8 Acupressure Points that Will Reduce Your Stress

Acupressure Points that Will Reduce Your Stress

Modern lifestyle and latest techniques has made our life easier but on the other hand, it increased our stress, anxiety and tension. Previously, people had less technologies and less tension while at the present time, people have all kinds of technologies but they have to face lots of pressure and stress.

What are the reasons for Stress?

Today’s mostly work is computer centric and every person has to sit almost eight to night hours in front of screen which will affect eyes, spinal column and brain. The people who have to sit on their desk glued to screen usually complain about the stiffness in back, neck and shoulder as well as headache is a common issue among the working people. These problems are faced when work pressure is at its peak. The pressure becomes high when you have to complete your office work while completing the commitment of family members’ work, paying bills and complete all work within a deadline, it will create an immune pressure on your mind which lead to the stress and tension.

What is the Problems Caused by Stress?

If a person is in stress then he or she has to face lots of problems that include chest pain, insomnia, high diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, depression and so on. But if you want to reduce your stress then you can do several things like meditation, yoga, several kinds of exercise, eating superfoods, take help of some therapies and acupressure.

These practices will heal our all problems and reduce your stress less in an efficient manner.

1. Scalp

Scalp has various pressure points and most of them will reduce your stress positively and effectively. If you want to reduce your stress when you are in office then you can follow this process. For this you have to sit on your desk then bend towards back, after that use two fingers to pressurize the point where neck and skull meets. Massage that point for at least 20 minutes, it will definitely reduce the stress. Most of the stress collect on neck and muscle throughout a day, if you want to avoid that stress then massage on that point it will relieve you a lot.

2. Foot

If you want to reduce your stress effectively as well as provide the better attention to the bodies. The location of this point is at the centre of the foot. If you pressured on this point that will ease the stress mind and make your mind active to think positive by reducing the stress. Foot pressure point is the best meridian for treating the stress and pancreas.

3. Palm

Palm is considered as the most important energy channel that affects the liver, pancreas and heart. When you press the accurate spot on the palm then you feel that your stress is evaporating. Applying pressure on palm is highly effective and it treats the stomach pain, headache, insomnia, digestion and other symptoms of stress.

4. Stomach

Stomach is a responsive part of our body as well as it is very important to apply pressure on a correct point because wrong pressure on a certain point which will lead to stomach pain or other problems. Many people use this point of stomach to create the movements that liberates the chest and diaphragm which will enhance the breathing process. The people who take this treatment on regular basis will be able to take deeper breathe instinctively and relief you from the stress.

5. Ear

Ear is considered as one a stress relieving point in our body. The pressure point of ear is also called as The Spirit Gate (Shen Men). This pressure point will reduce the inflammation as well as pain throughout the body. It would be recommended, if you apply pressure on this spot with ear-buds or with a pen, while applying the pressure or doing massage, breathe slowly. It will reduce the stress effectively.

6. Chest

Stress causes the several negative impacts on our body. The pressure point on chest will reduce stress and remind you to breathe normally. Use one finger to tap rhythmically on a certain area or use three fingers to massage a particular point on the chest while taking deep breathe.

7. Outer Gate

It is a best acupressure point to reduce stress as well as to support the immune system. This point is positioned at the back side of your arm. It is mainly located on the three fingers width above the wrist as well as it is between the two tendons. Massage on a particular point will support the immune system plus boost the energy flow through the body.

8. Union Valley

It is another acupressure point that will reduce the stress effectively. Union valley is a point which is positioned in the webbing between the index finger & thumb. Stimulating the union valley point in a proper manner will help in reducing the stress and muscle tension. It is an effective acupressure point that efficiently reduce the stress in a natural manner and in less time, you will feel relax.

These are the 8 acupressure point that will reduce the stress.  While doing acupressure, you have to be in comfortable position and most importantly, you should have to focus on deep breathing. You have to do massage or should have to apply pressure or motions on a particular point for several minutes. When you apply up and down motions on an acupressure point for several minutes then instantly you will feel that you are relaxed now and your stress level is low.

Anyone can perform these activities while sitting on the desk and reduce their stress level in an effective manner. With these acupressure points, you can also incorporate some Superfoods, exercises and meditation in your daily routine. It will lessen your stress level, anxiety and tension in a very natural manner. It is also recommended to you to perform these activities under the guidance of professional because massage on wrong point will lead you to some other problem.

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