How to Choose a Perfect Natural Face Cleanser for Your Skin?

natural face cleanser

Best face cleanser for dry skin

Facial cleansing is a regular habit for most women. They have the idea that cleansing regularly could give them a bright and radiant face at all times. However, it is essential to be keen on the products and cleansers you use on the face and skin. Our facial skin is most of the times exposed to several assaults. Sometimes, environmental toxins and radicals could come into contact with the skin. These very exposures could cause breakouts as well as premature aging of the skin. At the same time, they could result in inflammation. If you sleep with such pores or dirt on the face, you are likely to have clogged pores and even a lackluster skin.

These several issues can simply be fixed by facial cleansing. Cleansing or washing in the evening, therefore, becomes essential. At the same time, cleansing in the morning hours is still essential to deal with and eliminate sweat on the skin. It is also paramount as it eliminates any dead skin. For individuals with sensitive skin type, you have to be keen on the products you use. An evening cleanses may be enough for you. However, it is important to use the best and right products for your skin type. There are several cleansers you will find in the markets. It may be tough to make choices, but you need to be wise to identify the best and the right product to cleanse.

1. Foaming Cleansers

You have to go for the best brands that will provide ultimate care for the skin. Brands, for example, Osmia Organics and One Love Organics are gentle on the skin, and therefore are essential for skin brightening. They are vital for the elimination of dead skin from the face.  However, for those with extremely or completely dry skin, this may not be a perfect or best choice. These products can be drying rather than oils. For other skin types, all the same, these are a perfect choice. They are affordable as well as convenient.

2. Oils and Balms

Apparently, we all need to use the best facial cleanser. For those with oily skin, they may view the idea of using balms as absurd. However, while they may not want to use these products, they are ideal for removing makeup easily and quickly. The oils are also essential and vital for dissolving the grease on the skin as well as eliminating and diminishing the blackheads. The balms also work similarly to the oils. However, they are vital and essential for facial massaging as they have wax. Even more, they are critical for eliminating the stubborn makeup.

While it may not be easy choosing between these two products, the products with coconut oil may easily cause acne or breakouts. However, some experts indicate that pure oils e.g. coconut oil, are ideal for body cleansing as well as removing makeup from the skin. However, even as you select products, be sure to use cold pressed oils. This will reduce the risks for breakouts.

3. Creams

These were used even traditionally by our grandmothers, especially to get rid of facial makeup. For individuals who prefer wearing heavy makeup, the cleansers may not work effectively for them. They are vital and critical for individuals who use light makeup.

4. Scrubs

They are vital for exfoliating or removing any dead skin from the face. However, overusing can cause inflammation or even damages to the skin. In addition, they are not particularly used for removing makeup. This is because in essence they are not to be used close to the eyes. For best skin care, avoid using the scrubs daily. They can be used only once in a week or two. At the same time, use the scrubs that are only safe for your skin.

5. Enzyme Cleansers

This comprises of those products that do not fit in the above categories. They include products such as Josh Rosebroook’s Moisturizing Cleanser and Yuli Halcyon Cleanser. They are easy to rinse using water, but they do not foam. They are gentle and easy to exfoliate with, on the skin. They do not strip the skin, but they are vital for oily skin. They are critical and efficient grease removers.

6. Micellar Water

Most individuals view this as a make up remover. It sweeps off make-up and oil from the face. It is vital for clearing the pores and ensuring that you do not suffer clogging. At the same time, therefore, it aids in keeping breakouts away.


In a nutshell, selecting a cleanser for your skin type may be tricky for a healthy lifestyle. However, the above information should give you a guide to improve your thinking and your preferences. It is vital to consider product type to ensure you are on the right. Some products could hurt the skin. It is vital therefore to use the tips mentioned above to ensure you give your skin the best care.


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