Mistakes Most Women Make When Buying Makeup – And How to Avoid It

Mistakes that Most Women Make When Buying Makeup

11 Major Mistakes to Avoid When You Buy Makeup

Some of us can’t leave the house without a full face, while others are happy with a simple lash of mascara and a colored lip. Wherever your preference lies, one thing we all have in common is that we use makeup to enhance the best features on our face, so we can look like our best version of ourselves whether we are heading to work or going out for a special occasion.

This said, buying the right makeup is essential for us to achieve the best face every time. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on makeup to do this but you should avoid the following eleven mistakes to get your makeup act together.

1. Don’t just buy any lipstick

Lipstick buying should be left to makeup stores and not drug stores. Your lip is a huge feature on your face so allow a professional to try loads of colors on your face for you to pick the best one.

2. Buying foundation is not a law

Some women tend to go with the flow when buying makeup like foundation but if you have a great complexion you really don’t need to apply foundation, even if the sales woman is telling you so. If you love your face as it is, then don’t feel pressured to add another layer to it.

3. Testing colors on your hands

Look well at your face and the palm of your hands and you will realize that they are not exactly the same color, so trying colors on your hand that will be applied to your face is not the way to see what’s best for you.

4. Skimping on mascara

While you can get away with buying cheaper eye shadows and other products, investing in a great mascara is essential to opening up your lashes and giving your face that fresh faced look.

5. Buying lip liner

Unless you plan to wear bold bright lipstick colors, then you really don’t need that lip liner.

6. Not buying brushes

Investing in a slew of makeup products is great but if you don’t buy the right brushes for application then your face will suffer. Some brushes you can live without, while others are essential.

7. Dismissing reviews

There are so many beauty bloggers out there these days and the best part is that they buy makeup and review it so you can know exactly what you are buying. Take the time and do some research.

8. Darker shades

Never underestimate the color of a foundation. If it is in a darker shade than your skin, it will show and not look pretty so buying the right shade of foundation, preferably by seeing the color in natural light is the best way to figure out your shade.

9. Be mindful of the seasons

Buying the same shade of foundation in winter as the one you did in summer is another mistake you could be making. Remember that you are always going to be slightly more tanned in summer than in winter.

10. Buying in bulk

Buying big bottles and stacks of eye shadows means that they will probably remain in your drawers for longer and since it’s best to throw makeup away after a maximum of two years (depending on the product in question), then it’s better to buy smaller and fewer products.

11. Forgetting the moisturizer

No matter how expensive your makeup may be and regardless of how many brushes you have, if your face is not well moisturized, your makeup won’t come out as best as it can look. Don’t forget to buy a moisturizer!

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