Foot Care Tips for Patients with Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease which can be a dangerous if it is not properly taken care of some factors like high blood pressure, increasing cholesterol level, physically not active due to obesity or overweight, heart disease, frequent smoking and drinking. However this disease is somehow treatable, but due to this, increasing of blood glucose level may sometimes affect our nerves system in hands and feet.

It is found that people generally take care of their hands, but often they ignore their feet. But taking care of your feet not only makes them beautiful but also makes them free from sore and painful. Since, high blood pressure with the laziness of diabetes may damage the nerves of the feet. So, it is must to care your feet before it causes foot infections. Otherwise, this may affect your 5 senses and creates disabilities, physical problems and even nerve injuries too.

Thereby, if you have diabetes, you must need to manage your blood glucose levels tracking with diabetes care instrument and taking a proper balanced diet accordingly. Doing this you can lower the chances of diabetes complications which causes the nerves damage in hands and feet.

Foot care tips for patients with diabetes

People with diabetes may apply below some foot care tips given to prevent their feet from getting nerve damages:

  1. Check your feet daily: While some problems like sores, cuts, swelling, red spots, infected in your toenails, etc. might occur in your feet, what you should not to ignore about. You must check your feet daily whenever you take off your shoes or slippers.
  1. Clean your feet properly with warm water not hot water: Before you taking a bath or shower, let your feet soak at least for 5 minutes into the lukewarm water in order to clean your feet properly. Make sure the water is not extreme hot, but warm adjusted to your comfort. You also can test the temperature of water with your hand first.
  1. Apply some lotion or cream in your feet: After getting bathed or washed your feet, you may apply some lotion or cream like petroleum jelly in your feet and in between your toes to make them soft and smooth.
  1. Do never walk on barefoot: Either you are indoors or outside, do never walk on barefoot. Because walking with bare-feet may sometimes hurt your feet that you would not able to feel the pain. So, you can wear cushion shoes or slippers to make a better enhancement of blood circulation in your feet. It provides your feet an excellent heat conductivity and reduces perspiration.

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