Tattoos Care Tips – Tattoo aftercare tips how to properly care

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5 Best way to take care tattoo

So you have got a new tattoo and are looking for some simple ways to protect it, right? Tattoos are an integral part of our day-to-day fashion. But, being a proud owner of it, a proper care is a much as it may lead to arouse infections, blotchiness and scarring. So with that said, let’s dig deep to get insight of some essential tricks to care for your gorgeous new tattoo.

Leave your bandage overnight

Leave your bandage overnight. This is the first things for taking care of a new tattoo. Don’t leave it wrapped for a few hours. Fresh ink can cause slightly bleeding off the area and smear your bed sheets on the first night. So it’s advisable to keep it covered.

Keep it clean

The next tattoo-care-tips include cleaning it carefully. There are many decent tattoo shops that clean and cover your tattoo. After coming home, it’s your duty to keep it clean. Take a mild antibacterial soap and wash your tattoo with lukewarm water. Then pat it for air dry. don’t let water directly hit the tattoo. It prevents irritation and discomfort.

The sun is worst enemy

After you get a new gorgeous tattoo, avoid sun light at any cost. Even if you apply sunscreen; it will not work really well. It may not work like that. Once your skin is healing, it will be ultra-sensitive to sunlight. So it is good to keep it protected every time.

Don’t pick your scabs

Never pick at your scabs. Irrespective of how small area is covered, or your tattoo tempting you for that, don’t do so.  Even if take a slight picking action, it will cause a light spot that requires further touch ups. Remember, open bloody wounds make for a prime spot for bacteria growth too.

Use fingertips for scrubbing

Open your bandage within 24 hours. Don’t use a sponge, wash cloth or towel. Though your fingertips may be rough, but it will be gentle on your skin. Remember, they are fingertips not fingernails.

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