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best watercolour tattoo

tattoo artist

Tattoo has become one of the trendy additions of today’s lifestyle. From youngsters to adults, from men to women, people have accepted this art form with open arms across the globe. It has crossed all the way to acquire perfection of modern times. There are a lot of different styles of tattoos practiced all over the world. Many countries consider it as an expression of art. Water color tattoos have achieved great success in recent years. They can instantly enhance the look and style that you have. So, if you want best water color tattoos, you must rely on professional tattoo artists.

Important Features of Water Color Tattoos –

Water color tattoo has recently been applauded and largely appreciated in many places due to its uniqueness and elegance. It is so flawless in design and style that it looks like painting on the skin. The artists do not use specific inks or tools to create water color tattoos on your body. They use their artistic techniques to meet your demand and desire. This specific feature makes it different from the tattoos created through typical tattoo techniques. So, if you are a fanatic tattoo lover, you can go for water color tattoos to experience something new.

Here is a quick list of Some Important Features of Best Water Color Tattoos. 

  • They are normal tattoos that are designed expertly to get the appearance of water color.
  • They come with a layered, light and brushed appearance that make them more interesting and outstanding.
  • They range from complete water color paintings to tinted splotches on the skin.
  • They utilize black color wherever it is required but not for outlining the tattoos.
  • They are created by using advanced tattoo techniques such as bleeds, splatters, blurs, shades, fades and runs.
  • Typically they focus on subjects like birds, flowers, feathers and different elements of nature.
  • They highlight uniqueness through wide brush strokes and gorgeous vistas.

There are a lot of other features of water color tattoos that can make you feel overwhelmed with joy and happiness. However, it is advisable to contact the best professional tattoo artists to get a better perception. 

Difference Between Traditional and Water Color Tattoos –

You may wonder how water color tattoos are different from the traditional ones. They are different from each other in terms of shading and coloring. You will come across a wide variety of colors and shades if you choose to create water color tattoos to create your distinct identity.

  1. The traditional tattoos are created with solid colors while the water color ones flaunt different levels of colors as seen in water color paintings.
  2. The tattoos using typical styles are outlined in black. But the water color tattoos use black ink to paint but do not include any black outline. Even without this black outline, they look extremely attractive.
  3. Since the water color tattoos do not use black ink, they do not last for long in compared to traditional tattoos. Black ink is not just darker but also thicker.
  4. Ink saturation is an important part of traditional tattoos. Generally, the color areas are saturated with ink by the artists. However, water color tattoos need subtle shading with less ink saturation.

Since water color tattoos tend to quickly fade away, the artists recommend regular touching up tattoos. 

Some Popular Water Color Tattoo Designs –

watercolor tattoo designs

Water color tattoos are indeed a wonderful form of art. Some popular designs are:

  1. Feather water color tattoos
  2. Water color tattoos
  3. Wolf water color tattoos
  4. Floral water color tattoos
  5. Water color tattoos
  6. Butterfly water color tattoos
  7. Fish water color tattoos

So, you must choose the best water color tattoos that can heighten your personality in a brilliant way.

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Fashion tips

Best Fashion Tips and Advice for Musicians

One of the most important things that all successful musicians around the globe have in common is a great attention for fashion. As far as the musicians are concerned, fashion and style is as important as their music. A lot of people observe musicians closely everyday and therefore, they should maintain good fashion habits. Most of the musicians’ especially female musicians focus more on their fashion and their dress codes when they are in public.

All successful musicians used to make their mark by either being great stylish or very simple in their fashion or style. There are many people who imitate musicians’ life style, fashion and style. Media and a good number of people are focused on evaluating and judging whatever a musician wears. If a musician is famous, whatever he wears becomes popular. Hence, musicians have got to think about their fashion styles and apply their own mark in fashion. Following are some of the best fashion tips and advises that can be very useful for Musicians:

Go for Fashion that Suit Your Image

One of the important things that the musicians should consider when they go for choosing a fashion or style is their image. Obviously, every musician has their own image in the public and they don’t destroy their image by choosing a poor fashion or affects their image poorly. Musicians don’t underrate the power of a solid and trademark style. Before you select a too predictable fashion or poor style, you should remember that your fashion and style can be key to drive you on to the further level.

Be Creative

Musicians are indeed very busy with their music life and they may not get ample time to choose a good fashion. However, since musicians have several different music concerts every year, they will definitely get diverse chances to be creative with their wardrobe and style. Fans will in fact remember what their preferred musicians wear, and may even imitate your wardrobe and fashion.

Reflect Your Individuality

Every musician has to opt for a style that reflects their individuality. Being a musician gives you the freedom to play with your attire and fashion. Musicians can make use of fashion and style to embody both your music and onstage personality. They can exploit what the fashion industry has to offer. You should seek to create a style and image that is strong, effective, influencing both the public and your careers, and notably, reflect+ your individuality.

Enjoy Your Excitement

Musicians should never lose their excitement on fashion and take pleasure in the beauty of fashion. Once you start to take pleasure in the beauty of fashion, you will be able to understand the power of color, structure and varieties of style. Musicians are not generally fashion experts and therefore, they have to create a mind that always aspires to know more about fashion and its new offerings.

 Observe Others

Musicians have to look around them in order to understand what trends are happening in the fashion industry. Obviously, knowledge about fashion and its new trends are invaluable for the musicians to create an image of their own. Fashion has a sense of individuality. Musicians can easily find their personality in fashion field once they gain knowledge and start to observe others and their new styles. Fashion trends always come from nothing and therefore, observe others to find your individuality in fashion.

Go through Social Media

In the present day, going through social media is important for the musicians to know about fashion, styles and new trends in this field. Fashion designers, fashion experts and other professionals in the field of fashion used to update their new creative fashion items in social media platforms. So, if the musicians get through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they will be able to realize the new fashion trends and apply it to their real life.

Find a Fashion Expert

A lot of famous musicians hire fashion experts to aid them to create their unique image in fashion area.  Finding a fashion expert will let you to form your own style and individuality in fashion. However, musicians itself can become a great visionary in fashion by means of observing others and understand what makes them stand out from the rest of the people.

Choose and Buy Right Clothes

Musicians can improve their fashion through choosing and buying right clothes. Avoid clothing that wrinkles easily and looks too casual. So, opt for attire that look stylish, formal, and elegant and look well for you.

Go for Comfortable Fashion

You should not go for fashion or styles that are not comfortable for you. Performing with uncomfortable styles, dress, shoes, etc in fact makes way for bad image. Wear something more relaxing and flexible to you. Buy clothing that is more on the formal side, but still fashionable.

Find a Good Hair Style

Musicians have to find their perfect hairstyle because having great hair is a must. It looks so bad if your hair is old-fashioned. Keep in mind that having an ideal hair style and dress code add to your overall professionalism.

Dress Up Your Age and Body Type

The fashion or style that you apply should match your age and body type. Whether you are young or old, it’s imperative for the musicians to attract their audience by being fashionable but your fashion should not form a poor attention.

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rocking girls

Ladies Night Out

If you’ve done nothing but work, work, work… You might be close to suffering a burnout. There’s no better way to unwind than chilling with your gal pals! A ladies night out is just the thing you need to beat out the stress in your life. This can be extra helpful too if you’re going through a rough patch in your romantic relationship.

Without further ado, here are the things you mustn’t forget for that much-needed girl’s night out!

1.  Your Killer Outfit –

Have you ever dreamed of being a sexy Cinderella for just one night, where you get to play dress up and go a little bit wild? A girl’s night out is a great excuse to just go all out with your makeup and dress. It’s like playing a modern day dress-up with your girlfriends! As a tip, try to pick one that isn’t prone to wardrobe mishaps

night out outfits

Photo by

2.  Your Sexy High Heels –

Ah, the ultimate price of beauty! Remember those really hot pair of heels in your closet you may or may not have purposely forgotten to wear because they’re such a pain to walk in? There’s no other time to bring it out but now! Make those legs stand out and walk the walk with that pair of high heels. The pain will be worth it—especially the feeling of relief when you chuck it off AFTER the long night.

heels night out

Photo by Shutterstock

3.  Non-Smudge Lipstick –

Don’t want to worry about constantly reapplying product to your lips?The latest matte lipstick craze is onto something—they look great.

non smudge lipstick

Photo by ThLipstickMakeUp.Institute

4.  Mascara That Won’t Run –

Let’s be real. Sometimes, the tears just start flowing when you’re out with your girls. You’ll need waterproof mascara for that. Whether it’s because of sadness or joy, you just want to look good doing it.

night out mascara

Photo by

5.  Your Selfie Game –

There’s no better way to say #SquadGoals but through a really awesome group selfie!

selfie game

Photo by


6.  A Cocktail to Remember –

Get the party started with the luscious Fountain of Youth, which is a mixture of vodka, pomegranate juice and sliced ginger.

cocktail night out

Photo by

7.  Dance Moves –

It’s time to channel your inner Queen Bey! It’s completely fine to let loose because your girls got your back!

dance moves night club

Photo by

8.  Breath Freshener –

Whether it’s for the hot guy giving you the eye or for that shot of tequila you just downed. If you forgot to pack some breath mints, for first aid, you can munch on the mint leaves on your cocktail.

breath freshener

 Photo by Shutterstock

9.  Toner spray & Loose Powder –

There IS a way to look fresh even if you already feel wasted. With these two handy items, you can handle it despite feeling tipsy. How to do it? MakeUp artist Eva Scrivo’s tip is to lightly mist your face with the toner spray, and then pat with soft tissue. For a velvety finish, simply dust your face with loose powder.

toner spray for face

Photo by Shutterstock

10.  Your BFFs –

And of course, there’s no better way to spend your night but with your most-trusted besties.

What are you waiting for? De-stress and plan a night out with your girls. Who knows? This girl’s night out may just be the best one of your life!

best friends night out

Photo by Shutterstock

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ladies footwears

What does your choice of footwear say about you?

Some say that one’s eyes are a window to the soul. Those of us in the know, however, know that the real key to a person’s character lies at their feet…their shoes, to be specific. Whether you prefer heels or flats, boots or sandals, we know exactly what your footwear says about you.

#1.  Ballet Flats –

ballet flats


You have a classic and sweet style that translates over to your outgoing and kind personality. You’re the type of person who likes to always be ready for the next adventure, and you just can’t do that in heels! Still, you’re feminine to the core and channel your inner Grace Kelly well.

#2.  Slouchy Cowboy Boots –

slouchy cowboy boots


You’re a down-to-earth, old soul who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. At the same time, though, you like to keep an eye on current fashion trends, and you have perfected the smoky eye look. You’ve also got killer dance moves, and you aren’t afraid to show them off.

#3.  Flip Flops –

flip flops footwear


You are a laid-back, free-spirited person who likes to enjoy life to the fullest. You don’t want to waste a moment of your life tying laces or undoing buckles; you need a shoe as easy-going as you are! You’re never afraid to have a good time, and you’re always the life of the party.

#4.  Statement Sneakers –

statement sneakers


You are a motivated, driven person with an active lifestyle. You know what you want out of life, and everyone knows you’re going to get it. You, my friend, are a force to be reckoned with. And with your combination of practicality and trendy (sneaker) style, the world had better watch out.

#5.  Pumps –

When you walk into a room, all eyes are on you. You radiate confidence and classic glamour, and you make sure everyone knows it. You certainly don’t shy away from the spotlight, but you always keep it classy; bright red lipstick is your go-to look. And when you set your mind to something, you mean business.

pumps footwear


#6.  Barefoot –

barefoot footwear


Is it Coachella yet? You are an adventurous spirit and you love to travel. Whether you’re going rock climbing, learning to surf, or seeing your favorite band at a festival, you are always ready for what life will throw at you next. You’re a thoughtful, understanding person, and you know who you are.

#7.  Loafers –

loafers for women


You are an extremely creative type who pays meticulous attention to detail. You like things to be done right the first time, and you’re usually the one to do it. However, you also enjoy the simple things in life and try to savor each moment. You’ve watched more than one sunrise over a cup of coffee in your lifetime, and you have many more ahead of you.

#8.  Sandals –

Sandals for Women


Trendy, outgoing, and friendly, you can make anyone smile. You like to keep up with current trends, but not at the cost of your comfort! You are a DIY extraordinaire, and can change your own tires on your car. But you’ll do it while wearing perfectly executed winged eyeliner, because hey, why not?

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bridal trousseau

The Indian bride defies all stereotypes and her style and personality isn’t limited to the coy and conservative anymore. In fact the Indian bride is the perfect combination of brash and coy, outgoing and traditional and that is exactly what reflects in her sartorial choices. Having made this point, it is important to reiterate that the Indian bride puts much care in to putting together a bridal trousseau that reflects her fashion sensibilities and her personality and this is exactly why we have put together the best of trends and the must haves of bridal trousseau items for the Indian bride. Read further to know more.

Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry and accessories are an important part of the bridal trousseau of an Indian bride and this includes traditional gold and silver sets and contemporary diamond and platinum pieces.

#1.  Jadau Kundan Set

Jadau Kundan Set

The Jadau Kundan set is the highlight of bridal jewelry and an Indian bride is almost always bedecked in these elaborate jewelry sets. The Jadau Kundan set is best sourced from Jaipur or Hyderabad where skilled artisans put painstaking amounts of time in to creating elaborate bridal wear jewelry. 

#2.  Sita Haar

Sita Haar

The Sita Haar is a relatively simple traditional neckpiece that does not come with other matching accessories unlike the Jadau Kundan set. The Sita Haar is for those brides who prefer a subtle yet elegant look.

#3.  Choker Sets

Choker Sets

Stunning choker sets are the way to go if one is looking bridal jewelry minus the clutter. A great choker set should come with matching jhumka earrings and a exquisite Mang Tika. The choker set work best when paired with exquisite embellished and embroidered lehenga choli ensemble for the bride.

#4.  Kamarbandh


The Kamarbandh is a bejeweled chainlike belt worn across the waist by many Indian brides. This beautiful accessory serves the purpose of accessorizing the bare waist area when wearing a bridal saree or lehenga. The Kamarbandh is fashioned from precious and semi precious metals that form the chain that is incrusted with precious and semi precious stones.

#5.  Bajubandh


The bajubandh is a bracelet for the upper arm which is a must have for Indian bride. The beautiful bracelets are often created from precious and semi precious metals and encrusted with beautiful, perferably colored stones. The bajubandh is a traditional accessorie that is mainly worn by Indian brides. 

Ethnic Wear Must Haves For Your Wedding Trousseau

The Indian wedding is incomplete without the bride looking resplendent in beautiful traditional bridal wear ensembles. Read further to know more about the latest trends for bridal wear. Be informed and know exactly what to shop for when deciding upon your bridal trousseau.

#1.  Ombre Shade Sarees

Ombre Shade Sarees

The Ombre shade wedding saree is trending in a big way this year and is great bridal look. These designer sarees are dual or triple shaded where colors seamlessly merge in to each other. The colors are mostly pastel or vibrant shades. A pink and crimson ombre saree embellished with semi precious stones and fine embroidery would be the perfect bridal wear saree to add to your wedding trousseau.

#2.  Lehenga Choli Trends for Your Bridal Trousseau

Many young Indian women prefer the lehenga for bridal wear as opposed to the saree. Read further to know the latest lehenga trends to pick out the best lehenga for your bridal trousseau.

#3.  Neon Lehengas

Neon Lehengas

Your trousseau just got a whole lot of color with the neon lehenga trend. Lehengas in bright and vibrant neon shades like pink, red, orange and blue are all the rage this year with Indian brides. These ethnic ensembles with a contemporary twist are exactly what you are looking for if you are expecting a song and dance spectacle on your sangeet day.

#4.  Floral Lehengas

Floral Lehengas

Floral print lehengas are also trending in a big way for morning wear and are the perfect ultra feminine style statement to add to your bridal trousseau. These floral lehengas are also another good option for morning wear wedding ceremonies and festivities like the sangeet ceremony.

#5.  Pastel Shade Lehengas

Pastel shade lehengas are another great option for morning events during your wedding. Wear these pastel shade ensembles for your mehendi ceremony. The most sought after colors amongst these pastel shade lehengas range from canary yellow to elegant cream and ivory.

6.  Velvet Lehengas

Velvet Lehengas have been in trend for some time now and according to fashion pundits these high sheen fabrics will continue to be sought out for bridal wear ensembles. Velvet lehengas are perfect for evening wear and a velvet lehenga for your wedding reception is clearly the perfect choice.

Contemporary Bridal Wear Creations

It is a known fact that fashion is ever evolving and the same applies for ethnic bridal wear. Indian fashion designers are exclusively catering to the new age bride with bridal wear creations that combine the best of Indian and western fashion and trends. Read further to know more.

#1.  Lehenga Saree

Lehenga Saree

The lehenga saree is a new age bridal wear creation that perfectly combines the beauty and charm of the saree with the unmatched appeal of the lehenga. The bridal lehenga saree is exquisitely embroidered in gold, silver and jewel tones and is also embellished with semi precious stones, sequins and even mirror work for added appeal. The sheer fabric of the pallu perfectly completes this outfit.

#2.  Anarkali Gown

The Anarkali gown is an exquisite contemporary creation that takes the anarkali silhouette to create an exquisite bridal gown. The Anarkali gown is fitted at the bust and flares out downwards. The umbrella silhouette creates and exquisite gown that is trending as a bridal wear garment in a big way. The Anarkali gown is exquisitely embroidered and embellished as is the norm with Indian bridal wear. Zari, resham and zardosi are used to embroider the gown while embellishments in form semi precious stones, sequins and cut glass work are also used to add further appeal to this outfit. The Anarkali gown is the perfect bridal gown for an Indian girl.


Author Bio: Rahul Singh is an avid blogger with a keen interest in fashion and celebrity news. He also has other less superficial hobbies like science fiction and arts.

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long straight hairstyles

4 Great Tips on How You Can Keep Your Hair Straight all Day Long

It’s always been that way – girls with straight hair wish for curly hair and the girls with curly hair want it to be straight. However, if you’re the second one, I have a few excellent methods for you.

1.  Give Your Hair to Grow Up Little Longer

hairstyles for long hair

If you wish a great straight hair, it would be good for you to let your hair grow a little bit more longer. Short hair is a lot more likely to curl up compared to long hair. Furthermore, it is more difficult to keep short hair remain the style you wish it to be.

Remember to regular visits to a good hairdresser, at least one time in every 3 months, to do away with those deceased or split ends since they are one among the causes that your locks curls up. However, seek to maintain your locks as healthy as is possible, not just for the reason of straightening it, but also for the purpose of getting a beautiful, attractive and healthy locks straight or curled.

2.  Use of Hair Products

hair products

Purchase hair products which are branded as “smooth” ,  “sleek” ,  “straight”  or something similar. First, wash your locks with using a straightening shampoo and also apply conditioner always. When you wash your locks, dried up it a bit with a soft towel, however, don’t be very harsh. Employ some sort of hair straightening mousse, spray, gel or some other hair straightening item on moist hair.

Never brush your locks when it’s damp, though brushing may help it become straight, your locks is weakest while it’s moist and brushing harms it. It’s as well recommended that you use some heat protector as you’ll be revealing your locks next to heat.

3.  Flat Ironing and Blow Drying

. Flat Ironing and Blow Drying

Now you can decide to whether straighten your locks with a flat iron or to blow dry it, or even both. In the event blow drying, use a wide brush and straighten your locks like your hair stylist might do. Be careful not to switch the blow dryer on highest heat and also not to keep it too near to your locks.

In case you decide for using a flat iron, keep in mind that a good flat iron will cost you good money. You can check these best chi flat iron reviews. Make small parts of your locks and clip the rest of the locks with hair clippers to ensure that it doesn’t get into your way. Then progress from the root of your head to the end, making the hair parts nearest to your face last.

4.  Keeping it Straight

straight hair

Once you’ve made your locks straight, the plan is to ensure that it stays straight the entire day. This can be done best by using whether hairspray or much better a little dub of anti-frizz serum with silicone. Stay away from hot and moist places because they probably will make your locks curly once again.

Always keep these two things in your mind – firstly purchase good hair products. Straightening and flat ironing your locks in any other way will do lots of damage, which means you need top quality products to provide your hair the proper care it needs.

Secondly, as well as most important – give your locks a rest occasionally. You appear completely good with curls, and no problem how “in” straight locks is right now, do not damage your locks a lot and let it stay curly at times.

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Author Bio:

juliet jules

Hi, I am Juliet Jules, I write on topics related to women’s hair care and beauty. My effort to provide the most useful and trusted information for my reader. Currently, I am writing about best hair straightener reviews for women’s hair.

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natural ways to curly hair

Curly Hair Naturally Overnight

Most of the time, it happens that women or girls who have straight hair wants curly hair and the girls or women who have curly hair wants straight hair. Everyone wants something for their but without damaging it. Thus, it become very important to treat your hair very carefully as well as tries to perform such activities with your hair which is natural and safe. There are some natural techniques through which you can curl your hair naturally. The hot tools can dry your hair as well as you can face the problem of split ends.

How to Make Hair Curly Naturally Overnight?

Today’s world is completely depends upon the techniques but instead of that, most of the people are preferring home remedies or natural ways to solve their issues. Thus, one of them is how to make hair curly overnight naturally? There are many ways through which you can make your hair curly without damaging your hair. Some of the methods are describing below and you can try to get the better curls naturally.

The Headband Method:

  1. Wash your hair
  2. Make it dry
  3. Wear a stretchy headband over the crown, in the hippie style
  4. Take some part of your hair from the front side and tuck it into your headband
  5. Keep the hair little bit loose
  6. Now divide your hair in some section and follow the above process
  7. Keep your hair tucking until you finish your hair (or you reach to the back of the headband)
  8. After tucking all your hair, go to your bed and sleep
  9. When you wake up in the morning, take out your headband out
  10. Your hair will look curly and beautiful

The Sock Bun Method:

  1. If you want beautiful curly hairs then this method is amazing
  2. Make a ponytail
  3. Place a sock at the end of your hair
  4. Roll it up and over the sock
  5. Once it done, leave it
  6. Now you can sleep, it is easy to sleep with soak because it is soft and no need to use any clips
  7. When you wake up in the morning, remove sock from your hair. Now you have voluminous and curly hair

The “Beard” Method:

  1. Separate your hair in two parts
  2. Twist each and pull the twisted curls in front
  3. Keep them as two different curls
  4. Use a hair band to secure them or keep it in a proper manner
  5. Keep twisting the hair and loosely tie the two curls together at the bottom (it look like that you are wearing a beard)
  6. Now open your hair in the morning to get a lovely curly hairs

Paper Bag Curls Method:

  1. Cut the paper bag into stripes
  2. Wrap small part of your hair very tightly around every strip
  3. Tie the ends of strip together
  4. Repeat this process all around your head
  5. Open it in the morning to get wavy and curly hair

Twist & Pin Method:

  1. Get your hair wet
  2. You have to twist your hair quickly, before your hair get dries
  3. Divide your hair in several section
  4. Twist each section away from the face
  5. Pin the twisted hair up into a small knot
  6. If you want tighter curls then take small-small sections of your hair
  7. Or if you want loose curls then take large sections of hairs
  8. After completing the process, you can sleep and in morning open the pin to get curly hairs

Pin Curls Method:

Press 2 for  Hair Curly Naturally Overnight >>>

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tips to choose a wedding ring

Tips For Choosing Wedding Rings

Choosing the engagement ring is often a decision that lands on one person’s shoulders. When it comes to choosing the wedding rings, it’s often a team effort which takes some of the pressure off choosing. You’ll often have more time to consider your options, and you can think carefully about your tastes and requirements before committing to one wedding ring.

1. Buy the ring and wedding bands together

A spur of the moment engagement means the bride-to-be might have the opportunity to choose her own engagement ring. If this is the case, she might want to choose a wedding band to match. Nesting rings are a beautiful choice for creating a cohesive look. This obviously won’t be an option if she already has the engagement ring on her finger, but you might still be able to create a custom nesting ring using loose diamonds.

2. Give yourself plenty of time to choose

This is probably the most important piece of jewellery you will ever own, and you’ll be wearing it more than any other piece. Don’t rush the decision and end up with an wedding band that doesn’t suit your personality in a few years time. You should also try your chosen ring on a few times to make sure you have the correct fit. Your hands will swell when you’re warm, and they’ll shrink when you’re cold, so make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable when you try it on.

3. Keep your lifestyle in mind

If you have an active lifestyle, or if your job means you will have to take your ring off frequently, you will want to keep this in mind when choosing your wedding band. If you play a lot of sports or if you play an instrument, look for a style that is thin and rounded that sits flush with your hand. If you have a very physical job, look for a plain metal ring that doesn’t have any stones that could come loose and go missing. If you need something hard-wearing, titanium is the best option as it is very durable.

4. Set a budget

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the choices available, fall for the upsells, and eventually end up spending a lot more than you intended. Set a budget before you start looking and make sure you stick to it. There are countless beautiful designs available for a range of budgets, so if you shop around you should be able to find something in your price range that you’re happy with.

5. Don’t forget maintenance

Some materials will require more maintenance than others. If you opt for a ring with stones, this will require more work to keep it shiny than a plain wedding band. To keep a gold or platinum ring looking shiny, you simply need to buff it with a soft cloth.

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printed top and leggings

How To Boldly And Fearlessly Wear Prints

Summer is back, so it’s time to pack away your subdued fall and winter basics and have fun. This time of year calls for daringly expressive outfits—and there’s no better way to infuse creativity into your look than prints! Season after season, designers envision a kaleidoscope of prints and colors strewn together perfectly. However, creating mismatched outfits can have women looking like they dressed themselves by random. Read on for the best tips and tricks for fearlessly wearing prints this season!

Let Your Print Tell A Color Story

If you have a single printed piece, whether it’s a dress, jacket, or even leggings, you can easily let the print take the lead. Style the printed piece with complementary colors. As with the image above, this stylista incorporated floral leggings featuring a watercolor inspired palette with a sleeveless royal blue tunic that greatly complements the violet and magenta hues. To figure out which shades look great on you, learn about how color theory works in your wardrobe.

 1. Mix and Match

Mixing and matching prints is a delicate balance between a cohesive look and one that goes overboard. With that in mind, mixing prints can create vivid, runway-ready looks with a few pointers.

If you have a printed jacket, then style it with trousers or bottoms that complements the print with a similar color palette. For example, a striped jacket can be paired with striped pants or a skirt with thinner stripes. This creates a harmonious balance between two prints, while contributing to a visually stunning outfit.

Alternately, if you’re mixing two completely different prints with differing color palettes, treat one item as the focal piece, while using the more subtle print as a “neutral.” J.Crew’s creative director, Jenna Lyons, is no stranger to mixing and matching prints.

muted pinstripe shirt

Frequently, Jenna bravely wears bright green, floral silk trousers, and a muted pinstripe shirt.

2. Neutralize Them

For a casual day-to-day look with lashings of style, try pairing a bold, expressive statement piece with denim or a neutral color.

Take a vividly printed top and styled it with slick, slim-fitting jeans. The wash of your jeans can offer an aesthetically pleasing balance. Since some jeans are neither faded or overly dyed, they can act as a nice neutral that plays off of multiple mid-tones in the top.

3. Accessorize Away!

One of the easiest ways to style prints is with a truly complementary accessory that pulls together the whole look.

For the summer, printed maxi dresses are everywhere! Since maxi dresses create a long, slimming silhouette, prints make for an exciting twist on a versatile outfit that can go from day to night. For daytime activities, try styling a printed maxi dress with a wide belt to create a cinched waist that will immediately make your legs look longer.

printed maxi dress
For a flirtier evening look, try simple jewelry to accent the bold colors in your dress.

4. Have Fun With Your Look

Dressing yourself should be all about self expression. Even if you’re hesitant about prints or patterns, there’s a way to incorporate truly unique statement pieces into your look. With a few personalized, fashion-forward experiments, you’ll discover a whole new world of ensembles already in your closet.

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Author Bio:
Frankie Gold is a freelance fashion blogger based in Philadelphia. When she’s not writing about the latest runway styles and must-have trend pieces, she can be found at her favorite local boutiques and vintage stores scoping out new wardrobe treasures.

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Mistakes that Most Women Make When Buying Makeup

11 Mistakes Most Women Make When Buying Makeup – And How to Avoid It

Some of us can’t leave the house without a full face, while others are happy with a simple lash of mascara and a colored lip. Wherever your preference lies, one thing we all have in common is that we use makeup to enhance the best features on our face, so we can look like our best version of ourselves whether we are heading to work or going out for a special occasion.

This said, buying the right makeup is essential for us to achieve the best face every time. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on makeup to do this but you should avoid the following eleven mistakes to get your makeup act together.

1. Don’t just buy any lipstick

Lipstick buying should be left to makeup stores and not drug stores. Your lip is a huge feature on your face so allow a professional to try loads of colors on your face for you to pick the best one.

2. Buying foundation is not a law

Some women tend to go with the flow when buying makeup like foundation but if you have a great complexion you really don’t need to apply foundation, even if the sales woman is telling you so. If you love your face as it is, then don’t feel pressured to add another layer to it.

3. Testing colors on your hands

Look well at your face and the palm of your hands and you will realize that they are not exactly the same color, so trying colors on your hand that will be applied to your face is not the way to see what’s best for you.

4. Skimping on mascara

While you can get away with buying cheaper eye shadows and other products, investing in a great mascara is essential to opening up your lashes and giving your face that fresh faced look.

5. Buying lip liner

Unless you plan to wear bold bright lipstick colors, then you really don’t need that lip liner.

6. Not buying brushes

Investing in a slew of makeup products is great but if you don’t buy the right brushes for application then your face will suffer. Some brushes you can live without, while others are essential.

7. Dismissing reviews

There are so many beauty bloggers out there these days and the best part is that they buy makeup and review it so you can know exactly what you are buying. Take the time and do some research.

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Girl tattoo artist works
Girl tattoo artist works on a tattoo on a man's hand

Selecting the best tattoo shops in town to get inked

When you want to get a tattoo done, you have to know that choosing tattoo shops will be as important as the design. If it is your first time then getting some quick and reliable information on body art, tattoo designs, studios, and the artist will be important.

  1. There are many tattoo shops that are available in the market, but you must choose the best one according to the designs that you need. It will be better if the tattoo shops are expert in doing customized or combined designs as you instruct them to do.
  2. Hand-picked tattoo parlours, hand-designs and handmade tattoo shops are very different from those that design a tattoo using the latest techniques, so that you can decide about it accordingly.

Check the background and the profile of the tattoo artist:


  1. The first thing to start with is checking the profile of the artist. If they not readily give you access to the designs and the work that they have done then you can be sure that they are not all reliable. A photo album they give you should contain tattoos and designs on live skin. Ask the artist at the tattoo shops whether they can help you with the design that you want. It is important that they know what you want.
  2. Only if they can help you choosing them for your tattoo will be wise. Try to know whether they recognize the difficult parts of your tattoo or not.
  3. If they identify the tattoo properly you can be sure of hiring them.

Ensure about the safety and the sterilization process followed by the artist:


Check whether the artist follows sterilization process. Sterilizing all the tools and washings hands after every tattoo made will be very important. It is only then that cleanliness will be maintained. Also, check if the unit is regularly tested and is up to the mark.

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branded mascara

Tips to Choose Branded Mascara for Hot and Trendy Look

Mascara is a product that has the power to enhance the beauty of a woman’s eyes like no other makeup element out there. This cosmetic can make the lashes of the eyes shine with radiant light during a long night, but it can also create a dramatic, attractive looks that will have a strong, playful allure. All of this is equally possible with properly chosen mascara which can help anyone in attaining that hot and trendy look that is always desirable. Here are some crucial tips on who anyone can find the ideal branded mascara for their personal wants and needs.

Thickening/Volumizing Mascara:

This type of mascara is primarily used to provide a woman with a very seductive look, especially if it is combined with makeup which delivers the smoky eye effects. Volumizing and thickening formulas in principle provide the same advantages, so there is practically no difference between the two categories. Most often, these products come with a mascara at the one end and a primer on the other, which allows the users to get that hot look which will not be spoiled on a dance floor during an all-night club party. In this category, it is important to choose brands which offer this double end combo, but also those which provide a waterproof setup. By being resistant to water, the mascara will make sure that the makeup stays on even in damp conditions like night club full of condensation. An additional bonus is the presence of nurturing elements which allow the lashes to grow thicker while a person wears them.

Lengthening Mascara:

The perfect choice for all those women who desire to have long lashes which looks absolutely stunning, lengthening mascara will provide all that is needed for the same to happen. These products are ideals for women and girls who possess thick lashes and want to elongate them a bit, but also for those who desire a more neutral look that works well with their neutral eyeshadow. In this group, women can choose either a product that includes elements that help the elongating process of the eyelashes. Alternatively, they can go for mascara products which come with specialized brushes that will do wonders for the length of their lashes.

Color Mascara:

A lot of time, people tend to associate colored mascaras with teens and really young girls who do not take their makeup really seriously. But in reality, using these vibrant, trendy colors can be utilized by anyone who desires to attain a look that combines youthfulness and also serious, lasting beauty. At the same time, color mascara does not have to be green or pink, because it also comes in tones like navy blue, deep emerald green, blackened amethyst and burgundy red. All of these are ideal for brightening up any eye color, even for those women who otherwise place a lot more value on a traditional look.

Additionally, these colors can be used to enhance the natural shade of the woman’s eyes. For example, navy blue will go great with blue eyes. Similarly, burgundy will complement green or blue eyes while amethyst works great hazel and brown eye colors. In this group, starting with a darker color will allow the women who begin to use them to experiment with different possibilities. Then, when they feel more comfortable, they can gradually move into a more confident territory, and pick mascara types that not only provide a stunning color but also increase the volume of the lashes. Adding volume is always a great benefit, and many of these mascaras have plenty to go around.

With these tips on own to choose the ideal branded mascara for a hot and trendy look, any woman will be able to make her eyes shine like true diamonds.

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cleaning suede shoes home remedies

Proper Techniques When Cleaning Suede Shoes

Getting a pair of suede shoes is a good deal to any buyer. This kind of shoes are known for their top notch materials and style that sets them apart from the rest. Having this pair of shoes is a privilege to anyone that is why it is important to take care of them in order to preserve their style and condition.

There are different techniques on how to take care of your suede shoes but all takes a careful attention because of the delicate materials that complement their porous surface and pleasant texture. Letting a trusted shoe professional like Nushoe Inc. could help you with the proper cleaning and maintenance methods. As a matter of fact, as one of the leading shoe renewal shops in San Diego CA, they have catered thousands of customers since their inception. According to the site, “ we’ve repaired more than 3,000,000 pairs of shoes since 1994”,

Aside from entrusting your suede shoes from a reliable cobbler, you could also clean them on  a regular basis at home as long as you know the right techniques on how to do it.

Keep them Dry before Cleaning

Keeping the surface dry before applying any cleaning material is one of the key ingredients in making your shoes well cleaned and maintained without getting any damage.

If you will not let your pair of suede shoes completely dry inside and out, there is a great chance that you will only spreading the dirt further on its surface than removing it.

Hold their Shape while Cleaning them

It is important to hold the shape of your shoes before start cleaning in order not to deform them in any way and it could also help in cleaning the hard to reach areas of your shoes.

The easiest and most perfect way to do this is to fill them with used and crumpled newspapers especially on the toe area.

Learn the Right Brush Stroke

Another helpful technique that you can do is to brush away the dirt and dust that you can find on the surface of your shoes using a soft nylon brush. You also need to make sure that you brush them carefully and with moderate pressure to avoid damaging it fibers.

Together with the right brush, you also need to clean your suede shoes following the direction of its fibers not going against it.

Hard to Remove Stains

For hard to remove scuff marks and blemishes, you can use a rubber cleaning stone or suede eraser but be sure to brush it again using a nylon brush in order to put back any gaps between its fibers after a harsh treatment.

Emery boards could also help in removing tough stains. To make them easier to clean using this board, you can steam the affected area with an iron in order to open their pores right before you clean them.

Use Water and Stain Protector

We all know that water and snow are not good news for your suede shoes as they can easily cause damage and discoloration on your luxury piece.

In order to avoid water from penetrating your suede shoes, choose a good brand of water and stain protector and spray them on before wearing.

Once you notice any sign of discoloration, you can use a shoe dye that is the same color and shade with your suede shoes. When buying the dye product, make sure that it is friendly to suede shoes as different type of shoe dyes can be found in stores.

If you already exhausted all your efforts just to remove stubborn stains but still nothing happened, asking the help of a shoe professional could be the next best step that you can do than to do excessive cleaning and brushing alone that could cause major damage on your favorite pair.

As a last reminder, wetness and moisture could be caused by various external elements. Although your suede shoes is your favorite pair anytime or any day of the year, it is highly recommended not to use them during rainy and winter season in order to keep them safe from water penetration.

Daryl Clark

Daryl Clark has been assisting with online Marketing for 6 years. He has been managing online businesses for 17 years and is the owner of D. Clark Associates.

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benefits of yoga in daily life

Top 10 Benefits of Yoga in daily Life

Yoga comes from in India. In Ancient times Saints (Rishi Muni) had discovered wonderful Yoga. It’s the practice or discipline of physical, mental, and spiritual practice. The most well known yoga are Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. Yoga became popular as a system of physical exercise across the India as well as the Western world.

Yoga makes your body healthy with strong and flexible, glowing skin, peaceful mind, weigh loss, hair loss, control blood pressure whatever you may be looking it take cares of it. However, Yoga is not only about asanas (yoga poses), It’s more than that. it helps to make control body, mind and breath and thus calmer life, happier, harmony and more fulfilling.

Yoga has many benefits for health and life. some of the best benefits of yoga. Continue reading to learn secrets Benefits of yoga.

1. Stay Healthy and Fit

yoga for healthy life

Staying Healthy and fit becomes harder in today’s world. Our busy schedules makes our life hectic and we don’t get proper time to take care our health so we surrounds with various ailments. But with regular use of Yoga get rid of all several ailments and makes our body, mind and soul in balanced. Yoga creates our life peacefully, happier and smoother. Healthy body is not just the physically fitness, but its more than mentally and emotionally. As Sri Sri Ravi Shankar puts it,

“Yoga is not just doing some exercise, it is much more. It is to expand your awareness, sharpen your intellect and enhance your intuitive ability – in terms of how joyful, loving and enthusiastic you are.”

2. Weight loss

yoga for weight loss

Weight loss has common health issue in now days. Taking medication or home remedies works well to reduce obesity. However, Yoga on other hand has shows the same positive result. Sun Salutations (surya namaskar) and Kapal Bhati Pranayama are some ways to help lose weight with yoga. Moreover, with regular practice of yoga, Our body becomes more sensitive towards food our body asks for and when. It’s make the routine of our body and helps to control on weight management.

3. Stress relief

yoga for stress relief

Stress is harmful for health. We all do have some stress that may relate to health, job, personal issue. However Yoga can be a great way to get rid of stress. A few minutes of yoga postures, Pranayama and meditation daily can get away of stress.

4. Inner peace

yoga for inner peace

Today’s life is busy, we don’t have time. everything is in hurry. we need some moment of peace.

We all love to visit peaceful, serene spots, rich in natural beauty. Little do we realize that peace can be found right within us and we can take a mini-vacation to experience this any time of the day! Benefit from a small holiday every day with yoga and meditation. Yoga is also one of the best ways to calm a disturbed mind.

5. Improved immunity

yoga for immune system

Our system is completely smooth and perfect blend of the body , mind along our spirit. Any unwanted behavior in the body will affect in your mind. In the same way restlessness in mind will affect to your body. Different yoga pose massage our body’s parts and strengths body’s muscles.  Breathing techniques and meditation release stress and improve immunity.

6. Living with greater awareness

yoga for awareness


Our Mind never stops thinking, we are surrounded with bundles of thoughts. Our mind always rolling  from past to future and never stays in present.  Awareness mind gives you more focus to perform any task perfectly. Yoga and Pranayam helps to develop awareness mind and make it active.

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removal unwanted hair

Effective Natural Home Remedy Tips to Remove Unwanted Hair

Everyone, especially women, loves hair, but only on the head not everywhere on the body. The unwanted hair affects a perfect look of a person. If you are looking for an easy and cost-effective way to remove unwanted hair from your body, this article is worth reading for you.

Unwanted hairs is annoying, weather its on upper lips, or chin, on cheeks or forehead. facial hair remain unwanted. A hair on glowing face does not appeal look good, also you hate to shave. Shaving is not the actual way to get the result because it creates roughness of your sensitive skin and damage the skin tissues and thus reduces the shining. Every woman needs soft glowing skin but they don’t want to shave for this. With Our best home remedies you can easily get rid of unwanted hair on body and you don’t need to go to Beauty Parlour every time to shave your skin to get that result. Try the best home remedies to get effective result.

We have sorted out some easy and meaningful ideas to get rid of unwanted hair. Follow these home remedies to get rid of unwanted hair surely.

Raw Papayaraw papaya

Crush raw papaya to make a paste. Take 1tablespoon of this paste. Add ¼ tablespoon turmeric powder, ¼ tablespoon gram flour, 4 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel, 2 tablespoons of mustard oil, and 2 drops of essential oil (optional- lavender or any other).
Mix all ingredients well to make a thick paste. Apply the paste in opposite direction of hair growth. Leave it 15-20 minutes to dry. Take clean cotton cloth and rub in the opposite direction of hair growth. Then rinse off with water.
Massage with olive or baby oil to moisture the skin. Follow this thrice a week for at least 3 months. Using raw papaya in this way helps you get rid of unwanted hair permanently.

Turmeric turmeric benefits

Take 1-2 tablespoon of turmeric or the amount which is enough to cover your whole body. Add water or milk to make thick paste. Apply it to your face and body. Leave for 15-20 minutes to dry up. Wash off with lukewarm water. You can also add gram flour, rice flours or ground oats to remove dense hair. This simple remedy gives distinctive result of hair removal.

Basil-Onion Paste

Take 10-12 basil leaves and 2 onions. Peel off the onion so you can get transparent membranes from it. Crush the basil leaves and transparent membranes. Make a paste and apply on unwanted hair. Leave for 15-20 minutes to pat dry. Wash off with water. Repeat this 3-4 times a week for at least 1-2 months. You get amazing result.

Potato-Lentil mixture

Take 1 bowl of yellow lentil and soak it overnight. Grind the soaked lentil the next morning. Add 1 tablespoon of honey, and 4 tablespoons of lemon juice to it. When done, crush 2 or 3 potatoes and extract juice from it.
. Now combine all ingredients well and make a paste.
Apply the paste on unwanted hair. Leave it for 15-20 minutes till it to dries off. Rub off the paste with your fingers. This natural ayurvedic recipe removes unwanted hair easily.

Banana-Oatmeal Scrub

Take 1 ripe banana. Mash it. Add 1-2 tablespoon oatmeal to it. Apply this paste on unwanted hair. Rub it in a circular motion about 15 minutes. Wash off with water. Follow this process twice a week. The combination of banana and oatmeal is a perfect natural cleanser and hair removal.

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pedicure natural way

Some Smart Tips to Do Pedicure with Natural Ingredients

We often crib about stress. We forget about our daily tight schedule. From the time we get wake up till go to sleep, we are on our toe all the time. We neglect to spare a few minutes to take rest and let the body relax. Never do we do anything to relieve the tension that develops in our legs and make them relax after a hectic day of running all about meeting errands.
We must take equal care of our pair of beautiful legs and give importance to the feet too. Keeping that in mind, we have pinpointed in this article effective and easy method to do pedicure at home with natural ingredients.

DIY Pedicurediy pedicure

There is no formula as good as the pedicure to beautify your legs. You can do it at your home but it really never the same. For a DIY routine, you need to have these items: nail brush, pumice stone, loofah, nail cleaner, file, a heavy duty moisturizing cream, cuticle pusher, nail cutter, herbal shampoo, acetone, lemon slices, marigold flower, a tube of hot water, honey and flowers.

After you arrange all the items, follow these step-by-step guides:

Clean your nailsclean your nails

Take your acetone and clean your nails. Then cut and file them. Keep their shape and length according to your requirement.

Massage with cream or honeyhoney massage

Massage your nails with a little honey or cream. Take a tube of hot water. Add some fresh lemon slices and marigold petals to it. Dip your legs into it.

Use Pumice Stone pumkin stone

Once your feel that your skins and nails have softened, take the brush and clean the nails. Then dislodge dead skins on the heel with pumice stone. Pat dry and clean the nails with a cleaner and cuticle pusher.

Remove tanremove tan naturally

Remove tan by rubbing the lemon slices on the skin. Use your towel to pat dry.

Smooth out dead skinloofah

Now it’s the time for smoothing out your dead skin. Use the loofah. Mix 2 teaspoon each of honey and cream. Massage well the skin. Wipe off by using hot towels. Now you are done.

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tattoos care

5 Easiest Tattoos Care Tips

So you have got a new tattoo and are looking for some simple ways to protect it, right? Tattoos are an integral part of our day-to-day fashion. But, being a proud owner of it, a proper care is a much as it may lead to arouse infections, blotchiness and scarring. So with that said, let’s dig deep to get insight of some essential tricks to care for your gorgeous new tattoo.

Leave your bandage overnight

Leave your bandage overnight. This is the first things for taking care of a new tattoo. Don’t leave it wrapped for a few hours. Fresh ink can cause slightly bleeding off the area and smear your bed sheets on the first night. So it’s advisable to keep it covered.

Keep it clean

The next tattoo-care-tips include cleaning it carefully. There are many decent tattoo shops that clean and cover your tattoo. After coming home, it’s your duty to keep it clean. Take a mild antibacterial soap and wash your tattoo with lukewarm water. Then pat it for air dry. don’t let water directly hit the tattoo. It prevents irritation and discomfort.

The sun is worst enemy

After you get a new gorgeous tattoo, avoid sun light at any cost. Even if you apply sunscreen; it will not work really well. It may not work like that. Once your skin is healing, it will be ultra-sensitive to sunlight. So it is good to keep it protected every time.

Don’t pick your scabs

Never pick at your scabs. Irrespective of how small area is covered, or your tattoo tempting you for that, don’t do so.  Even if take a slight picking action, it will cause a light spot that requires further touch ups. Remember, open bloody wounds make for a prime spot for bacteria growth too.

Use fingertips for scrubbing

Open your bandage within 24 hours. Don’t use a sponge, wash cloth or towel. Though your fingertips may be rough, but it will be gentle on your skin. Remember, they are fingertips not fingernails.

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best tattoo 2017

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Top 2017 Tattoo Trends  Tattoos have evolved extremely since the day they were first practiced. Tattoo artists try to express their creativity through the wonderful...