5 Ayurvedic Home remedies for weight gain

Gaining weight is not as easy as losing it. Indeed, it’s more challenging to put on weight. Health experts are of view that weight loss is easier at times as it requires portion control, but when we talk about weight gain, it is a slower process. Once is believed to lose up to 1 kg a week, but adding 1 kg a week is tedious.
There are two options. You can gain weight either by having unhygienic foods like chips, fries, and other junk, which are a sure shot way to breed future health problems like heart disease, hypertension and diabetes or you can put on weight in a healthy controlled manner.  Gradual weight gain is always advisable.
Follow these smart Ayurvedic home remedy tips to gain weight:

Dairy Products

Add dairy products to your meals over vegetables like milk, yogurt, and cheese: milk, hard cheeses, fruited yogurts, ice cream, custards, puddings, and milkshakes.

Snack more often

Have snacks frequently. Take high amount of high-calorie snacks (junk food should be avoided), including milk shakes, cheese sticks, dries fruits, muffins, yoghurt and breakfast bars. You should also consume larger portions. Have meals at least five times a day.

Drink fluids

Drink a good amount of fluids, which is a great source of nutrients and calories such as fresh fruit, milk, juices and energy drinks. Use milk in place of water in hot soups, cereals, and sauces.

Consume High Protein

Eat foods with enriched protein content, which include peas, pulses, and beans. Also add to your meals foods with high starch content like rice, potatoes, and tapioca.


Take these vegetables for gradual weight gain: olives, avocado, potatoes, peas, corn and squash. Add these vegetables in your diet.

Be consistent

Have patience to gain a weight which actually shows. It takes a long time, normally a few months. Never get disappointed and frustrated when you fail to see drastic results. However, remember you will never gain weight unless you are regular.


This is highly recommended that heredity plays a key role in determining your weight. Get effective weight training. Take a smart diet. It will help you exceed your genetically predetermined weight.

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