16 Effective ways to lose Weight at Home – Try this routine

lose weight fast

Weight is a very important concern for everyone whether it is male or female. Some are worried about their excess weight or some are worried about their less weight. For increasing and losing weight, a number of supplements are available and apart from that, people look for the home remedies or other ways to lose their weight.

Do I achieve success in losing weight within a week?

If you are thinking that you can lose your weight in 2-3 days or in a week then you are going wrong because losing a weight is a natural process and it need some time. There is no shortcut for losing weight and if you try to opt some kind of supplements with extra dose or other activities in excess amount then it will lead to some health issues which would be dangerous for your life. If you are really serious about losing your weight then you have to chose steady and comfortable procedure, this kind of procedure will take time but surely you will be able to see the result.

Is it possible to lose weight fast?

Ofcourse it is possible, but for that you should have to take proper diet, appropriate kind of exercises, regular and healthy diet and much more. Without scheduled and proper routine you will not able to achieve the desired result in less time.

Steps for losing your weight fast –

01. Early to bed, early to rise

It is a best concept for maintaining your health. If you sleep early and get up early in the morning then your body will be fit and you will get lots of time for yourself in the morning and during that time you can do walking, exercise, yoga, etc. that will definitely help you to lose the weight.

02. Eat protein food

Each and every person should have to take food which has protein source. There are lots of food available that have a high source of protein, the good amount of protein intake reduce the obsessive opinion about the food, so you can eat less food and take lesser calories in your diet. It will really helpful in reducing the weight.

03. Have low fat source & low-carb vegetables

If you want to lose your weight in less time then you should have to include low carb vegetables in your diet as well as reduce the fat source in regular diet. Low-carb vegetables are cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, celery, Brussels sprouts, etc. and fat source that you have to avoid in your diet are coconut oil, butter, olive oil, etc.

04. Drink More Water

water weight loss

Drink more and more water in a day, it will remove the impurities of a body in the form of urine or sweat as well as it helps the metabolism to work faster due to which it reduce unwanted fats.

05. Drink Water Before Half Hour Of Meal

It is really helpful for the people to reduce weight rapidly. If you drink water half hour before a meal then it will help you to eat fewer calories as it reduce the hunger, so you will have less food in your meal . Moreover, it also boost the metabolism.

06. Choose weight lose friendly foods and vegetables

There are numerous foods and vegetables that help in reducing the weight like orange, lemon, cabbage, cucumber, carrot and much more. These foods or vegetables are easily available and one can include all these things in his or her routine.

07. Take Proper Sleep

take proper sleep to lose weight

Poor sleep is one of a major factor of increasing weight, so if you want to lose weight then you should have to take proper sleep that means sleep of 8 hours in a day.

08. Yoga 

For losing weight, you should have to take proper diet, proper sleep and appropriate workout. One of a best way for a perfect body is Yoga. Different kinds of Yoga can help in losing the weight but the easiest and most effective way is ‘Surya Namaskar’, it is an effective way of losing weight and many people achieve desired result through it.

09. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the best liquid consumption which will help to reduce the body weight in a proper manner without any side effects. The regular use of lemon juice is good for health and reduces weight effectively.

10. Gym

Exercise is the other way to reduce weight, trainers are available in the gym who can guide you for the proper and relevant exercise for your body as well as teach you that how to manage your weight with proper diet.

11. Running

Running is the best and oldest way to maintain body stamina and weight. Running should be done in a proper way; it will help you to maintain body structure.

12. Skipping

One of a way of tightening the body is regular skipping; it will be helpful for tightening the body as well as reducing the weight.

13. Honey and Warm Water

The mixture of honey and Luke warm water will help your body to stable the internal organs and it will reduce the weight as well.

14. Junk food & Cold Drinks

say no to junkfood weight loss

It is commonly used by people, if you want to maintain your body and want to lose weight then try to avoid both things while you are making efforts of losing weight. Some people have the habit to drink cold drink when they are taking lunch or dinner, try to avoid cold drinks, it will increase your weight.

15. Green Tea

Tea is a common drink that people like to take; use of green tea is very useful for reducing weight. Green tea is useful to raise the metabolism of body.

16. Stairs

Try to avoid lift and escalator and instead of that use stair cases. Stair cases is one of a best way to burn fat, if you can’t take stairs all the time then take at least when you are going down. It is one of an easy step to lose weight.

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