Best beauty tips for oily face

Are you frustrated with your shiny and oily skin? Are you looking for a proper solution? If so, you have landed the right place. Due to nutritional deficiency and other causes, our skin gives unwanted shine and clogs the pores that lead to acne problems. The problem however is not too complex to cure.

Below are some simple and easy tips to cure your shiny and oily face. Follow them :

#1. Washing Well

Wash your face with lukewarm water which dissolves oil more effectively than cool water.
If one has acne plagues, pick an antibacterial soap formulated with benzoyl peroxide.
Use liquid face wash which contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). The AHA reduces oil in the pores, helping to rid of dead skin cells and fight from infection.

#2. Use toner

After washing your face, soak a cotton ball in an antibacterial facial toner and dab it all around. Use it two or three weeks twice a day. It makes the pores tighten up as they dry.

#3. Give face a massage with fine-grain powder

To absorb oil and get rid of dead skin cell that blocks pores, grind 2 teaspoon of dry oats dip with some witch hazel. Make a paste by using your fingertips. Massage it gently on your face. Wash it off with lukewarm water.
Sometimes in a week, you can also massage your skin with buttermilk. Do it after washing your face well. It contains acids that help to tighten pores and clean away dirt. Leave it for a few minutes then wash.

#4. Use a grease cutting facial mask

To reduce greasiness and help tone your skin, use clay or mud masks available at drug store. Make your own using facial clay. Don’t use pottery clay. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes till the clay dry then rinse it.
You can also Egg-white mask to soak up oil. Or use fruits mask or lemon juice as another grease-cutting mask.

#5. Take the shine off

Use a light layer of oil free foundation or face powder which blots up excess oil.

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