4 Best Natural Home Remedies for Stress Relief

Relieve Stress Naturally

How to get rid of stress and tension ?

Stress is not always bad, of course: it motivates us to reach new goals and make our life valuable. But sometimes, excess of stress becomes harmful. It diverts you from your goals and takes to destruction. But, don’t worry. When you try these homemade techniques, you can control the stress.

Eat healthyeat healthy food

Today, most of us like to eat junk food, which actually been proven that can make us depressed. Try to avoid junk food and add healthy foods like whole grains and protein in our diet. It can improve and give long lasting energy to our mood. Blueberries, almonds and salmon are some foods that especially are effective for stress-busting.

Better sleepbetter sleep

Sleep plays the most important role to reduce stress. Too little sleep makes your behavior irritating and cranky. Too much sleep makes you sluggish and depressed. Follow bed time rituals that signal to your brain and help fall asleep. It makes you feel better and ready for the day. Avoid having a heavy meal close to bedtime, avoid exercise three hours before sleep or take warm bath.

Vitamins B vitamins

Take vitamins B enriched food. It promotes proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. It also helps induce relaxation and fights fatigue. Lack of vitamin B leads to have depression, stress, irritability, and apathy. Take a good amount of bran of cereal grains, germ, beans, nuts, peas, liver, eggs and dairy products as they contain vitamin B.

Reduce Alcohol Consumptionreduce alcohol

Too much alcohol consumption increases stress. It badly affects your immune system, fires up your body fight-to-fight response. It further contributes to physical symptoms of stress like a racing heart, clammy hands, trembling, irritability and anxiety. So it is good to limit the consumption of alcohol, sugar and caffeine. Try to quit smoking as well.

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