how to make mehndi darker and last longer

Darker and Longer Mehendi

9 tips for mehndi stay longer

When it comes to wedding, mehendi (heena) seems to be an important part of bridal makeup. The challenge lies is to apply dark mehendi. It is believed that ‘the darker the mehendi, the more your husband will love you’. So every bride wants her mehendi to be as dark and long lasting as possible. Be it any style – Marwari to Hyderabadi, Moroccan to African or even Mumbaiya, brides want their mehendi to be darker and long lasting.
Keeping that in mind we have given here some simple ‘dark mehendi tips’:

#1. Keep Your Skin Clean

Before going to apply mehendi, make sure that your skin is clean. It should contain no traces of oils, lotions or potions. All these products are considered to be a barrier between mehendi and your skin.

#2. Visit the restroom

It is advisable to visit your restroom before you apply heena. This probably won’t make your mehendi darker, it’s just good to visit the restroom in the mid of the application.

#3. Dab sugar water or lemon juice

Once the paste is applied carefully, it dries soon. So it is good to dab sugar water or lemon juice in order to keep it moist and stop cracks in your design.

#4. Leave paste for hours

The longer the paste, the darker it will be. So leave the paste for as long as possible. Six hours is an ideal time. You can also keep it more than 6 hours.

#5. Keep warm

Stay in a warm room. Heat helps the colour of mehendi develop. So it is good to so keep warm.

#6. Apply vicks vapor rub

Once you rub off the paste, apply beebax balm or vics vapour over your design. This will help the colour develop from bright orange to deep red.

#7. Exempt from housework

Avoid being involved in household work as many days as possible. You should exempt from housework for as least 24 hours.

#8. Don’t bathe for twenty

Don’t take bath for 24 hours. It is good to bathe just before the mehendi is applied. You should stop your mehendi from being wet.

#9. Apply Vaseline

When you finally have a wash as you cannot stop yourself from water for longer, do apply Vaseline on all over your design. Or apply petroleum jelly in order protect your mehendi and keep it longer.

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