Biofibre Synthetic Hair Transplant

Biofibre Synthetic Hair Transplant

Hair loss is prevalent among millions of people the world over and hair transplant is the best method to restore hair. The benefit of having hair transplant done outweighs the advantages of opting for different alternative methods of hair restoration. There are many forms of hair transplant, some have been discouraged and omitted by the professionals while some methods have been approved by them for use. Many clinics in India offer biofibre synthetic hair transplant. Nowadays India has emerged as a hub for medical tourism and there is an influx of people who come to India for hair transplant surgeries. Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Jaipur are main cities which are offering world class hair transplantation facilities at affordable price. Among these cities, hair transplantation in Jaipur is mostly favored by Patients due to its superior result and competitive price.

The methods of transplant which have been discouraged are ones that leave behind unnatural look on the patients who opted for them. Adverse side effectsare left by many methods which may lead to having the transplant done in the same area again and again if it is not handled appropriately.

Biofibre synthetic hair transplant acts as a replacement for normal hair and artificial hair are implanted into the human scalp. There are large numbers of clinics around the world that provide this system of hair transplant. To perform this operation there are trained doctors who are skilled and expert in doing so. The interesting part of this type of hair transplant is that it makes you look younger and it boosts a robust lifestyle in sports. The artificial hair which is transplanted looks very natural. A full thickness of hair is provided by the implants but they do not grow. You cannot change the color or the wave of the hair. It is necessary to maintain the implants, correct procedure has to be used to wash and dry your hair. Depending upon the preference of the individual, the hairline and the full head of hair can be done all at once or gradually. It is possible to mixthe natural hair with the artificial transplanted hair.


The color and length of the hair is determined by the patient’s preference and the texture of the remaining hair on the scalp.

During the commencement of the procedure to check for any possible reaction around 100 biofibres are placed on the bald area. When no reaction is found after one week then the remaining fibres are transplanted in one session on the bald area under anesthesia. Immediately after the procedure the patient is able to continue with his/her daily activities since no downtime is involved. 

Hair Transplant Synthetic

People who are eager to solve their problems regarding baldness opt for this method. The surgery is safe and efficient and it provides instant aesthetic results which are long lasting.


  • Within a short period of time, high density of hair is offered in this method and it gives immediate cosmetic results and natural look. This method saves the patient from psychological and physical torture which may come with other types of methods.
  • The aesthetic requirements are met with biofibre synthetic hair transplant as the artificial hair is not detectable to the natural hair. They are available in the variations of 21 colors with varying lengths that can be used in different styles such as wavy, straight and curly.
  • It is a simple procedure and immediately after the transplant the person can engage in sports activities.
  • For those who opt for this method, the thickening of hair is gradual and progressive.
  • This method is affordable.
  • This type of procedure is not a burden to the patient as high maintenance is not required.
  • The hair transplant is not binding as the procedure can be performed or stopped when the patient feels appropriate. The transplant can be singly performed or in connection with other medical and surgical treatment.
  • It is recommended to people with scarring alopecia and androgenetic alopecia.

Requirements for maintenance

To maintain the biofibre after the transplant a strict program has to be followed.

  • The health facility where the transplant is done will provide a special product which has to be used to clean the scalp gently in every one or two days.
  • For checking the progress the patient has to go for check-up at the biofibre clinic every 30to 90 days.

The maintenance procedure has to be followed in order to maintain a healthy and clean scalp as the scalp can be affected with ailments which can affect the entire head and also the hair. The person should be sure of the procedure before opting for it. Since males sweat more on their scalp than the women, they are the ones who will be affected more if they do not follow the procedure for correct maintenance.


Biofibre synthetic hair transplant has some limitations despite its positive and generous outcome.

  • To maintain the aesthetic result which was achieved, small re-implants are required.
  • To prevent the scalp from infections, high hygiene levels must be maintained.
  • This method cannot be performed on patients who developed a reaction after the test transplant. Patients who are suffering from other scalp ailments are also not fit for this method.

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