Best Natural Homemade Tips to get Black Hair

Do you have grey hair or white hair? If yes, then it would be quite embarrassing as well as it is also not pleased by the other people. The people who have white or grey hair always face the trouble and on the other hand, people crack jokes on them or called them old. To avoid all comments, people try dyes which are available in the market but dyes contained chemical which will affect the hair and cost a fortune.

Premature grey hair is a common problem for men and women; it is because of their modern lifestyle. The reason behind the grey hair or white hair are exposure to pollution or air, natural chemical change in our body, genetic, stress, worry and much more. Lots of shampoos, lotions and dyes are available for the white hair but it will harm our skin and damage the hair. Herbal or home remedies are the perfect choice to get black hair as well as it will not damage the hair and never harm the skin.

Do You Want To Look Young?

Everyone has a desire to look young but white hairs would be an obstacle. Have you tried chemical contained dye? If yes, then you are worried about its adverse reaction. Hence no need to worry because there are some effective home remedies that are definitely helpful to get rid from the white hairs. Have you tried any home remedy to get black hair? If no, then you must have to try below home remedies. Homemade stuffs are completely safe, effective and it will not have any side effects.

If you want to look young and your white or grey hair is main obstacle, then by trying these remedies you will look young and desirable. Most of us always look for the thick and black hair but in a natural way. Thus, home remedies will prevent the premature of white hair and develop thick, healthy and black hair.

Here are the Best Natural Homemade Tips to Get Black Hair:

1.  Onion Paste –

Onion paste is really effective to treat white hair. To achieve a desired result, you should have to apply the onion paste in your scalp, rub it gently and leave for some time to get it dried. In few days, white or grey hair will turn into black hair. To achieve a desired result, you must have to apply onion paste on your scalp daily.

2.  Lemon Juice and Gooseberry –

Gooseberry is also known as Amla and Amla is beneficial for hair problems. To get black hair, you have to mix gooseberry powder and lemon juice, then apply that mixture on your hair and scalp. For the best result, you must have to apply the mixture of gooseberry powder and lemon juice on daily basis and in few days you will be able to see result.

3.  Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice –

If you want to turn your white hair or grey hair into black, then massage your scalp and hair with a mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice. It is a very effective remedy which will definitely deliver the positive result. To achieve a desired result in less time then you must have to apply the mixture of oil (coconut) with lemon juice on daily basis. It will definitely treat your white or grey hair problem and give you a healthy, shiny and thick hair.

4.  Carrot Juice –

If you want rid from white hair then drink a glass of carrot juice daily, carrot juice is very healthy for overall health as well as delicious in taste. It will also keep your hair healthy, thick and strong. Carrot juice has no side effects, so you can drink carrot juice as much you want. Most importantly, carrot juice can be easily prepared at home.

5.  Almond Oil & Sesame Seeds –

Grind sesame seeds and blend it with almond oil then apply that mixture on your scalp. Apply the mixture of almond oil and sesame seeds for few weeks to get black hair. This solution is really effective and workable, with the use of this solution; you will get rid from the problem of white hair. When you prepare the solution, ensure that sesame seed are grind it properly. Once you apply the oil with sesame seeds powder then leave it for at least half hour, then wash your hair with normal water.

6.  Orange Juice –

To get thick and black hair, you should have to drink orange juice. Oranges has the nutrients that will help you to get black hair naturally. To prepare a mixture you have to mash orange pulp and mix it with amla powder. Apply this mixture on your scalp and hair and leave it for sometime. Apply this mixture for few weeks to see the effective result.

7.  Ghee, Amla and Mullethi –

You have to prepare the mask with the combination of ghee, amla and mulllethi. For making mask, you need 1 KG pure ghee, 250 Gms of mullethi and 1 kg amla juice. Mix all together and heat it till the water evaporates then store that mixture in a container of glass. Wash your hair daily with this mask and you will find the very effective outcome and you will get the black colour hair.

8.  Curry Leaves and Coconut Oil –

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