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best tattoo 2017

Top 2017 Tattoo Trends

 Tattoos have evolved extremely since the day they were first practiced. Tattoo artists try to express their creativity through the wonderful designs and make perfect tattoos for their customers. From a simple quote, through an image of feathers to an exquisite design that goes over the entire neck, arm, or a leg – tattoos have certainly become spectacular. No matter how much trends varied and changed from year to year, they will always be popular among both men and women of all ages.

#1.  Arrow

Modern tattoo styles feature arrows as the most frequent detail. They’re one of the most stylish and trendy tattoos of the year to come. From the smallest arrow on a finger, to a large one on the back or a forearm, both men and women like to have these design on their bodies. As a traditional Native American symbol, it may denote the protection from danger. A symbol of war is represented with two arrows pointing in different directions. If a person has five arrows tattooed, the design depicts that person’s strengths.

#2.  Angel Wings

angel wings tattoo on back

The symbol that best represents one’s connection to God is angel wings. This design refers to divine creatures and religion in general. Many people choose to have angel wings on the back or a shoulder, so that their guardian angel could protect them. A halo can sometimes be a cute addition to the tattoo. Angel wings can also symbolize strength, purity and innocence, as well as one’s desire to fly and be free.

#3.  Yin Yang

yin yang tattoo back

This symbol is the perfect representation of the balance in the universe. These tattoos symbolize wholeness and infinity, as well as the flawless symmetry and balance in the world. The traditional designs involve black and white, while the new modern artists choose to include a bit of color into the whole concept. They’re equally popular among men and women; sometimes couples who believe they’re the perfect balance for each other choose these tattoos.

#4.  Origami

origami swan tattoo

Origami isn’t just the art of folding paper anymore. Now you can have it drawn to your body as well. If you’re looking for a trendy tattoo in 2017, consider Origami style. The minimalistic design makes them the perfect delicate for all those people who don’t want to ink too much of their skin. However, they can be bigger if you wish. You can choose your colorful custom tattoos, and it will look amazing either way.

#5.  Black work

black work tattoos designs

No tattoo is as bold as the black work tattoo is. What started as a dot work and line work, grew into an amazing design that fills the skin with ink completely. Tribal tattoos had the biggest influence on black work tattoos, so geometric and tribal are the most inked patterns of this kind. They’re extremely painful, since they cover the big part of a person’s body, so they’re more popular among men.

#6.  Watercolor

watercolor tattoo

A popular trend when it comes to includes heavy black lines joined with traditional style tattoos. This practice became popular because it was the best way to separate boundaries between colors, but still keep the flawless design. These will look great after a couple of years, or even decades because even if they fade a little, they won’t need any additional fixes.

The development of tattoos has reached the incredible levels since the first time people had had encountered them. One thing is for sure, tattoos won’t stop to amaze us, and both men and women, teenagers and adults will be equally thrilled about the future trends. The artists are more imaginative than ever, and we can only hope for the more mesmerizing designs than the ones we have had the opportunity to see.

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festival dress

How to Dress up Like a Dream This Festive Season

Festivals come in our lives to give us yet another chance to laugh with our loved ones and to make happy memories. They are also an excuse to get dressed in our best outfits and dazzle the onlookers. Everyone wants to look their best on the day of the festival, thus, try to get the best outfit that they can lay their hands upon.

Whether it is Diwali, Dussehra, Eid or Christmas, Indian ethnic wear is one of the best choices that you can definitely go for. There are many things that you can try out from the vast range of ethnic wear that is made available in different styles, designs, colour combinations and other specifications in order to meet varied preferences of the people.

Here are different trips and tricks that you can consider while dressing up for this festive season: 

  1. Make sure to pick up something you are comfortable in
  2. Your outfit must be a mix of comfort and style quotient
  3. You can either select a Salwar Kameez, Saree, Lehenga Choli or a Kurti with a bottom wear of your choice
  4. At festive season, you can try out unique or weird colour combinations that are quirky as well as trendy
  5. Layering is a hit in ethnic wear and you can try it by going for a jacket over your Saree or Suit and even frills
  6. Traditional styles as well as contemporary ones go hand in hand on festivals
  7. You can readily go for the heavy embroidered outfits or the fancier versions of the ethnic wear as festivals allow you to wear anything that catches your fancy, without worrying about anything
  8. For Diwali, make sure not to wear flowy outfits or the ones having vast flare.
  9. It is also beneficial to avoid wearing outfit made using flammable clothes on Diwali.


Here are the specific tips for each of the suggested Ethnic Wear

#1.  Salwar Kameez

salwar kameez

  • Don’t be boring; rather pour in your creativity while selecting the Salwar Kameez for yourself or getting it designed
  • Choose narrow-fit salwars to go with the kameez as it will help you give a slimmer look
  • If you want to wear a churidar, then make sure that it is not made using body hugging fabric or a thin fabric

#2.  Saree


  • Sarees made up of net fabric are completely out of fashion
  • You can go for the Sarees made of light or flowy material, such as georgette, chiffon, etc
  • The silk sarees also look amazing at festive time as it provides the necessary elegant look to the personality of the wearer
  • If you have a heavy bust area, then you should go for the printed blouses
  • In case, if your arms are flabby, then you must not go for the sleeveless blouses and should opt for quarter or full sleeved blouses 

#3.  Lehenga Choli

lehenga choli

  • While selecting your lehenga choli, always remember that you are not picking it up for your wedding
  • Choose a Lehenga Choli with minimal embroidery work, but scoring high in terms of style and glamour quotient
  • Make sure that the flare of your lehenga is appropriate and not very voluminous

#4.  Kurti with a bottomwear

kurtis bottom wear

  • If you have a curvy or a lean figure, then it is best not to go for a body hugging kurtas. You should rather try on some loose fitted kurtas
  • You can try Kurtas made using cotton, georgette or silk fabric as these are quite in demand
  • You can also opt for Pakistani Kurtas that are quite long
  • If you want to try something new, then you can go for different cuts or styles of Kurtas, like the A-shape, uneven cut and high-low kurtas
  • You can also team up your kurta with the bottom wear of your choice, from leggings, jeans, cigarette pant, palazzo to any other type of your choice

Styling tips

  • Choose a pretty dupatta or stole matching your outfit or in contrast colour
  • Go for sleek bracelets or bangles as it will give an illusion of slimmer look
  • Avoid necklaces, and instead opt for statement earrings
  • When it comes to hair, it’s always better to leave them loose
  • Add a graceful appeal to your personality by wearing stilettos or pumps
  • You can also sport a tiny bindi on your forehead for that touch of tradition

Author Bio:
Aditi Aggrawal is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and adventure enthusiast who loves unusual trips, fashion and Latin dances. On her travels she likes to read story books and to surf the Internet. She is an avid lover of photography and regular author on several blogs.

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custom bridal dresses

In the modern world where brand loyalty is low, demands are definitely considered to be extremely high. Therefore, it makes sense that the customization is the new mantra in the fashion world and elsewhere. From shoes to dresses, anything and everything can be customized. Shoppers have always wanted to control and now they have what it and it is quite appealing. Custom made clothing are not only meant for celebrities. In fact, you would be able to design an extravagant bridal custom made dresses for yourself.

Irrespective of the occasions, customizing is necessary. As a matter of fact, it can be considered a go to option for all fashion lovers. However, while customizing your bridal dress it is important to take certain factors into consideration. With new and easy ways, customizing has never really been as easy as it is now. Therefore, by following certain tips, you would be all set to capture dreams in your bridal dress.

Steps for Customizing

In present times, brides would be liable to design their own custom made dresses for themselves. Therefore, get set to personalize your wedding dress into your own unique style.

#1.  You will first need to come up with your dream design idea.

#2.  Communication plays a key role while customizing your dress with the help of a designer. Make sure that both you and the designer are on same pages, prior to taking it to the next level.

#3.  Next comes the major part. It is highly important for you to tailor your dress accordingly by following necessary designs.

#4.  Each step is extremely crucial while designing a dress. Therefore, it is a mandate to confirm each step before finalizing it. Post completing it, a final review is done and then you would be all set to rock your dress.

bridal dressmakers

Integration of Vital Elements

While designing your bridal custom made dresses, it is important to go through some major factors. Integration of such factors is what will help you create dream come true wedding dress. 

#1.  While focusing on the back of your gown, it is best to go for two options. These options are namely buttons and zippers. Either ways will help your dress look stunning.

#2.  In wedding dresses, there is always the age old concept of something borrowed and something old. Therefore, incorporating antique lace or a bustle ribbon would prove to work wonders.

#3.  Fabrics are something that you need to keep in mind while customizing. Silk chiffon would prove to be a better option than polyester chiffon.

Keeping all such things in mind while customizing is what will help you to design a perfect one of a kind wedding dress.  

bridal dresses

#Choosing Beautiful Shades of Colors

Colors are naturally the first things to pop up when designing your bridal custom made dresses. However, it will require you to opt for suitable colors which will match with both your complexion and dress as well.

#1.  There happens to be varied shades of colors to choose from. Some of it would be white, off white and candle light. These constitute to be the basic colors for bridal dresses.

#2.  Ensure to never overlook any kinds of pastel colors. Such colors can literally surprise you tremendously.

#3.  Lastly, you would be liable to opt from rich beautiful shades of color like champagne or ecru. Using such colors in your dress would help it to look extremely elegant and sophisticated as well.

#Proper Research Work

Prior to designing your own bridal dress, it would be best to do an extensive research work for custom made dresses. You would be required to visit bridal shops and dress shops in right to gain ideas. Such things will help you understand the things in a better way. Apart from such factors, ensure to pay close attention to all kinds of minute detailed work on your dress. Although customizing your wedding dress can prove to be an extremely difficult job but the rewards will surely make things worth it.

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best watercolour tattoo

tattoo artist

Tattoo has become one of the trendy additions of today’s lifestyle. From youngsters to adults, from men to women, people have accepted this art form with open arms across the globe. It has crossed all the way to acquire perfection of modern times. There are a lot of different styles of tattoos practiced all over the world. Many countries consider it as an expression of art. Water color tattoos have achieved great success in recent years. They can instantly enhance the look and style that you have. So, if you want best water color tattoos, you must rely on professional tattoo artists.

Important Features of Water Color Tattoos –

Water color tattoo has recently been applauded and largely appreciated in many places due to its uniqueness and elegance. It is so flawless in design and style that it looks like painting on the skin. The artists do not use specific inks or tools to create water color tattoos on your body. They use their artistic techniques to meet your demand and desire. This specific feature makes it different from the tattoos created through typical tattoo techniques. So, if you are a fanatic tattoo lover, you can go for water color tattoos to experience something new.

Here is a quick list of Some Important Features of Best Water Color Tattoos. 

  • They are normal tattoos that are designed expertly to get the appearance of water color.
  • They come with a layered, light and brushed appearance that make them more interesting and outstanding.
  • They range from complete water color paintings to tinted splotches on the skin.
  • They utilize black color wherever it is required but not for outlining the tattoos.
  • They are created by using advanced tattoo techniques such as bleeds, splatters, blurs, shades, fades and runs.
  • Typically they focus on subjects like birds, flowers, feathers and different elements of nature.
  • They highlight uniqueness through wide brush strokes and gorgeous vistas.

There are a lot of other features of water color tattoos that can make you feel overwhelmed with joy and happiness. However, it is advisable to contact the best professional tattoo artists to get a better perception. 

Difference Between Traditional and Water Color Tattoos –

You may wonder how water color tattoos are different from the traditional ones. They are different from each other in terms of shading and coloring. You will come across a wide variety of colors and shades if you choose to create water color tattoos to create your distinct identity.

  1. The traditional tattoos are created with solid colors while the water color ones flaunt different levels of colors as seen in water color paintings.
  2. The tattoos using typical styles are outlined in black. But the water color tattoos use black ink to paint but do not include any black outline. Even without this black outline, they look extremely attractive.
  3. Since the water color tattoos do not use black ink, they do not last for long in compared to traditional tattoos. Black ink is not just darker but also thicker.
  4. Ink saturation is an important part of traditional tattoos. Generally, the color areas are saturated with ink by the artists. However, water color tattoos need subtle shading with less ink saturation.

Since water color tattoos tend to quickly fade away, the artists recommend regular touching up tattoos. 

Some Popular Water Color Tattoo Designs –

watercolor tattoo designs

Water color tattoos are indeed a wonderful form of art. Some popular designs are:

  1. Feather water color tattoos
  2. Water color tattoos
  3. Wolf water color tattoos
  4. Floral water color tattoos
  5. Water color tattoos
  6. Butterfly water color tattoos
  7. Fish water color tattoos

So, you must choose the best water color tattoos that can heighten your personality in a brilliant way.

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Fashion tips

Best Fashion Tips and Advice for Musicians

One of the most important things that all successful musicians around the globe have in common is a great attention for fashion. As far as the musicians are concerned, fashion and style is as important as their music. A lot of people observe musicians closely everyday and therefore, they should maintain good fashion habits. Most of the musicians’ especially female musicians focus more on their fashion and their dress codes when they are in public.

All successful musicians used to make their mark by either being great stylish or very simple in their fashion or style. There are many people who imitate musicians’ life style, fashion and style. Media and a good number of people are focused on evaluating and judging whatever a musician wears. If a musician is famous, whatever he wears becomes popular. Hence, musicians have got to think about their fashion styles and apply their own mark in fashion. Following are some of the best fashion tips and advises that can be very useful for Musicians:

Go for Fashion that Suit Your Image

One of the important things that the musicians should consider when they go for choosing a fashion or style is their image. Obviously, every musician has their own image in the public and they don’t destroy their image by choosing a poor fashion or affects their image poorly. Musicians don’t underrate the power of a solid and trademark style. Before you select a too predictable fashion or poor style, you should remember that your fashion and style can be key to drive you on to the further level.

Be Creative

Musicians are indeed very busy with their music life and they may not get ample time to choose a good fashion. However, since musicians have several different music concerts every year, they will definitely get diverse chances to be creative with their wardrobe and style. Fans will in fact remember what their preferred musicians wear, and may even imitate your wardrobe and fashion.

Reflect Your Individuality

Every musician has to opt for a style that reflects their individuality. Being a musician gives you the freedom to play with your attire and fashion. Musicians can make use of fashion and style to embody both your music and onstage personality. They can exploit what the fashion industry has to offer. You should seek to create a style and image that is strong, effective, influencing both the public and your careers, and notably, reflect+ your individuality.

Enjoy Your Excitement

Musicians should never lose their excitement on fashion and take pleasure in the beauty of fashion. Once you start to take pleasure in the beauty of fashion, you will be able to understand the power of color, structure and varieties of style. Musicians are not generally fashion experts and therefore, they have to create a mind that always aspires to know more about fashion and its new offerings.

 Observe Others

Musicians have to look around them in order to understand what trends are happening in the fashion industry. Obviously, knowledge about fashion and its new trends are invaluable for the musicians to create an image of their own. Fashion has a sense of individuality. Musicians can easily find their personality in fashion field once they gain knowledge and start to observe others and their new styles. Fashion trends always come from nothing and therefore, observe others to find your individuality in fashion.

Go through Social Media

In the present day, going through social media is important for the musicians to know about fashion, styles and new trends in this field. Fashion designers, fashion experts and other professionals in the field of fashion used to update their new creative fashion items in social media platforms. So, if the musicians get through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they will be able to realize the new fashion trends and apply it to their real life.

Find a Fashion Expert

A lot of famous musicians hire fashion experts to aid them to create their unique image in fashion area.  Finding a fashion expert will let you to form your own style and individuality in fashion. However, musicians itself can become a great visionary in fashion by means of observing others and understand what makes them stand out from the rest of the people.

Choose and Buy Right Clothes

Musicians can improve their fashion through choosing and buying right clothes. Avoid clothing that wrinkles easily and looks too casual. So, opt for attire that look stylish, formal, and elegant and look well for you.

Go for Comfortable Fashion

You should not go for fashion or styles that are not comfortable for you. Performing with uncomfortable styles, dress, shoes, etc in fact makes way for bad image. Wear something more relaxing and flexible to you. Buy clothing that is more on the formal side, but still fashionable.

Find a Good Hair Style

Musicians have to find their perfect hairstyle because having great hair is a must. It looks so bad if your hair is old-fashioned. Keep in mind that having an ideal hair style and dress code add to your overall professionalism.

Dress Up Your Age and Body Type

The fashion or style that you apply should match your age and body type. Whether you are young or old, it’s imperative for the musicians to attract their audience by being fashionable but your fashion should not form a poor attention.

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Art of Skin Care

The Art of the New Skin

Your skin is something you’re recognizable for – your face is the first thing anyone sees and it’s part of a definition of your whole character. However, your face is the most exposed part of your body and that’s why the skin on it needs extra care. All the beauty and makeup products you apply are seen as another form of dressing yourselves – it’s the second skin you wear in order to look younger, prettier, and, therefore, healthier. It becomes a tool of characterization, but it really is a form of art – finding the right measure and doing the best for your skin, so here’s how to achieve it.

#1.  It’s in the water

Ask any dermatologist and they’ll tell you the same thing – hydration is a cornerstone of achieving your skin goals. Hyaluronic acid in our skin is there to help hold water, so when there’s enough of it, hyaluronic acid does its magic and your skin looks more vibrant and becomes less prone to wrinkles. This is done by drinking an adequate amount of liquids but you can help your skin from the outside, too. Mists are there to help you refresh your skin without messing up your makeup, so keep it at hand wherever you go.

#2.  Mask it out

Face masks are one of the quickest and most direct ways to treat your skin the way it deserves. They’re usually packed with nourishing ingredients ready to penetrate your skin and make it look healthier. Many women apply the mask when there’s some special occasion coming up, but you can use it on a weekly basis as well – your skin will be thankful. Masks are good for detox, moisturizing, increasing circulation, and, above all – they’re so pampering. You can purchase it at the drugstore or you can make your own – if you’re more into all-natural, home remedies.

face mask for skin care

#3.  Go under the knife

Long gone are the days when plastic surgery was a taboo – with nowadays technologies and experts in the field, it’s one of the simplest ways to improve your skin condition and to look younger. As in the rest of the world, cosmetic surgery in Perth is quite popular due to their excellent anti-aging experts. You can upgrade any part of your face you’re not satisfied with – your lips, eyebrows, ears, nose – or you can opt for a skin rejuvenation treatment and get a complete facial makeover.

#4.  Beware of the sunlight

Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

No, this doesn’t mean you should only go out when the sun goes down but bear in mind how harmful the sun rays can be to your skin. Wearing sunscreen or some kind of product with an SPF is a must, even on a cloudy day. Not only it’s the best prevention for skin cancer, but it’s also a smart way to prevent various skin discolorations, wrinkles, age spots, and other things that are making your face look older. Dermatologists suggest wearing at least SPF 15 every day but even higher if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun.

#5.  Don’t forget to Exfoliate

As you age, the process of cell regeneration slows down. It means your skin is now slower to shed skin cells and generate new ones, so exfoliating is there to help your skin in this process. You might be cleansing and moisturizing regularly, but if you’re not exfoliating – your skin is not as healthy as it could be. Think of those dead skin cells as a barrier – all the product you use will absorb better once they’re gone. You’ll need a good scrub that removes the dead skin cells off your face either mechanically or chemically. Do it at least once a week and you’ll surely see the results.

There’s so much you can do for your skin, but patience is the key in this process. Pamper your skin, give it some time, and enjoy the process of creating the most important work of art in your life – fresh, healthy skin.

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rocking girls

Ladies Night Out

If you’ve done nothing but work, work, work… You might be close to suffering a burnout. There’s no better way to unwind than chilling with your gal pals! A ladies night out is just the thing you need to beat out the stress in your life. This can be extra helpful too if you’re going through a rough patch in your romantic relationship.

Without further ado, here are the things you mustn’t forget for that much-needed girl’s night out!

1.  Your Killer Outfit –

Have you ever dreamed of being a sexy Cinderella for just one night, where you get to play dress up and go a little bit wild? A girl’s night out is a great excuse to just go all out with your makeup and dress. It’s like playing a modern day dress-up with your girlfriends! As a tip, try to pick one that isn’t prone to wardrobe mishaps

night out outfits

Photo by

2.  Your Sexy High Heels –

Ah, the ultimate price of beauty! Remember those really hot pair of heels in your closet you may or may not have purposely forgotten to wear because they’re such a pain to walk in? There’s no other time to bring it out but now! Make those legs stand out and walk the walk with that pair of high heels. The pain will be worth it—especially the feeling of relief when you chuck it off AFTER the long night.

heels night out

Photo by Shutterstock

3.  Non-Smudge Lipstick –

Don’t want to worry about constantly reapplying product to your lips?The latest matte lipstick craze is onto something—they look great.

non smudge lipstick

Photo by ThLipstickMakeUp.Institute

4.  Mascara That Won’t Run –

Let’s be real. Sometimes, the tears just start flowing when you’re out with your girls. You’ll need waterproof mascara for that. Whether it’s because of sadness or joy, you just want to look good doing it.

night out mascara

Photo by

5.  Your Selfie Game –

There’s no better way to say #SquadGoals but through a really awesome group selfie!

selfie game

Photo by


6.  A Cocktail to Remember –

Get the party started with the luscious Fountain of Youth, which is a mixture of vodka, pomegranate juice and sliced ginger.

cocktail night out

Photo by

7.  Dance Moves –

It’s time to channel your inner Queen Bey! It’s completely fine to let loose because your girls got your back!

dance moves night club

Photo by

8.  Breath Freshener –

Whether it’s for the hot guy giving you the eye or for that shot of tequila you just downed. If you forgot to pack some breath mints, for first aid, you can munch on the mint leaves on your cocktail.

breath freshener

 Photo by Shutterstock

9.  Toner spray & Loose Powder –

There IS a way to look fresh even if you already feel wasted. With these two handy items, you can handle it despite feeling tipsy. How to do it? MakeUp artist Eva Scrivo’s tip is to lightly mist your face with the toner spray, and then pat with soft tissue. For a velvety finish, simply dust your face with loose powder.

toner spray for face

Photo by Shutterstock

10.  Your BFFs –

And of course, there’s no better way to spend your night but with your most-trusted besties.

What are you waiting for? De-stress and plan a night out with your girls. Who knows? This girl’s night out may just be the best one of your life!

best friends night out

Photo by Shutterstock

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funeral ceremony

Death is an inevitable incident in everyone’s life. When you lose your loved ones, you are generally not in a state to arrange for the mourning ceremony all by yourself. The flower and the casket arrangement, the ceremonial wishes and the obituary, all have to be arranged within a short time, and for that, you can hire the professionals who conduct the funeral ceremony. The last respect and feelings of love are shown in a ceremony called funeral and is done various ways in different cultures.


Why do you need to arrange the funeral service differently ?

The funeral is a way of giving homage to the dead and it is in consonance to the beliefs, cultures and traditions of specific regions. It is a symbol for showing respect and love to the loved one and helps up face the truth of death and faith for life continuity. So when you decide to arrange for the funeral ceremony then you need to notify your family friends, relatives and then arrange for procuring the death certificates, talk to the clergy or the religious heads, and then go for the last rites that are required before the funeral.

01.  An essential component of funeral is mourning and it has a big significance to acknowledge and accept the reality of death and embrace grief for the entire time ending up to weeks.


02.  There are many funeral agencies and they have the directors and staffs who can guide you in conducting the funeral in a systematic way. They can arrange for the burial procedure as well as for the flower delivery ceremony and they can also pen down the official obituary if you hire them accordingly.

03.  Man is a social being and his identity is often linked to a number of relations, death of a loved one is the loss of an identity as well, funerals help us realize a new identity for ourselves and also the acceptance by the people attending the funeral or society in general accept that new identity. When you hire competent funeral services, they also allow you to take the hearse by a systematic way of transportation, and they arrange for all kinds of transportation right from the burial ground to the crematorium, to the home, and all other places where the body needs to be taken.


04.  People who care for us gather in funeral of our loved ones to show us solidarity in our difficult times, they show us that they are physically present for us in times when we need all the support. Funerals have a variety of forms depending on the religion or culture. Baha’i’s, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus all have their own beliefs regarding the last rites of a person but basically they all boil down to two methods of either destroying the body or preserving the body.

Apart from these, you can also buy the funeral products from them, and if you buy bulk products, then you have to pay less. When you hire any funeral agency, then you must check their reputation in market, and you must also go through the types of funeral ceremony that they have already arranged. It s also important to arrange for the estate, the financial and the administrative products and these can also be procured with the help of the best funeral service provider. Funeral in essence has always been the last show of love and respect which could be given to a loved one by their relatives. In short, through a well-organized funeral ceremony, you can remember your loved ones and the core values of love and life

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honeymoon trousseau

Bridal Trousseau Must Haves For Indian Women

The big fat Indian wedding is a long drawn out affair and while this is joyous occasion, it also involves a significant amount of stress for both bride and groom. The new age soon to be married couple spends many hours and put a lot of energy and hard work in to insuring that the wedding is carried out to perfection. This involves shopping, consultations with a wedding planner, budgeting and other handling a wide range of chores that must be taken care of to insure that the Indian wedding is the kind of extravaganza it is expected to be. This leaves little time for the bride and groom to interact and in many cases of an arranged marriage, the bride and the groom hardly get any time to get to know each other.

Under such circumstances, the honeymoon proves to be a much needed respite after an extravagant wedding. The honeymoon is primarily an opportunity for the newly married couple to bond however this is also an opportunity to get out of the love nest and do fun things together as a couple. Most honeymooning couples engage in fun activities depending that is mostly dependent on the honeymoon destination and most newlywed brides feel the need to put together a honeymoon trousseau that is appropriate for the honeymoon destination in mind. Read further to know more about how to put together the perfect honeymoon trousseau appropriate for your planned honeymoon destination.

The Hill Station Honeymoon

Many Indians prefer to honeymoon at popular hill stations within the country. Popular honeymooner’s favorites are Shimla, Ooty, Manali and Darjeeling amongst others. While honeymooning at such locations it is important to pack a honeymoon trousseau that includes trendy garments that will also provide protection against the cold. A few prominent examples are listed below.

#1.  Knee Length Boots –

knee length boots india

Knee length leather boots are your best bet when honeymooning in colder climates. These boots are not only stylish but also quite functional. A great pair of leather boots is sure to keep your feet warm during long walks and trekking expeditions with your soul mate on your honeymoon.

#2.  Oversized Turtle Necks –

indian oversized turtleneck

An oversized turtle neck cardigan is your best bet for trendy winter wear for your hill station honeymoon trousseau. Pair the cardigan up with woolen slacks and knee length boots and you have an ensemble that is both trendy and functional.

#3.  Bomber Jackets –

Topshop Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket worn over a kurtis and skinny jeans is a great look for your hill station honeymoon. Complete this look with your knee length leather boots.

#4.  Beach Resort Honeymoon –

honeymoon beach resort

Many Honeymooners crave the sun and the sand on their honeymoon trip. While some stick to Indian beaches like Goa many opt for international destinations like Maldives and Mauritius. No matter what the destination is, beach and resort wear is pretty much the same anywhere and one must pack one’s wedding trousseau accordingly. Read further to know more.

#5.  Backless Sun Dresses –

backless sundress

Fortunately a beach resort honeymoon will give you the opportunity to wear sexy apparel that will go a long way in tantalizing and teasing your soul mate. Resort wear is the perfect opportunity to wear ensembles that insure your husband can’t get his hands off you. A short backless sun dress is just the right garment to start with when shopping for resort wear. Wear this lil dress barefoot on the beach or pair it up with strappy gladiator sandals.

#6.  Palazzo Pants –

indian palazzo pants

Palazzo pants work great for your resort wear honeymoon trousseau. Palazzo pants can be easily paired up with a great top or even a crepe or chiffon fabric kurti.

#7.  Bikinis and Sarongs –

bikini and sarong

Bikinis and sarongs are must pack items in your honeymoon trousseau if your honeymoon destination happens to be a beach resort. Kurtis and sarongs also make for great beach wear.

#8.  Urban Honeymoon –

honeymoon designers saree

For those enjoying an urban honeymoon in a major cosmopolitan city anywhere in the world, the possibilities for your honeymoon trousseau are endless. Enjoy the city life in high street fashion for casual wear and designer wear for special outings. designer saree, jumpsuits, skinny jeans and ethnic kurtis, the options are truly endless. Experiment with indo-western fusion, go fully ethnic or wear the best western wear trends. The choice is yours in more ways than one.

#9.  Lingerie –

lingerie for honeymoon

It is only fair that you pack your best lace and satin lingerie for your honeymoon. Even cupid could do with a little help from fashion. For your honeymoon trousseau it is best to invest in a few luxury lingerie brands. Colors such as black, lacy whites, reds, pinks and maroons are known to have a sensual effect. Also pack a few nightgowns because even though you may not need clothes indoors, hotel rooms do get a bit chilly.

Author Bio :
Rahul is a blogger with varied interests. While writing blogs on fashion and showbiz bring in the moolah, Jonathan is equally interested in diverse subjects such as the paranormal and world affairs.

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ladies footwears

What does your choice of footwear say about you?

Some say that one’s eyes are a window to the soul. Those of us in the know, however, know that the real key to a person’s character lies at their feet…their shoes, to be specific. Whether you prefer heels or flats, boots or sandals, we know exactly what your footwear says about you.

#1.  Ballet Flats –

ballet flats


You have a classic and sweet style that translates over to your outgoing and kind personality. You’re the type of person who likes to always be ready for the next adventure, and you just can’t do that in heels! Still, you’re feminine to the core and channel your inner Grace Kelly well.

#2.  Slouchy Cowboy Boots –

slouchy cowboy boots


You’re a down-to-earth, old soul who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. At the same time, though, you like to keep an eye on current fashion trends, and you have perfected the smoky eye look. You’ve also got killer dance moves, and you aren’t afraid to show them off.

#3.  Flip Flops –

flip flops footwear


You are a laid-back, free-spirited person who likes to enjoy life to the fullest. You don’t want to waste a moment of your life tying laces or undoing buckles; you need a shoe as easy-going as you are! You’re never afraid to have a good time, and you’re always the life of the party.

#4.  Statement Sneakers –

statement sneakers


You are a motivated, driven person with an active lifestyle. You know what you want out of life, and everyone knows you’re going to get it. You, my friend, are a force to be reckoned with. And with your combination of practicality and trendy (sneaker) style, the world had better watch out.

#5.  Pumps –

When you walk into a room, all eyes are on you. You radiate confidence and classic glamour, and you make sure everyone knows it. You certainly don’t shy away from the spotlight, but you always keep it classy; bright red lipstick is your go-to look. And when you set your mind to something, you mean business.

pumps footwear


#6.  Barefoot –

barefoot footwear


Is it Coachella yet? You are an adventurous spirit and you love to travel. Whether you’re going rock climbing, learning to surf, or seeing your favorite band at a festival, you are always ready for what life will throw at you next. You’re a thoughtful, understanding person, and you know who you are.

#7.  Loafers –

loafers for women


You are an extremely creative type who pays meticulous attention to detail. You like things to be done right the first time, and you’re usually the one to do it. However, you also enjoy the simple things in life and try to savor each moment. You’ve watched more than one sunrise over a cup of coffee in your lifetime, and you have many more ahead of you.

#8.  Sandals –

Sandals for Women


Trendy, outgoing, and friendly, you can make anyone smile. You like to keep up with current trends, but not at the cost of your comfort! You are a DIY extraordinaire, and can change your own tires on your car. But you’ll do it while wearing perfectly executed winged eyeliner, because hey, why not?

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diy fashion clothing ideas

Creative and Useful DIY Fashion Ideas

Cool DIY Fashion Ideas
Image credit:

I know I am not telling you anything new or shocking when I say that there is a general misconception around DIY fashion of it being for those who are frugal or those who are not really fashionistas. The thing is, if you do a quick browse online and take a look at the DIY fashion community, you will find some seriously amazing ideas that will help you turn something frumpy into an on trend piece.

With the cold season being upon us and with piles of knitwear in my closet that have seen better days, I wanted to update my wardrobe without having to throw them away and make space for new pieces. As a newbie of the DIY fashion community, I am amazed by what we can do with old jumpers, jeans and other clothing and so today, I have rounded up 10 of the best ideas I found online, so you too can look fashionably sustainable.

shorts short

Image credit:

#1.  The Short Shorts –

Nothing is more irresistible than shorts made out of a soft knit and as a woman who has Aran jumpers that have been worn for many years, this is the perfect way to turn one of them into this feminine piece for those lazy autumn evenings at home. You can get the details on how to make this piece by watching this video.

#2.  The Chunky Knit –

If you have seen the potential in a large jumper forgotten by your man, then turn the piece into a chunky cardigan that you can wear with skinny jeans and a blouse or paired with a midi dress for the office. This one is easy to do, you can get the instructions here.

the chunky knit

Image credit: Cotton and Curls

#3.  The Sleek Tank Top –

We can all wear our man’s loose fitting shirt at home but with this DIY idea via All Free Sewing, now we can wear that shirt as an elegant tank top to pair with a cardigan or with a blazer for those autumn days when the weather is still keeping warm.

the sleek tank top

Image credit:

#4.  The Vintage Sweater –

For those times when you find a vintage sweater that fits you tight, you can still invest in the piece and turn it into a well-fitting cardigan instead. Delia from Delia Creates has the details on this one.

#5.  The Skirt –

When you see a fabric that you love on an old shirt or sweater, then you can use the fabric and turn it into a statement skirt to pair with a simple T-shirt or an elegant blouse. Amber from Ruffles and Roses Crafts has some great tips on this idea.

#6.  Buttons –

From trench coats to gardens, trousers and even dresses, you can update any of your fashion staples by replacing the buttons with new ones.

fashion staples

Image credit: DIY Ready

#7.  Add glam to an old Jumper –

Sweater elbows are always on trend — it is a classic touch you can sport every autumn and winter and with this idea via DIY Ready, now you can look fashionable by reusing an old jumper and adding a touch of sparkle with a small piece of fabric. You can find all the details here.

#8.  Leggings –

Andrea from Andreas Gardenshows us a great way of repurposing a large man’s shirt into the perfect leggings so we can all rock the athleisure trend without having to spend money.

boyfriend jeans

Image credit: Brit+Co

#9.  Repurposed jeans

Turning an old pair of jeans into a statement piece is perfectly doable thanks to Kelly Brydenwho gives a guide on how to create this elaborate DIY piece.


Image credit: P.S. I Made This

#10.  The Snood

Snoods are always a good idea — they look chicer than a regular knitted scarf and you can wear them with anything from jeans and a T-shirt to a dress and a leather jacket, and this image via P.S. I Made This shows you how to make a snood out of an old sweater.

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Flowers are a very good gift to use from the nature. It won’t be wrong to say that the flowers have a special language where each one has a different meaning. Expressing the feelings can be best done through them. So if you are thinking about a special occasion that you cannot personally attend, then sending flowers could be one of the best options for you. Occasions like anniversary calls for celebration where bouquets are given as gifts. Your anniversary or other special occasion like Valentine’s Day etc. cannot be complete with special things like cakes, flowers and something special. You can send flowers to loved one, family, friends or colleagues on birthdays, anniversary, promotions, etc. With the help of online sellers, now it is possible to send bouquet from any corner of the world. You no longer need to go to the florist and search for the right flowers. It has become easy to order them with just having an internet connection.

About flower delivery service –

01.  There are many flower delivery services available online that can be used to send flowers to required destination. These websites contact the local florists to fulfill the order you have given. The local florist takes the order and makes arrangement to send bouquets to the destination you have asked to.

02.  The websites show the options to choose the bouquets of different flowers. There are pictures of the bouquet along with the price. The flowers might be sent in the selected arrangement or general one or simply in a box depending on location and other factors.

best flower delivery

03.  If you are confused regarding the type of bouquets you want to send, you can take the help of a website. The websites offer options for you to select for better idea of flowers to be sent. You can get to see the variety of flowers appropriate for the occasion. Flowers for anniversary are different than for Mother’s Day occasion. You can choose among them that suits your requirement.

04.  You can pay for your order easily over net through credit card or online transfer. The payment done is collected by the online service providers who then settle amount with the florists. Thus you don’t have to go through any hassle of payments when you send flowers.

05.  The advantage of the online flower delivery service is that you can get low cost purchase of flowers at any point of time. These services are open round the clock and you can get short-term delivery as well from them.

flower bouquet buy

Selection of flowers for the occasion –

Every occasion is special and flowers are a best way to explain them. But choosing the right flower appropriate for the moment is very important.

01.  Many online flower delivery services offer flower arranged suiting the occasion. There are flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. You can take the help of them and send flowers to your dear ones.

02.  Roses are best for almost any occasions. But every color has its own meaning and so it is important to find about them before sending.

flower bouquet

03.  When love or romance is involved, bouquet of red roses can be the best gift. Celebration of togetherness, marriage anniversary etc. can be expressed well with a beautiful arrangement of roses.

It is important to look for reputed and well-known company when you order flowers. They offer the best suggestions on gifts suitable for the occasion. These can be trusted to send your flowers on the right date, right time and the right place. Payment transaction is safe with good companies only. Compare prices with other website and read the terms and conditions before placing order.

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bridal trousseau

The Indian bride defies all stereotypes and her style and personality isn’t limited to the coy and conservative anymore. In fact the Indian bride is the perfect combination of brash and coy, outgoing and traditional and that is exactly what reflects in her sartorial choices. Having made this point, it is important to reiterate that the Indian bride puts much care in to putting together a bridal trousseau that reflects her fashion sensibilities and her personality and this is exactly why we have put together the best of trends and the must haves of bridal trousseau items for the Indian bride. Read further to know more.

Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry and accessories are an important part of the bridal trousseau of an Indian bride and this includes traditional gold and silver sets and contemporary diamond and platinum pieces.

#1.  Jadau Kundan Set

Jadau Kundan Set

The Jadau Kundan set is the highlight of bridal jewelry and an Indian bride is almost always bedecked in these elaborate jewelry sets. The Jadau Kundan set is best sourced from Jaipur or Hyderabad where skilled artisans put painstaking amounts of time in to creating elaborate bridal wear jewelry. 

#2.  Sita Haar

Sita Haar

The Sita Haar is a relatively simple traditional neckpiece that does not come with other matching accessories unlike the Jadau Kundan set. The Sita Haar is for those brides who prefer a subtle yet elegant look.

#3.  Choker Sets

Choker Sets

Stunning choker sets are the way to go if one is looking bridal jewelry minus the clutter. A great choker set should come with matching jhumka earrings and a exquisite Mang Tika. The choker set work best when paired with exquisite embellished and embroidered lehenga choli ensemble for the bride.

#4.  Kamarbandh


The Kamarbandh is a bejeweled chainlike belt worn across the waist by many Indian brides. This beautiful accessory serves the purpose of accessorizing the bare waist area when wearing a bridal saree or lehenga. The Kamarbandh is fashioned from precious and semi precious metals that form the chain that is incrusted with precious and semi precious stones.

#5.  Bajubandh


The bajubandh is a bracelet for the upper arm which is a must have for Indian bride. The beautiful bracelets are often created from precious and semi precious metals and encrusted with beautiful, perferably colored stones. The bajubandh is a traditional accessorie that is mainly worn by Indian brides. 

Ethnic Wear Must Haves For Your Wedding Trousseau

The Indian wedding is incomplete without the bride looking resplendent in beautiful traditional bridal wear ensembles. Read further to know more about the latest trends for bridal wear. Be informed and know exactly what to shop for when deciding upon your bridal trousseau.

#1.  Ombre Shade Sarees

Ombre Shade Sarees

The Ombre shade wedding saree is trending in a big way this year and is great bridal look. These designer sarees are dual or triple shaded where colors seamlessly merge in to each other. The colors are mostly pastel or vibrant shades. A pink and crimson ombre saree embellished with semi precious stones and fine embroidery would be the perfect bridal wear saree to add to your wedding trousseau.

#2.  Lehenga Choli Trends for Your Bridal Trousseau

Many young Indian women prefer the lehenga for bridal wear as opposed to the saree. Read further to know the latest lehenga trends to pick out the best lehenga for your bridal trousseau.

#3.  Neon Lehengas

Neon Lehengas

Your trousseau just got a whole lot of color with the neon lehenga trend. Lehengas in bright and vibrant neon shades like pink, red, orange and blue are all the rage this year with Indian brides. These ethnic ensembles with a contemporary twist are exactly what you are looking for if you are expecting a song and dance spectacle on your sangeet day.

#4.  Floral Lehengas

Floral Lehengas

Floral print lehengas are also trending in a big way for morning wear and are the perfect ultra feminine style statement to add to your bridal trousseau. These floral lehengas are also another good option for morning wear wedding ceremonies and festivities like the sangeet ceremony.

#5.  Pastel Shade Lehengas

Pastel shade lehengas are another great option for morning events during your wedding. Wear these pastel shade ensembles for your mehendi ceremony. The most sought after colors amongst these pastel shade lehengas range from canary yellow to elegant cream and ivory.

6.  Velvet Lehengas

Velvet Lehengas have been in trend for some time now and according to fashion pundits these high sheen fabrics will continue to be sought out for bridal wear ensembles. Velvet lehengas are perfect for evening wear and a velvet lehenga for your wedding reception is clearly the perfect choice.

Contemporary Bridal Wear Creations

It is a known fact that fashion is ever evolving and the same applies for ethnic bridal wear. Indian fashion designers are exclusively catering to the new age bride with bridal wear creations that combine the best of Indian and western fashion and trends. Read further to know more.

#1.  Lehenga Saree

Lehenga Saree

The lehenga saree is a new age bridal wear creation that perfectly combines the beauty and charm of the saree with the unmatched appeal of the lehenga. The bridal lehenga saree is exquisitely embroidered in gold, silver and jewel tones and is also embellished with semi precious stones, sequins and even mirror work for added appeal. The sheer fabric of the pallu perfectly completes this outfit.

#2.  Anarkali Gown

The Anarkali gown is an exquisite contemporary creation that takes the anarkali silhouette to create an exquisite bridal gown. The Anarkali gown is fitted at the bust and flares out downwards. The umbrella silhouette creates and exquisite gown that is trending as a bridal wear garment in a big way. The Anarkali gown is exquisitely embroidered and embellished as is the norm with Indian bridal wear. Zari, resham and zardosi are used to embroider the gown while embellishments in form semi precious stones, sequins and cut glass work are also used to add further appeal to this outfit. The Anarkali gown is the perfect bridal gown for an Indian girl.


Author Bio: Rahul Singh is an avid blogger with a keen interest in fashion and celebrity news. He also has other less superficial hobbies like science fiction and arts.

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daytime napping

Is Daytime Napping Good for You?

The health benefits of daytime napping have been debated for years. Does it is really help you to sleep at night? Can it increase your productivity? Will the few extra minutes of rest actually improve your day?

If you’re sleep deprived or just looking for a way to relax, opting to take a midday nap is a surprisingly common choice. However, is it really as good for you as we think it is?

Neil Seed from The Odd Mattress Company shares the health benefits of taking a daytime nap, including the mood-boosting properties that can have a great effect on your daily life:

The Benefits of Daytime Napping

There are many benefits to taking a daytime nap. Along with feeling more relaxed, you could also experience the following:

Increased alertness –

If you’re feeling like you need a boost of energy, taking a short daytime nap can help to increase your alertness. By giving your body a chance to repair itself and recover from the first half of the day, you can wake up feeling invigorated and more alert as to what’s happening around you.

Improved memory –

Taking a nap throughout the day has actually been proven to increase your ability to remember things. In fact, a recent study found that a power nap of just 45 minutes can boost your memory by as much as five times – a pretty impressive amount if you’ve got an exam or work presentation coming up soon!

Lower risk of cardiovascular complications –

Because sleeping has been shown to reduce your blood pressure, taking a nap can help to regulate your bodily functions. The Harvard School of Public Health even found that people who take a midday nap at least 3 times per week are 37% less likely to suffer with heart disease!

The Negative Impacts of Daytime Napping

Despite the positive impacts that a midday nap can bring, there are a few results that you should be aware of. These include:

Trouble sleeping at night –

If you suffer with insomnia or another kind of sleeping condition that prevents you from easily falling asleep, taking a nap throughout the day

Sleep inertia –

Sleep inertia is the groggy feeling that you make experience after waking up from a nap and happens when you’re woken up throughout REM sleep.

Lasting anywhere between 15 minutes and 4 hours, you can feel symptoms sleep inertia – especially disorientation. This may lead to interference with your ability to perform certain tasks and have a negative impact on the rest of your day.

Increased risk of developing diabetes –

According to Dr Tomohide Yamada from the University of Tokyo, napping throughout the day puts you at an increased risk of developing diabetes. A study by the university found that taking a regular daytime nap of an hour or longer was associated with a 46% risk of developing the disease.

Why do I always need to nap?

If you’re constantly feeling exhausted and that your regular nights’ sleep isn’t restful enough, you may be suffering from a sleeping condition.

Sleep apnea is a common disorder that causes the muscles in your throat to close up whilst you’re resting; leaving you with a lack of oxygen being able to reach your lungs.

If you feel like you are suffering with sleep apnea or another disorder, consult your doctor and ask for their advice on how to ensure that your quality of sleep isn’t affected.

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Author Bio: Neil Seed
Neil Seed set up The Odd Mattress Company over 30 years ago in a bid to help customers find the perfect sleeping solution to suit their budgets, needs and health conditions

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jewellery brands

5 Jewellery Brands To Rediscover

More and more people are discovering more and more Jewellery brands in order to try something new, or something a little more different. Each brand will claim to appeal to the variety of people, but will arrive with extortionate prices and no real history or tradition behind it. When you take a look at jewellery it should be appealing, beautiful, technically brilliant and offer an overall package.

It’s time to move away from brands that are simply creating jewellery, instead moving back to the traditional, timeless and classic jewellery that people have been quick to brush under the carpet.

If you truly want to jewellery brands to consider take a look at the brands we have listed below.

1.  U-Boat

There aren’t many brands out there that are able to boast Swiss movements with Italian heritage. If you are truly looking for something that has a structured presentation, technical magnificence, U-Boat watches is exactly the type of watches you should look for. With a distinctive styling, versatile appearance and use of rare materials, U-Boat have continued to subtly create jewellery that is perfect. It doesn’t stop there as their techniques have continued to surprise, using acid baths to create their watches. U-Boat’s methods are incredibly sophisticated, showing off their intricate designs for the world.

2.  Theo Fennell

Theo Fennell are timeless and with Mr Fennell securely in charge of the designs, Theo Fennell have seen something of a renaissance. Theo Fennell have created a jewellery range which is delicate yet beautiful, applying it to each and every style of jewellery. The concept of ‘good things arrive in small packages’ has allowed them to create some of the most aesthetically pleasing jewellery, as well as provide trophies, jewellery and much more to major sporting events and royalty. If you are looking for something truly unique, timeless and something that oozes elegance.

3.  Tresor Paris

Tresor Paris are renowned for their work with elegant, yet luxurious jewellery. Their collections continue to provide a jaw dropping reaction, creating something that is a truly special gift. Their designs take years, from the planning all the way to it being produced. Their tradition and heritage are included in each aspect of each design, handcrafting exquisite collections. If you are interested in getting the perfect item of jewellery, Tresor Paris, is glamorous, versatile, timeless and simply perfect. Tresor Paris could potentially be the only jewellery brand you’ll ever need to buy gifts for your partner, family or friends.

4.  88 Rue Du Rhone

88 Rue Du Rhone have excelled from excellence, continuing the family tradition creating quality and only the finest Swiss watches. Pierre and ElieBernheim, grandsons of the famous watchmaker Raymond Weil, branched away in order to make an accessible Swiss watch. The have respected the tradition, working with music icons, creating vibrant, eccentric and luxury watches for everyone. If you want a timepiece that offers Swiss heritage, luxury and without the huge price tag, 88 Rue Du Rhone offer high-quality without the compromise.

5.  Aviator

Aviator watches are another brand that have taken inspiration from their designs. The watches have taken a close association with the aviation and flying, proving to being one of the most accurate and reliable watches for measuring time. Pilots used to use pocket watches to measure time, which split their concentration. As technology developed, pocket watches moved to wristwatches, creating the timeless Aviator brand. It became legendary and a pioneer in terms of wristwatches, providing an unmatched reliability. Their designs are military based and reflect the cockpit of an Aviator plane, so if you are interested in history, close design bases, Aviator may be just what you’re looking for.

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design your own fashion brand

How to Create Your Own Fashion Brand ?

Every dedicated fashion designer has dreamt of building an empire akin to those created by Prada, Gucci, and, Dior. While you may have dream to be a fashion mainstay, it’s time to consider the reality. What do you really need to start building your brand ?

Many think creating a fashion label is just about providing unique, trending clothes, but they forget that a fashion brand is a business like any other.

Follow the advice below to develop a powerful brand that can one day be as influential and enduring as Chanel.

Find the One

Before you can start your business, you need to find something that everyone needs and reimagine it in your own way. You’ll need a distinct identity, so that anytime someone sees your item, they instantly connect it to your brand. Consider Christian Louboutin’s iconic red-bottomed shoes or Louis Vuitton’s unmistakeable patterned purses—creating an image that has a strong presence and vitality is an essential part of starting your own fashion brand.

Part of creating your brand identity also involves having a unique take on a traditional mindset. Will you choose to market your brand as environmentally responsible? Do you plan to focus on USA-made clothing? Are high quality fabrics and manufacturing your focus point? These ideals are deeply enmeshed with how consumers view your brand.

What It Means to Build a Business ?

Once you have a distinct identity and an idea of your brand concept, it’s time to consider funding and manufacturing. While creating a website and cheaply manufacturing some tees seems like an easy plan, you’ll be surprised by how much involvement a successful business requires.

Depending on the stipulations of your manufacturer and other start-up costs, you’ll need to decide whether you even want to start an online store. Perhaps you’ll decide that finding reliable retailers is more profitable, or that creating single pieces for private clientele is more in line with your artistic vision.

Consider the benefits and disadvantages of each path and plan your business around it. If you choose to create an online-only business, for example, shipping costs will be an intrinsic part of your business plan; while if you plan to work only with select clientele, recruitment and retainment will be your focus. Online-only fashion apparel shops like District Clothing have catered to their success by reaching out to an exclusive target market with a uniquely distinguished brand.

Research and write out a thorough business plan to help you calculate costs, estimate profits, and create an outline for operations.

Use Social Media

While crafting and producing your dream designs is still as challenging as ever, creating brand identity and recognition is much easier today through social media. You have a free platform from which to disseminate your label’s character to an almost unlimited amount of people.

Use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and even SnapChat to gain followers and raise awareness about your company, new lines you’re releasing, and upcoming events and promotions. Consider your target market and create campaigns that speak to their wants, needs, and tastes.

Using this invaluable resource, you can make people care about your brand by introducing them to your personal journey. Connect with your consumers on an intimate level through social media and inform

fashion illustration dresses them on a regular basis of the latest women’s fashion.

Follow Through

If you have already started your fashion label, you may have noticed after a period of time the struggle that entails creating a successful, well-known brand. However, it’s crucial not to give in to the pressure. Even the biggest fashion houses in the world struggled to get to where they are today.

Coco Chanel worked as a waitress at a bar, Michael Kors dropped out of school, and Louis Vuitton started out as a box and package maker. Though these successful fashion designers faced difficulties in their early careers, they were driven by the passion to give their customers a unique and lively brand.

Follow your dreams no matter how arduous it can get at times. Implementing these ideas before starting your brand will create a stronger foundation from which your name, your brand, and your company can grow.

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tips to choose a wedding ring

Tips For Choosing Wedding Rings

Choosing the engagement ring is often a decision that lands on one person’s shoulders. When it comes to choosing the wedding rings, it’s often a team effort which takes some of the pressure off choosing. You’ll often have more time to consider your options, and you can think carefully about your tastes and requirements before committing to one wedding ring.

1. Buy the ring and wedding bands together

A spur of the moment engagement means the bride-to-be might have the opportunity to choose her own engagement ring. If this is the case, she might want to choose a wedding band to match. Nesting rings are a beautiful choice for creating a cohesive look. This obviously won’t be an option if she already has the engagement ring on her finger, but you might still be able to create a custom nesting ring using loose diamonds.

2. Give yourself plenty of time to choose

This is probably the most important piece of jewellery you will ever own, and you’ll be wearing it more than any other piece. Don’t rush the decision and end up with an wedding band that doesn’t suit your personality in a few years time. You should also try your chosen ring on a few times to make sure you have the correct fit. Your hands will swell when you’re warm, and they’ll shrink when you’re cold, so make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable when you try it on.

3. Keep your lifestyle in mind

If you have an active lifestyle, or if your job means you will have to take your ring off frequently, you will want to keep this in mind when choosing your wedding band. If you play a lot of sports or if you play an instrument, look for a style that is thin and rounded that sits flush with your hand. If you have a very physical job, look for a plain metal ring that doesn’t have any stones that could come loose and go missing. If you need something hard-wearing, titanium is the best option as it is very durable.

4. Set a budget

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the choices available, fall for the upsells, and eventually end up spending a lot more than you intended. Set a budget before you start looking and make sure you stick to it. There are countless beautiful designs available for a range of budgets, so if you shop around you should be able to find something in your price range that you’re happy with.

5. Don’t forget maintenance

Some materials will require more maintenance than others. If you opt for a ring with stones, this will require more work to keep it shiny than a plain wedding band. To keep a gold or platinum ring looking shiny, you simply need to buff it with a soft cloth.

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Acupressure Points that Will Reduce Your Stress

8 Acupressure Points that Will Reduce Your Stress

Modern lifestyle and latest techniques has made our life easier but on the other hand, it increased our stress, anxiety and tension. Previously, people had less technologies and less tension while at the present time, people have all kinds of technologies but they have to face lots of pressure and stress.

What are the reasons for Stress?

Today’s mostly work is computer centric and every person has to sit almost eight to night hours in front of screen which will affect eyes, spinal column and brain. The people who have to sit on their desk glued to screen usually complain about the stiffness in back, neck and shoulder as well as headache is a common issue among the working people. These problems are faced when work pressure is at its peak. The pressure becomes high when you have to complete your office work while completing the commitment of family members’ work, paying bills and complete all work within a deadline, it will create an immune pressure on your mind which lead to the stress and tension.

What is the Problems Caused by Stress?

If a person is in stress then he or she has to face lots of problems that include chest pain, insomnia, high diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, depression and so on. But if you want to reduce your stress then you can do several things like meditation, yoga, several kinds of exercise, eating superfoods, take help of some therapies and acupressure. These practices will heal our all problems and reduce your stress less in an efficient manner.

8 Acupressure Points that Will Reduce Your Stress are:

1. Scalp

Scalp has various pressure points and most of them will reduce your stress positively and effectively. If you want to reduce your stress when you are in office then you can follow this process. For this you have to sit on your desk then bend towards back, after that use two fingers to pressurize the point where neck and skull meets. Massage that point for at least 20 minutes, it will definitely reduce the stress. Most of the stress collect on neck and muscle throughout a day, if you want to avoid that stress then massage on that point it will relieve you a lot.

2. Foot

If you want to reduce your stress effectively as well as provide the better attention to the bodies. The location of this point is at the centre of the foot. If you pressured on this point that will ease the stress mind and make your mind active to think positive by reducing the stress. Foot pressure point is the best meridian for treating the stress and pancreas.

3. Palm

Palm is considered as the most important energy channel that affects the liver, pancreas and heart. When you press the accurate spot on the palm then you feel that your stress is evaporating. Applying pressure on palm is highly effective and it treats the stomach pain, headache, insomnia, digestion and other symptoms of stress.

4. Stomach

Stomach is a responsive part of our body as well as it is very important to apply pressure on a correct point because wrong pressure on a certain point which will lead to stomach pain or other problems. Many people use this point of stomach to create the movements that liberates the chest and diaphragm which will enhance the breathing process. The people who take this treatment on regular basis will be able to take deeper breathe instinctively and relief you from the stress.

5. Ear

Ear is considered as one a stress relieving point in our body. The pressure point of ear is also called as The Spirit Gate (Shen Men). This pressure point will reduce the inflammation as well as pain throughout the body. It would be recommended, if you apply pressure on this spot with ear-buds or with a pen, while applying the pressure or doing massage, breathe slowly. It will reduce the stress effectively.

6. Chest

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