31 Quick and Easy Fat Burning Recipes

Our daily unhealthy eating routines lead us to unwanted fat that gets deposited on our body parts specially on stomach, hips or many other body parts. So, people always look for the fat burning recipes that can help them to burn the fat easily without interrupting their food habits. If you also crazy for food or love to eat delicious food, then you should have to try these fat burning recipes.

Losing fat is not a quick process, for this you should have to keep patience and do the regular activities in your diet as well as in exercise. With the regular and scheduled activities, one would be able to burn the fat of their body.

Here are 31 Quick and Easy Fat Burning Recipes:

1.  Have a low calorie food in your diet.

2.  At breakfast, try to have spinach and Parmesan omelet.

3.  Try broccoli and feta omelet with toast.

4.  At breakfast, have sweet & spicy quinoa hash (required elements: cooked quinoa, coconut oil, red pepper flakes, cubed sweet potato, chopped kale, garlic and pinched of salt). It is a healthy and spicy breakfast that would definitely liked by you.

5.  At breakfast, you can also try PB&Q parfait (cooked quinoa, cinnamon, plain Greek yogurt, chopped banana and warmed natural peanut butter), it is quite different from a normal breakfast recipe but surely it has an awesome taste.

6.  Eat Blueberry quinoa pancakes (cooked quinoa, pulse, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, ground flaxseed, maple syrup, cinnamon, sea salt and blueberries). Pancakes at breakfast are just an amazing choice for people, it will give you a delicious taste with healthy diet.

7.  Pizza for burning fat. For making pizza, you will need wholegrain pita, pasta sauce, sliced hardboiled egg, shredded part skim mozzarella, cheese and dried oregano.

8.  Cheddar collard quiche cup (eggs, stemmed & chopped collard greens, shredded cheddar, whole grain bread, chopped green onion, sea salt and black pepper).

9.  Almond super food smoothie (coconut water, loosely packed kale leaves, banana, peeled Clementine, almond butter and ice cubes).

10.  At lunch, have quinoa & salmon salad (ingredients: balsamic vinegar, honey, pepper, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, raisins, quinoa, baby greens or watercress and pink salmon)

Kale and Quinoa Salad with Salmon

11.  For dinner, you can have cozy quinoa casserole (onion, olive oil, mushrooms, acorn squash, garlic, ground dark turkey meat, dried sage, sea salt, ground black pepper, low sodium chicken, quinoa, parsley and reduced-fat Monterey jack cheese).

12.  In your diet, eat at least 1 gram protein per pound of body weight.

13.  For your diet, choose lean high quality proteins such as egg, protein supplements, lean red meat and poultry.

14.  Take proteins, as per your body weight.

15.  For burning fat, intake of carbohydrate would be less. Moderate of carbohydrate is of 150 gram in a day but when you want to lose weight it must be close to 100 gram.

16.  Drink water, as much as possible for you. It will good for body and a perfect way to reduce weight.

17.  Lots of water will keep you healthy and hydrate.

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