4 Great Tips on How You Can Keep Your Hair Straight all Day Long

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Best ways to keep your hair straight

It’s always been that way – girls having straight hair wish to get curly and if it is curly want get straight. However, if you wish to get second choice than I have a few excellent methods for you.

1.  Give Your Hair to Grow Up Little Longer

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If you wish a get straight hair, it would be good if you let your hair grow little bit longer. Because short hair is more likely to curl up compared to long hair. Apart from all, it is difficult to keep short hair remain stylish according to wish.

Try to visits a good hairdresser at least twice or thrice in a month to do away with those deceased or split ends since they are one among the causes that your locks curls up. However, seek to maintain your locks as healthy as is possible, not just for the reason of straightening it, but also for the purpose of getting a beautiful, attractive and healthy locks straight or curled.

2.  Use of Hair Products

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Purchase hair products which are branded as “smooth” ,  “sleek” ,  “straight”  or something similar. First, wash your locks using a straightening shampoo and also apply conditioner always. When you wash your locks, dried up it a bit with a soft towel, however, don’t be very harsh. Employ some sort of hair straightening mousse, spray, gel or some other hair straightening item on moist hair.

Never brush your locks when it’s damp, though brushing may help it become straight, your locks is weakest while it’s moist and brushing harms it. It’s as well recommended that you use some heat protector as you’ll be revealing your locks next to heat.

3.  Flat Ironing and Blow Drying

. Flat Ironing and Blow Drying

Now you can decide whether straighten your locks with a flat iron or to blow dry it, or even both. In the event blow drying, use a wide brush and straighten your locks like your hair stylist might do. Be careful not to switch the blow dryer on highest heat and also not to keep it too near to your locks.

In case you decide for using a flat iron, keep in mind that a good flat iron will cost you good money. You can check these best chi flat iron reviews. Make small parts of your locks and clip the rest of the locks with hair clippers to ensure that it doesn’t get into your way. Then progress from the root of your head to the end, making the hair parts nearest to your face last.

4.  Keeping it Straight

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Once you’ve made your locks straight, the plan is to ensure that it stays straight the entire day. This can be done best by using whether hairspray or much better a little dub of anti-frizz serum with silicone. Stay away from hot and moist places because they probably will make your locks curly once again.

Always keep these two things in your mind – firstly purchase good hair products. Straightening and flat ironing your locks in any other way will do lots of damage, which means you need top quality products to provide your hair the proper care it needs.

Secondly, and most important – give your locks a rest occasionally. You appear completely good with curls, and no problem how “in” straight locks is right now, do not damage your locks a lot and let it stay curly at times.

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