibrant, eccentric and luxury watches for everyone. If you want a timepiece that offers Swiss heritage, luxury and without the huge price tag, 88 Rue Du Rhone offer high-quality without the compromise.

5.  Aviator

Aviator watches are another brand that have taken inspiration from their designs. The watches have taken a close association with the aviation and flying, proving to being one of the most accurate and reliable watches for measuring time. Pilots used to use pocket watches to measure time, which split their concentration. As technology developed, pocket watches moved to wristwatches, creating the timeless Aviator brand. It became legendary and a pioneer in terms of wristwatches, providing an unmatched reliability. Their designs are military based and reflect the cockpit of an Aviator plane, so if you are interested in history, close design bases, Aviator may be just what you’re looking for.

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