Honeymoon Trousseau for Indian Women – Things You Must Know

honeymoon trousseau

The big fat Indian wedding is a long drawn out affair and while this is joyous occasion, it also involves a significant amount of stress for both bride and groom. The new age soon to be married couple spends many hours and put a lot of energy and hard work in to insuring that the wedding is carried out to perfection. This involves shopping, consultations with a wedding planner, budgeting and other handling a wide range of chores that must be taken care of to insure that the Indian wedding is the kind of extravaganza it is expected to be. This leaves little time for the bride and groom to interact and in many cases of an arranged marriage, the bride and the groom hardly get any time to get to know each other.

Under such circumstances, the honeymoon proves to be a much needed respite after an extravagant wedding. The honeymoon is primarily an opportunity for the newly married couple to bond however this is also an opportunity to get out of the love nest and do fun things together as a couple. Most honeymooning couples engage in fun activities depending that is mostly dependent on the honeymoon destination and most newlywed brides feel the need to put together a honeymoon trousseau that is appropriate for the honeymoon destination in mind. Read further to know more about how to put together the perfect honeymoon trousseau appropriate for your planned honeymoon destination.

The Hill Station Honeymoon

Many Indians prefer to honeymoon at popular hill stations within the country. Popular honeymooner’s favorites are Shimla, Ooty, Manali and Darjeeling amongst others. While honeymooning at such locations it is important to pack a honeymoon trousseau that includes trendy garments that will also provide protection against the cold. A few prominent examples are listed below.

#1.  Knee Length Boots –

knee length boots india

Knee length leather boots are your best bet when honeymooning in colder climates. These boots are not only stylish but also quite functional. A great pair of leather boots is sure to keep your feet warm during long walks and trekking expeditions with your soul mate on your honeymoon.

#2.  Oversized Turtle Necks –

indian oversized turtleneck

An oversized turtle neck cardigan is your best bet for trendy winter wear for your hill station honeymoon trousseau. Pair the cardigan up with woolen slacks and knee length boots and you have an ensemble that is both trendy and functional.

#3.  Bomber Jackets –

Topshop Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket worn over a kurtis and skinny jeans is a great look for your hill station honeymoon. Complete this look with your knee length leather boots.

#4.  Beach Resort Honeymoon –

honeymoon beach resort

Many Honeymooners crave the sun and the sand on their honeymoon trip. While some stick to Indian beaches like Goa many opt for international destinations like Maldives and Mauritius. No matter what the destination is, beach and resort wear is pretty much the same anywhere and one must pack one’s wedding trousseau accordingly. Read further to know more.

#5.  Backless Sun Dresses –

backless sundress

Fortunately a beach resort honeymoon will give you the opportunity to wear sexy apparel that will go a long way in tantalizing and teasing your soul mate. Resort wear is the perfect opportunity to wear ensembles that insure your husband can’t get his hands off you. A short backless sun dress is just the right garment to start with when shopping for resort wear. Wear this lil dress barefoot on the beach or pair it up with strappy gladiator sandals.

#6.  Palazzo Pants –

indian palazzo pants

Palazzo pants work great for your resort wear honeymoon trousseau. Palazzo pants can be easily paired up with a great top or even a crepe or chiffon fabric kurti.

#7.  Bikinis and Sarongs –

bikini and sarong

Bikinis and sarongs are must pack items in your honeymoon trousseau if your honeymoon destination happens to be a beach resort. Kurtis and sarongs also make for great beach wear.

#8.  Urban Honeymoon –

honeymoon designers saree

For those enjoying an urban honeymoon in a major cosmopolitan city anywhere in the world, the possibilities for your honeymoon trousseau are endless. Enjoy the city life in high street fashion for casual wear and designer wear for special outings. designer saree, jumpsuits, skinny jeans and ethnic kurtis, the options are truly endless. Experiment with indo-western fusion, go fully ethnic or wear the best western wear trends. The choice is yours in more ways than one.

#9.  Lingerie –

lingerie for honeymoon

It is only fair that you pack your best lace and satin lingerie for your honeymoon. Even cupid could do with a little help from fashion. For your honeymoon trousseau it is best to invest in a few luxury lingerie brands. Colors such as black, lacy whites, reds, pinks and maroons are known to have a sensual effect. Also pack a few nightgowns because even though you may not need clothes indoors, hotel rooms do get a bit chilly.

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