Beauty Tips to Look Magnificent Always

beauty tips to look beautiful naturally

How to look magnificent ?

All women are beautiful in their own way. Some of them have sweet smile or expressive eyes or lustrous hair. Some have attractive and bold features and others have shiny skin texture. The beautiful looks of a woman affects her confidence, performance and also the way she interacts socially. Though the beauty comes from within, certain beauty tips can help in making them look more attractive, confident and healthy.

1. Smile

Every woman with a cute and cordial smile on the face looks pretty. So always keep smiling. Eat foods like carrot, cucumber, guava or apple daily to keep your teeth white and avoid their yellowing.

2. Vitamin-C

In order to look younger and keeping skin fresh include fresh fruits and fruits rich in vitamin-C in the daily menu.

3. Biotin

Take advice of doctor for taking biotin supplements daily for good health of your hair and keeping nails strong. With regular intake you would notice a difference in your immunity and overall health.

4. Look at your heels

Rub little sesame oil on the heels at end of day and sleep with that for taking proper care of cracked heels. Remember to wear cotton socks while going to bed.

5. Dry Brush

Exfoliate skin daily with dry brush for a few minutes for eliminating the dead skin and also improve circular.

6. Hair Oil

Your hair should be given hot oil massage once a week. Sulfate free mild shampoo should be used for preventing hair fall. Hair should be conditioned after you shampoo them. Conditioner should be spread evenly from the root to tips using wide tooth comb.

7. Eye Care

Wash your eyes with cold water frequently to get bright glow. Cool rose water should be dabbed on eyes before going to sleep daily. You can get one using Nykaa. Mascara if worn should be removed fully at night otherwise it would result in breaking of eye lashes.

8. Eye Lashes

Little almond oil should be applied on eye lashes to make them grow longer and thicker.

9. Soft lips

Gently rub the lips daily at night for removing flaky layers using soft damp cloth. Rub milk cream before going to bed. Apply little moisturizer on lips and leave that for few minutes before putting lipstick. Apply lipstick as it would now spread smoothly and evenly. Do not forget to remove the lipstick with a make-up remover before going to bed at night.

10. Face masks

You should use branded face masks to give it a lovely glow and shine. You should keep your face hydrated and protected from UV rays using a good quality sunscreen with high SPF.

Above Beauty Tips can make you feel enthusiastic and keep you shine throughout the day.

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