10 Things You’ll Need for a Rocking Girls Night Out

girls night out

Ladies Night Out

If you’ve done nothing but work, work, work… You might be close to suffering a burnout. There’s no better way to unwind than chilling with your gal pals! A ladies night out is just the thing you need to beat out the stress in your life. This can be extra helpful too if you’re going through a rough patch in your romantic relationship.

Without further ado, here are the things you mustn’t forget for that much-needed girl’s night out!

1.  Your Killer Outfit –

Have you ever dreamed of being a sexy Cinderella for just one night, where you get to play dress up and go a little bit wild? A girl’s night out is a great excuse to just go all out with your makeup and dress. It’s like playing a modern day dress-up with your girlfriends! As a tip, try to pick one that isn’t prone to wardrobe mishaps

night out outfits

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2.  Your Sexy High Heels –

Ah, the ultimate price of beauty! Remember those really hot pair of heels in your closet you may or may not have purposely forgotten to wear because they’re such a pain to walk in? There’s no other time to bring it out but now! Make those legs stand out and walk the walk with that pair of high heels. The pain will be worth it—especially the feeling of relief when you chuck it off AFTER the long night.

heels night out

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3.  Non-Smudge Lipstick –

Don’t want to worry about constantly reapplying product to your lips?The latest matte lipstick craze is onto something—they look great.

non smudge lipstick

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4.  Mascara That Won’t Run –

Let’s be real. Sometimes, the tears just start flowing when you’re out with your girls. You’ll need waterproof mascara for that. Whether it’s because of sadness or joy, you just want to look good doing it.

night out mascara

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5.  Your Selfie Game –

There’s no better way to say #SquadGoals but through a really awesome group selfie!

selfie game

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6.  A Cocktail to Remember –

Get the party started with the luscious Fountain of Youth, which is a mixture of vodka, pomegranate juice and sliced ginger.

cocktail night out

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7.  Dance Moves –

It’s time to channel your inner Queen Bey! It’s completely fine to let loose because your girls got your back!

dance moves night club

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8.  Breath Freshener –

Whether it’s for the hot guy giving you the eye or for that shot of tequila you just downed. If you forgot to pack some breath mints, for first aid, you can munch on the mint leaves on your cocktail.

breath freshener

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9.  Toner spray & Loose Powder –

There IS a way to look fresh even if you already feel wasted. With these two handy items, you can handle it despite feeling tipsy. How to do it? MakeUp artist Eva Scrivo’s tip is to lightly mist your face with the toner spray, and then pat with soft tissue. For a velvety finish, simply dust your face with loose powder.

toner spray for face

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10.  Your BFFs –

And of course, there is no better way to spend your night but with your most trusted besties.

What are you waiting for? De stress and plan a night out with your girls. Who knows? This girl’s night out may just be the best one of your life!

best friends night out

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