What are the benefits of fenugreek seeds ?

In our kitchen, you will be able to find lots of spices which are beneficial for our health and one of them is fenugreek, in Hindi it is called as Methi. If you ask grand mother about Methi then she will start telling about its praises. It is just not a spice which adds a flavour in food but it is a very good medicine for hair, skin as well as for health issues. It is a spice that is available in every Indian kitchen. It is an herb whose seeds and leaves have been used since several years.

Methi is a hindi word while in other languages it is pronounced differently, like in Telgu it is ‘Menthulu’, in Tamil it is ‘Vendhayam’, in Malayalam it is ‘Uluva’, in Punjabi it is ‘Meth’ and much more. Methi has a permanent place in many families. Methi are very small seeds or we can say it dana, and most importantly it has numerous health benefits and it is considered as one of natural home remedies. Fenugreek seeds are very familiar component as well as it is utilized in various dishes.

Personally, I believe in home remedies because it is completely safe and no harmful & side effects. Fenugreek seeds are easily available and it is good for skin, hair and health. It has lots of benefits but people are not aware that how to use seeds in a proper manner? So here, are the ways that will help you in health benefits.

Health Benefits of Fenugreek

Fenugreek has numerous health benefits and some of them are as follow:

1. Fenugreek Seeds Benefits for Liver

The main function of a liver is to cleanse your body of toxins; even a small injury on liver will impact a complete body and health. The liver function is decreased due to the intake of alcohol in excessive amount and the Methi seeds protect your liver from the alcohol toxicity.

2. Methi Seed Improve the Kidney Function

Seeds have Polyphenolic flavonoids which improve the kidney function.

3. Fenugreek Seeds Reduce Weight

If you want to lose weight then include Fenugreek seeds in your diet, it will definitely help you in reducing weight without affecting health.

4. Fenugreek for Digestion

People who are suffering with stomach problems, for them Methi or Fenugreek will be a boon.

5. Fenugreek for Arthritis

Methi seed has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help the patients who are facing arthritis problem. It is a best home remedy for healing the severe pain that happens in the joints.

6. Fenugreek lowers blood sugar and cholesterol

Now a days, most of the people are facing cholesterol problem, are you also facing the same? If yes, then Fenugreek seeds would be a perfect home remedy for you because it helps in lowering the cholesterol level.

7. Increase Breast Milk Production

Methi Seeds contains phytoestrogen that increase the breast milk production in lactating mother. For boosting breast milk production, mothers should have to drink fenugreek tea.

8. Fenugreek for Menstrual Pain

Normally girls face the cramp during menstrual, thus fenugreek seeds will help you to reduce the pain and other symptoms related to menstruation.

9. Fenugreek Spice Kills Cancer Cells

Fenugreek seeds have anticancer effects that fight against some cancer cell lines. Methi seeds are truly helpful in preventing the cancer.

10. Fenugreek Fights Heart Disease

Fenugreek seed directly show its result on cardiovascular health as well as protecting your heart from the severe damage during an attack.

11. Fenugreek Seeds for Diabetes

In the current situation, every 3rd person is facing a problem of diabetes, in this case, if you have diabetes problem, then you should have to incorporate Methi seeds in your diet, it will deliver a positive result on your health.

12. Cure Fever

Intake of lemon, honey & methi seed will reduce the fever, for curing fever soon, take mixture 2-3 times in a day.

Fenugreek Seeds Benefits for Hair

Are you facing the hair problem? Do you want to avoid the use of chemical products? If yes, then you should have to use fenugreek seeds and these seed are beneficial in several manner. Some of them are:

1. Premature Graying:

It is a common problem which is faced by everyone. Thus, fenugreek seed has properties that maintain its pigment and aid delay graying. Seeds will help you to prevent the graying of hairs.

2. No to Dandruff:

Dandruff is a common issue, but to get rid of it, you can use methi seed. It removes dandruff in an efficient way.

3. Make Hair Shiny & Glossy:

Mathi Seeds add a shine to your hair and make it glossy.

4. Hair Loss:

If you are facing hair fall or hair loss problem, then you must have to use fenugreek seeds. It is a very good source of straightening hair as well as promote to hair growth.

5. Hair Growth:

Apply mixture of coconut milk and fenugreek seeds powder and apply on the scalp. After that wash with shampoo, it will support in hair growing.

How to use Fenugreek Seeds for Skin Care ?

After knowing that these seeds are too beneficial then you will be curious to know that how fenugreek seeds would be beneficial for skin? If you want to know, then here are the answers:

1. Fenugreek for Anti Aging

Fenugreek seed have a huge amount of antioxidant that allows it to fight with free radicals and prevent the skin from aging signs, such as wrinkles or fine lines.

2. Fenugreek for Acne

If you are facing the acne problem then it would be best home remedy and will help you to get rid of acne.

3. Nourish & Moisturize Skin:

It will nourish and moisturize skin as well as remove dryness from skin.

4. Fenugreek for Pimples:

It is very effective in blackhead treatment as well as control pimples with its regular and proper use.

These are the benefits of Fenugreek seeds and it is a boon for everything. If you have any kind of health, skin or hair problem then you should have to try methi seeds atleast once. It would definitely deliver a positive result on your health without any side effect.

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