11 Best Coconut Oil Benefits for Take Care of Your Hair

coconut oil hair benefits

Everyone wants black, thick and long hair. We always look for the options that will deliver long, shiny and healthy hair. Coconut oil is a boon for hair and it can do the wonder for hair. If you want a soft, radiant, healthy and shiny hair then coconut oil will do the wonderful effect as well as it is a natural way to get healthy and long hair. It is a natural remedy for hair as well as it not contained any harmful chemicals.

Coconut Oil – Perfect Option for Hair

Are you frustrated by using chemical contained lotions or conditioners? Do you get some advantage due to lotions or conditioner? Lots of questions arise when we talk about our hair. Few months before, I was also facing the same issue like dried hair, hair fall, hard and rough hair and much more. I share my problem with my mother then she recommended me to use coconut oil and you don’t believe that it really worked.

I throw out my deep conditioners and all lotions because I don’t need those things anymore. Instead of that, I brought a jar of unrefined coconut oil which is beneficial and perfect for all kind of hair variations. If you also want to know about coconut oil benefits for your hair care then you are at the right place because here I am discussing my personal experience and benefits of coconut oil.

1. Remove Lice

Coconut oil is beneficial in removing lice from head. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar, once it dried then apply the coconut oil on your head & leave it for sometime (minimum 12 hours or maximum 24 hours). After that brush your hair with fine comb and then rinse your hair with shampoo.

2. Dandruff

Does dandruff become an embarrassment for you? If yes, then you should have to opt some way through which you can free from your dandruff problem. Coconut oil is beneficial for hair, to avoid dandruff problem, you have to send moisture directly to the roots of your hair and for that you can apply coconut oil in night. Just apply the oil in roots of your hair and massage your head properly, which will clear your dandruff and increase the hair growth.

3. Conditioner

Coconut oil also works as a deep conditioner. For availing the benefit of coconut oil as a deep conditioner, you have to apply hot oil on your head as a pre-shampoo treatment; it will make your dry hair smooth and soft. Leave the oil for a few hours (at least 1 hour) for a complete moisturizing treatment. It will moisturize to your head and make your hair soft, silky and healthy.

4. Add Shine

To add shine in your hair, you have to apply a small amount of coconut oil on the end of hairs. Apply a tiny amount of coconut oil for the shine because more amount of oil in hair will make your hair greasy.

5. Hair Loss

If you like to avoid hair loss problem then you must have to try home remedy which are too renowned since ancient times. For making a mixture, you have to boil sage leaves in the coconut oil. You have to apply mixture on your scalp, it will prevent the hair loss and improve the quality of your hair. Another solution to prevent hair loss is the combination of coconut oil and lime water.

6. Hair Damage

Coconut Oil is rich in lauric acid and provides essential protein to hairs. If you use coconut oil on daily basis then it will aid to reduce the protein loss in damaged and undamaged hair. You can prevent hair damage by using coconut oil before or after the hair cleaning or hair wash.

7. Cooling Properties

Coconut oil has cooling effect, the people who applied coconut oil on head and scalp will feel cool. If you have hot head then you must have to apply coconut oil on your head, it will cool and calm your head. It is also beneficial for those who are facing the problem of severe scalp sweating.

8. Styling

Coconut oil has an amazing property that it condenses when it is cooled while it gets melt on heating. It is also spread easily on the scalp of head due to the heat of scalp and when hair comes in the touch with air then the oil applied on hair get condenses and it will work like a cream or styling gel.

9. Hair Toning

Coconut oil is good for hair toning, mainly for dry hair. For availing the benefits of coconut oil for hair toning then you should have to apply the mixture of lavender and coconut oil on the scalp and hair, at night and wash your hair in the next morning with shampoo. To achieve an appropriate result, you have to repeat the same process frequently.

10. Moisture Preservation

Coconut oil has a property that prevents the moisture of skin as well as coconut oil not get easily evaporated, it is very stable on head. It will never escape the moisture and prevent the hair from break down.

11. Base for Hair Colouring

It is an excellent source to mix colours or herbs. Coconut oil keeps the colour vibrant and colour will stay longer time on hair. Once the colour has set, you should have to wash your hair with luke warm water to remove excess coconut oil from hair.

These are the few benefits of coconut oil for healthy, shiny and long hair. If you haven’t tried coconut oil for your hairs then you must have to try it. I suffered with various hair problems like hair fall, damage hair, splits, etc. and my all hair problem get resolved with the usage of coconut oil on daily basis. It is completely safe and secured as well as it is considered as one of a best natural and home remedy that you can use at your home. Toss all your chemical contained conditioner and other lotion to prevent hair damage, hair fall or other hair related issues.

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