Korean Beauty Skin Care Routine – Best Skin Care Tips

korean beauty skin care tips

What are the korean beauty standards?

korean beauty care tips

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Korean women are well known for their flawless complexions and young-looking skin. Although genetics plays its part – radiant, wrinkle-free, fair skin is pretty much a direct result of intensive skin care. With a rich legacy of the beauty industry (dating all the way back to 700 BCE), Korean women are traditionally disciplined when it comes to skin care. It may not be easy to devote your time and effort to this type of care, but here are those beauty steps revealed.

It requires Discipline and Commitment

Although Korean women actually enjoy taking care of their skin, it may take some time for you to adapt. It is a long process that includes 10 steps, so your usual “wash, moisturize and go” habit is not something you can rely on anymore. Western women have a tendency to look for “3 in 1” type of products, while Eastern women opt for specific products that have a clearly defined purpose. This is partially the reason why their beauty routine lasts longer, but it also leads to more lasting results. You should try to savor every step and think about it as a pampering process, and not boring skin-duty.

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Double Cleansing and Toning –

Firstly, you have to understand the concept of double cleansing. Before using a mild face wash, you should pre-cleanse your skin with an oil cleanser. It will remove all of the remaining makeup and dirt, leaving you with a completely clean base. After the two-step cleansing, get rid of dead skin cells and let your skin breathe freely by exfoliating. Then, use a toning lotion. Many Western women think about toners as a luxurious and unnecessary step, but for Korean women – it’s mandatory. Toners are used to refresh the skin, restore its Ph balance, and prepare it for nourishing creams that follow.

Deep Skin Care –

This includes three crucial steps: using essence treatments, ampoules and serums. These products penetrate your skin to the cellular level, leaving it nurtured from the inside. Korean renowned skin care technologies are constantly developing (from different ways of extracting natural ingredients, to nano-technology and revolutionary formulas), but the one thing stays the same: a holistic approach to skin care. There are a few Western skin-care industries that share similar values. You can opt for the reputable ones and buy products at the Osmosis shop, where you can find those that will fit into your Korean beauty routine perfectly.

For this step, try out the serums enriched with essential oils. Give your skin a chance to regenerate and it will repay you with a radiant look.

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#1.  Eye Creams and Hydration

Invest in a high-quality light eye cream that has a natural formula. Instead of applying it to the under eye only, swipe it all across the eye, including the space beneath your brows. Give yourself a relaxing face massage while applying the moisturizer in circular motions. Using a night cream is a must, to ensure your skin is protected and well fed during your beauty sleep.

#2.  Sheet Face Masks

Korean women are known for using sheet face masks at least twice a week, but you can also try natural masks using home remedies.

If you don’t commit to treating your skin right, you can’t expect to get a porcelain complexion. Try correcting your beauty habits and you’ll see the first results after just a couple of months.

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