5 Mistakes You Need To Avoid For Great Looking Skin

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How to Take Care of Your Skin?

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(Skin Care Treatments)

With so many skincare products out there, it is common for you to hear advice like ‘this can give you radiant skin’ or ‘quit doing that, try doing this for better skin health’. The thing is, such advice is dime-a-dozen and you need the facts about what you should or shouldn’t do.

Now once you are aware of the huge skincare mistakes to avoid, figuring out the rest will be something that’s quite easy and comes naturally to you.

These are some skincare mistakes people commit today. You need to try and rectify them before they cause harm to your skin as well as personality.

Common Skincare Mistakes

#1.  Going For Anti-Aging Skincare Products

One of the biggest concerns that are common for people of all skin types and shared all around the world is aging. Surprisingly, even men have become conscious of this concept. Most experts feel that this is because of the excessive obsession people have with being young, and bottling their youthfulness.

There are various kinds of anti-aging skincare products available, and even many skincare specialists vouch that there are many normal skincare merchandises which are not sold as anti-aging creams but have the similar properties of one.

It is funny to see people use anti-aging creams before they need them. Just think of it as being at school, where your teacher instructs you on what to do, and you end up doing it most of the time. However, later you learn to do things by yourselves, and you become a fully winged bird ready to fly and become independent.

anti aging skin care products


Anti-aging skin care products are similar to it. It is just like inviting the old school teacher into your life. Basically, anti-aging skincare procedures instruct your skin to do things which are not necessary for the moment.

And since your skin is still active and young, you don’t need this teacher (i.e. your skincare products). Avoid making this skincare mistake by using this preventive measure only when you reach the 40s.

#2.  Adding And Mixing A Lot Of Active Skincare Products

Sometimes you need to pull out the ‘less is more’ rule out of the bag. There are certain skincare products designed to be used anytime, some during the day or night, and others which are treatment type that you shouldn’t mix with other skincare items.

To fix your skin, there are various skin care treatments you need to employ containing active ingredients like salicylic acid (which is used for exfoliating and spot fighting), retinol (vitamin A), vitamin C (used for making collagen and building skin), and other skincare necessities.

One thing you need to realize is that skincare products contain a variety of active ingredients. Every little bit of the same thing adds up and can lead to overdose issues. For example, if you use a cream containing Vitamin A and exfoliator, then it is dangerous.

Both the products encourage the skin to exfoliate. Now sometimes these ingredients don’t go well with each other, and they could be a tug-of-war which can result in damaging your skin.

#3.  Washing The Skin A Lot

This is one of the biggest mistakes people keep doing. Washing your face and skin too much is not good and you need to stay away from the ‘squeaky clean’ feeling that you get after washing.

wash your face

(Washing The Skin)

This can do more harm than good and you need to stop it before it damages your skin. There are two reasons for it. The first one is that your skin is slightly acidic, somewhere in the ballpark of being pH 4.2-5.5. And water, well it is not acidic. It is neutral and is pH 7. So, it will not gel well with the pH level of your natural skin.

Another reason is – washing sometimes removes the necessary oil from your skin. Your skin needs the protective oil layer to avoid aging. This oil prevents the water from leaving your skin and protects the skin from bacteria. Certain shower gels and face washes have ingredients (like SLS and surfactants) which harm and destroy your skin.

#4.  Forgetting Your Diet

Your skin is like a baby that your body is constantly giving birth to, but without going through the labor pains. Since the skin is made by the awesome powerhouse called body, it needs fuel to recharge. No doubt, ignoring your diet is one huge mistake.

Do you know that some of the extreme skincare conditions are caused due to unbalanced diet? Your skin can get damaged when it lacks certain vitamins.

(Healthy Diet For Skin)

For example, in the olden days, sailors spending months at the sea, used to suffer from scurvy. The reason was they consumed stored and preserved food which lacked vitamin C. And back in those days, people were not aware of the simple solution of having a lemon to counter-attack this skin disease.

#5.  Never Moisturizing After A Bath Or Shower

This is a common mistake which people who love a good old soak in the bath or hot shower do. They never moisturize their skin after cleansing.

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Water and heat can make the skin dry as well as irritate it. And you need to ensure that your skin is hydrated and free from aging. For that, you need to moisturize the skin whenever it is necessary. So as soon as you step out of your hot shower or spa-like tub, go ahead and moisturize your skin.

Wrapping Up

Your skin is the most vital organ of your body, and you need to take proper care of it. The most visible area of the skin is your face, and you don’t need a pile of cash for purchasing miracle products to have a healthy and clear skin.

However, you do need to have some good skincare habits and it’s not too late to develop some. By following the tips given in this article, you can avoid all kinds of skin problems, get radiant and clear skin and also delay the signs of aging.

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