Cleaning Suede Shoes Home Remedies

cleaning suede shoes home remedies

What is the best thing to clean suede shoes?

Getting a pair of suede shoes is a good deal to any buyer. This kind of shoes are known for their top notch materials and style that sets them apart from the rest. Having this pair of shoes is a privilege to anyone that is why it is important to take care of them in order to preserve their style and condition.

There are different techniques on how to take care of your suede shoes but all takes a careful attention because of the delicate materials that complement their porous surface and pleasant texture. Letting a trusted shoe professional like Nushoe Inc. could help you with the proper cleaning and maintenance methods. As a matter of fact, as one of the leading shoe renewal shops in San Diego CA, they have catered thousands of customers since their inception. According to the site, “ we’ve repaired more than 3,000,000 pairs of shoes since 1994”,

Aside from entrusting your suede shoes from a reliable cobbler, you could also clean them on  a regular basis at home as long as you know the right techniques on how to do it.

Keep them Dry before Cleaning

Keeping the surface dry before applying any cleaning material is one of the key ingredients in making your shoes well cleaned and maintained without getting any damage.

If you will not let your pair of suede shoes completely dry inside and out, there is a great chance that you will only spreading the dirt further on its surface than removing it.

Hold their Shape while Cleaning them

It is important to hold the shape of your shoes before start cleaning in order not to deform them in any way and it could also help in cleaning the hard to reach areas of your shoes.

The easiest and most perfect way to do this is to fill them with used and crumpled newspapers especially on the toe area.

Learn the Right Brush Stroke

Another helpful technique that you can do is to brush away the dirt and dust that you can find on the surface of your shoes using a soft nylon brush. You also need to make sure that you brush them carefully and with moderate pressure to avoid damaging it fibers.

Together with the right brush, you also need to clean your suede shoes following the direction of its fibers not going against it.

Hard to Remove Stains

For hard to remove scuff marks and blemishes, you can use a rubber cleaning stone or suede eraser but be sure to brush it again using a nylon brush in order to put back any gaps between its fibers after a harsh treatment.

Emery boards could also help in removing tough stains. To make them easier to clean using this board, you can steam the affected area with an iron in order to open their pores right before you clean them.

Use Water and Stain Protector

We all know that water and snow are not good news for your suede shoes as they can easily cause damage and discoloration on your luxury piece.

In order to avoid water from penetrating your suede shoes, choose a good brand of water and stain protector and spray them on before wearing.

Once you notice any sign of discoloration, you can use a shoe dye that is the same color and shade with your suede shoes. When buying the dye product, make sure that it is friendly to suede shoes as different type of shoe dyes can be found in stores.

If you already exhausted all your efforts just to remove stubborn stains but still nothing happened, asking the help of a shoe professional could be the next best step that you can do than to do excessive cleaning and brushing alone that could cause major damage on your favorite pair.

As a last reminder, wetness and moisture could be caused by various external elements. Although your suede shoes is your favorite pair anytime or any day of the year, it is highly recommended not to use them during rainy and winter season in order to keep them safe from water penetration.

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