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best tattoo 2017

Top 2017 Tattoo Trends

 Tattoos have evolved extremely since the day they were first practiced. Tattoo artists try to express their creativity through the wonderful designs and make perfect tattoos for their customers. From a simple quote, through an image of feathers to an exquisite design that goes over the entire neck, arm, or a leg – tattoos have certainly become spectacular. No matter how much trends varied and changed from year to year, they will always be popular among both men and women of all ages.

#1.  Arrow

Modern tattoo styles feature arrows as the most frequent detail. They’re one of the most stylish and trendy tattoos of the year to come. From the smallest arrow on a finger, to a large one on the back or a forearm, both men and women like to have these design on their bodies. As a traditional Native American symbol, it may denote the protection from danger. A symbol of war is represented with two arrows pointing in different directions. If a person has five arrows tattooed, the design depicts that person’s strengths.

#2.  Angel Wings

angel wings tattoo on back

The symbol that best represents one’s connection to God is angel wings. This design refers to divine creatures and religion in general. Many people choose to have angel wings on the back or a shoulder, so that their guardian angel could protect them. A halo can sometimes be a cute addition to the tattoo. Angel wings can also symbolize strength, purity and innocence, as well as one’s desire to fly and be free.

#3.  Yin Yang

yin yang tattoo back

This symbol is the perfect representation of the balance in the universe. These tattoos symbolize wholeness and infinity, as well as the flawless symmetry and balance in the world. The traditional designs involve black and white, while the new modern artists choose to include a bit of color into the whole concept. They’re equally popular among men and women; sometimes couples who believe they’re the perfect balance for each other choose these tattoos.

#4.  Origami

origami swan tattoo

Origami isn’t just the art of folding paper anymore. Now you can have it drawn to your body as well. If you’re looking for a trendy tattoo in 2017, consider Origami style. The minimalistic design makes them the perfect delicate for all those people who don’t want to ink too much of their skin. However, they can be bigger if you wish. You can choose your colorful custom tattoos, and it will look amazing either way.

#5.  Black work

black work tattoos designs

No tattoo is as bold as the black work tattoo is. What started as a dot work and line work, grew into an amazing design that fills the skin with ink completely. Tribal tattoos had the biggest influence on black work tattoos, so geometric and tribal are the most inked patterns of this kind. They’re extremely painful, since they cover the big part of a person’s body, so they’re more popular among men.

#6.  Watercolor

watercolor tattoo

A popular trend when it comes to includes heavy black lines joined with traditional style tattoos. This practice became popular because it was the best way to separate boundaries between colors, but still keep the flawless design. These will look great after a couple of years, or even decades because even if they fade a little, they won’t need any additional fixes.

The development of tattoos has reached the incredible levels since the first time people had had encountered them. One thing is for sure, tattoos won’t stop to amaze us, and both men and women, teenagers and adults will be equally thrilled about the future trends. The artists are more imaginative than ever, and we can only hope for the more mesmerizing designs than the ones we have had the opportunity to see.

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supplements for runner


Energy supplement can enhance your performance by boosting the levels of your energy. Mostly athletes and runners use these products to have the more strength for improved endurance during their exercises.

For the best results, runners and athletes are advised to combine a healthy diet, workout, rest and supplements to rejuvenate their health. Although there are very many products on the market that claim to strengthen your muscles, it is advisable to check the ingredients before taking any supplement.

This article is aimed at informing you of the best supplements for runners and which ones would best work for you whether you are a serious marathoner or someone who jogs a few kilometers per week to stay fit. These supplements includes:

#1.  Multivitamins


During periods of vigorous training, which long distance running or sprinting is involved, our bodies will require nutrients to supply it with the necessary nutrients. The multivitamins will play a significant role in ensuring that the body has the necessary nutrients and vitamins to keep going.

The multivitamins will also keep our immune healthy and act as an insurance against gaps that may exist in our diets, either because one does not enjoy particular types of foods or accidental omission.

#2.  Whey protein

whey protein

Whey protein is a rich source of all amino acids that are needed for muscle recovery and growth. Research show that whey protein helps in building lean muscle as well as increasing strength.

Although the product has many advantages in our body, athletes and runners should take it to supplement is to access the casein and soy protein as well as protein from solid foods.

This supplement has the protein in ready form, making it easy to be absorbed. If you run for run for long distance, this supplement is very useful to help you recover.

#3.  Creatine


Most people think that Creatine is a nutritional supplement that is meant for only bodybuilders, strength athletes and people who light weights in the gym. This is obviously because of the proven results that creatine has regarding power, strength and muscle gains.

Creatine also helps the runners to build powerful muscles easily. It is a great supplement for a sprinter, long distance, and short distance runners.

#4.  Fish oils

One proven benefit of omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil is that it helps to reduce muscle soreness and increase lean body mass. The fish oils also ensure that you have healthy cell walls as well as better immune functioning.

One great benefit of the omega 3 fatty acids supplement is that they are readily available on foods such shrimp, salmon, walnut, and flaxseeds. If you cannot access these foods, you can opt to get supplements that contain the omega 3 fatty acids.

#5.  Nitric oxide

Athletes and runners need a lot of strength and endurance; this can be easily provided by the nitric oxide supplement. This supplement will strengthen not only your working muscles but also revitalizes your immune system.

Additionally, the nitric oxide supplement can increase muscle mass. Most bodybuilders, athletes, and runners take this supplement to enhance their overall performance. Another benefit of this supplement is that it also prevents various deadly diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, and diabetes. The nitric oxide supplement also helps in wound healing.

#6.  Magnesium

Magnesium is also essential for runners as a supplement because about eight percent of the population have a deficiency in this mineral. Magnesium helps in muscle contraction and relaxation. It also aids in the absorption of calcium to promote robust and healthy bones.

Additionally, this supplement also supports a healthy immune system as it maintains healthy blood pleasure and an excellent in preventing cardiovascular disease.

#7.  Iron

iron benefits

Iron is also another important supplement that runners and athletes should take. Iron helps to motivate the runners and athletes for workouts that are more vigorous. It provides them with the necessary energy to keep them going. Iron also supports the immune support of the runner.

Besides these supplements, the runners and athletes need to have healthy diets to provide them with the energy they require for their daily training. Proper shoes will also help them to have the necessary leg support to enable them to have a comfortable running experience. Insoles for plantar fasciitiswill also enhance their leg comfort and prevent common issues associated with running such as the plantar fasciitis which is a condition that affects the heels of the runner due to excessive training.

Author Bio :
Emily is the founder of GoAheadRunner, where she and her associates blog contain 
articles to provide everything a runner needs, whether you are a seasoned pro or 
an absolute beginner. The blog provides information on latest training, running 
gears and supplements and much more!

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losing weight motivation

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight and find the Motivation to Get Healthy ?

It is not easy to lose weight no matter how other fitness practitioners try to say that it is. You can check out exercises and workout programs, or follow diets religiously, but without the right attitude, you can never achieve the weight that you want.  However, the right attitude to lose weight is fueled by motivation, and often, loss of motivation is the reason why you give up on losing weight.

It’s not uncommon to hear the “how to stay motivated with weight loss?” question.  Losing the motivation is one of the hurdles that you will encounter as it is not easy to maintain the drive to get excess pounds off the body.

You can overcome the motivation barrier by putting into action the following realistic tips:

#1. Set specific weight loss goals

weight loss goal planner

One reason why you might feel demotivated in losing weight is that you don’t set specific and realistic weight loss goals. Most people overlook this part as well. Sure, it is easy just to go out there. Please do your thing or keep saying to yourself “I will lose weight” or “I will lose 20 pounds in two weeks”. But whenever these goals are not met, that is where demotivation develops and losing weight becomes a forgotten endeavor.

Setting specific and realistic goals will help you to stay motivated. The reason behind this is that by having achievable goals in short-term, you will see the results immediately. Seeing positive results will naturally encourage you to continue your weight loss program. So instead of saying “I will lose weight”, maybe you can say “I’m choosing fish for lunch today.”

#2. Take advantage of apps

Mobile applications have become useful tools that can help you in your daily tasks. There are a wide variety of applications available, and you can choose either the free or paid ones. Among these are the fitness applications. These apps can suggest exercise programs that you can do wherever you are and whenever you want to do them. These applications can also help monitor your activities like how many steps you made for the day. Some fitness applications can also act as diaries to help measure your calorie intake. Tracking your progress regularly through the use of apps will help keep your motivation up in your attempt to lose weight.

There are also other non-fitness related applications that you can use to remind you of your goal or send you motivational quotes regularly.

#3. Be Patient

losing weight patience

Not everything that we do happens in an instant. The same thing applies to losing weight. Don’t overwork your body by doing a lot of exercises hoping to lose weight immediately. Don’t starve yourself. Go slow, and try to pace your training and workout programs.

Cut down your calorie intake slowly instead of not eating at all. The danger of trying to speed up things is that you might lose your motivation faster when nothing is happening the way you wanted it to be.

As you are getting close to your ideal weight goal, you will hit the plateau, and your patience will be tested again here. A weight loss plateau is a phase where you are not losing any weight despite the efforts you have made. It is certainly very demotivating.  Don’t worry about this. Think of it as part of the challenge.

Instead of stopping, try to exceed the previous effort. If you were walking for 30 minutes, then, make it a 45-minute walk. Sometimes, it’s best to make adjustments and do things differently to keep your motivation up.

#4. Share your weight loss pledge to the public

Sharing your commitment to lose weight to people close to you like family and friends will be very useful. You will need them to push you hard to follow your pledge whenever you lose the motivation to lose weight. Keeping things to yourself will not be helpful as motivating oneself is already a difficult task. Also, a little bit of embarrassment for failure to follow your commitment can be a great motivating factor. The thought of getting embarrassed in itself is already very motivating that you stick to your commitment.

#5. Use role models wisely

It is certainly good to use role models to inspire you to lose weight. But the major pitfall of using well-toned celebrities or people who have successfully lost weight is that you might get demotivated seeing them achieve their goals.

A photo of a celebrity is not an ideal motivation model, but rather you should look up at people you can relate with. Role models are helpful if you know how to use them as motivation.  There are two ways to take advantage of role models. You can follow the footsteps of the successful person or you look for individuals who failed and use their failure as your drive.

#6. Reward yourself for sticking to your diet

Sticking to your diet can discourage you especially that there are a lot of temptations everywhere. You see the chocolate cake as you are going to work or the sweet ice cream across the road is just too irresistible. To stay motivated in the face of these temptations, you just need to reward yourself.

Traveling or a soothing massage is a real incentive for being able to resist temptations. The road to losing weight is long, and along the way, you should find ways to encourage yourself.

Conclusion :
Motivation is tough to maintain, especially when you are trying to lose weight. There are a lot of articles online that suggests a lot of ways to help motivate you, but not all of them are realistic. The more you try unrealistic and unachievable tips, the higher the possibility that you lose the drive.

The tips presented here are quite realistic and achievable. Don’t be too hard on yourself in your pursuit of losing weight. Give these tips a try, and let it help you stay motivated.


A Short Bio:
sarah morganSarah Morgan. A sister, a daughter, a wife, but most especially a mother. Being a mother makes me realize that life is a great adventure. No day is always the same, which makes every day so much more exciting.

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making bbq chicken


Easy BBQ Chicken Recipe That you Love to Cook

Everybody loves Barbecue Chicken. BBQ Chicken are chickens that are grilled, barbecue and smoked. Globally there are different methods of cooking and preparation techniques, which differs from country to country. grilling chicken on the grill and bbq chicken recipe for oven is famous. BBQ Meat is one of the most popular dishes around the world.


Ingredients :

  • 1 (3 1/2-pound) chicken, cut into 8 pieces
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 cups bottled sauce or Easy BBQ Sauce, recipe follows

Total Time: 40 min | Prep: 15 min | Cook: 25 min

Directions :

Prepare a medium-hot grill or preheat the broiler. If using the broiler, line a rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil.

Season the chicken with pepper and salt, to taste. Put the chicken on the grill or, if broiling, put it on the prepared baking sheet. Broil or Grill, 4 inches from the heat, turning once, for 10 minutes per side.

Put 1/2 of the BBQ sauce in a small bowl, for drizzling and serving. Reserve.
Baste the chicken with the remaining sauce and grill or broil for 5 minutes more. Transfer the chicken to a serving platter, drizzle with some of the reserved sauce, and serve with lime wedges and the remaining reserved sauce.

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lemon detox water recipe

How to Detox your body with Detox Drinks Naturally ?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: your body can actually detoxify itself, by itself. It doesn’t require external support to do this, rendering expensive and painful detox products totally useless. However, there are things you can do to supercharge your body’s detox process – and you won’t have to live on liquids for days or by stocks in ELAX to experience the benefits.

Here are a handful healthy ways to amp up your detox.

#1.  Kombucha

This fermented tea has been widely used in China for thousands of years, and recently, it’s become popularized in the west – namely due to it’s incredible health benefits, which include promoting liver and digestive health, its cancer fighting properties, as well as it’s detox power. Oh, and it’s delicious and super energizing. If you haven’t already, give it a try.

#2.  Himalayan Bath Salts

Most people have heard of epsom salts, but not as many have experienced the intense detoxification afforded by Himalayan bath salts. We’re talking epsom salts on steroids. And the health benefits of Himalayan salts go beyond detoxing. Soaking in a bath with these salts has been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and improve sleep quality and blood flow. In fact, they can increase blood flow so much that your heart rate will increase significantly, which means people with health problems or pregnant women should consult with their healthcare professional before taking a dip.

#3.  Water

As obvious as this may seem to many, there are still people who are not drinking enough water. The most touted recommendation for water intake is eight glasses a day, and while this is an acceptable general rule, it is not 100% accurate. If you live in a hotter climate or higher altitude, for example, you’re going to need to consume a little more, as will you if you are pregnant or nursing.

Keeping hydrated will help with daily bodily functions ranging from metabolizing fats to clearing your bowels. It will also help you stay energized and focussed. Hydrated skin is also younger looking skin.

For even more detox power, drink the water warm with a splash of lemon juice.

#4.  Green Tea

Brimful of antioxidants, the incredible health benefits of green tea are widely praised. They include detoxification properties (obviously), fat loss, enhanced brain function and cancer prevention. Three cups a day is ideal. Pinky’s up!

#5.  Berries

Succulent and readily available, berries are loaded with antioxidants, which help purify our systems and get it running for peak performance. They are also loaded with vitamins, particularly vitamin C, which bolsters the immune system.

#6.  Eat clean

This is both a solid preventative tip and a reactionary measure. Eating clean is one of the best ways to help your body detoxify. After all, the less junk you put in it, the less it has to process. A less stressed system is a healthier system!

#7.  Apple Cider Vinegar

Not only does apple cider vinegar do wonders for your complexion, but it aids in digestion and helps to clean out your intestines, killing bacteria as it makes its way through your body. It can even help you lose weight if you have a teaspoon for two in water before meals. Just make sure your apple cider vinegar as “the mother” in it. That’s the stuff that looks like sludge, and is actually the sentiment and apple ‘meat’ left over from the fermentation process. It make look icky, but that’s where all the good stuff is!

#8.  Sweat

Working up a good lather is an excellent way to sweat out toxins and purify the system. Sure, you could go to a sauna, but the act of exercising is what’s really going to get your blood moving and accelerate the detox, so don’t get lazy! Earn it.

#9.  Yoga

The twisting poses in yoga, like Bharadvaja’s Twist, Noose Pose and Revolved Triangle Pose are exceptionally adept at cleansing your body. Not only do twists aid in digestion, but they stimulate the adrenal glands, thereby helping to flush your system and restore hormonal balance. Namaste.

#10.  Sleep

Detoxing is as easy as getting some shut eye. It’s during your sleep that your body repairs and cleanses, so if you want your system to run at peak performance, you’ve got to catch some Zs.

#11.  Essential Oils

Essential oils have long been used to improve health, and one of the ways they do this is by helping our bodies eliminate waste. The best oils to support the detox include Juniper – which also aids with liver function – lemongrass, which will help with drainage, and is also an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, as well as peppermint, which flushes out the lymphatic system, stimulates weight loss and aids in digestion. Just make sure you buy 100% essential oils with NO fillers!

Save yourself time and money. You can help your body’s cleansing process along effectively and naturally with these simple and healthy detox boosters.

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Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Getting rid of stretch marks after pregnancy – this is just about any new mother can take. Aside from the pressure of taking care of a new baby new mothers also have to deal with the challenges of shifting hormone levels and scratchy marks.

Source: ShutterStock

Here are some of the best stretch marks removal options for every woman:

Stretch Marks Removal Creams

There are alot of stretch marks removal creams available in the market today. These creams are helpful, and they can lessen the marks and as well eliminate it entirely. These moisturizing creams contain oils and creams with vitamins that heal and help in maintaining healthy skin. Vitamin E contained in these creams helps in reducing the appearance of these ugly marks.

There are creams which contain cocoa butter and grapefruit extracts which can be helpful in masking the stretch marks. However, there have also been cases where skin allergies appear in some people.

Stretch marks removal lotions that contain AHAs (alpha hydroxyl acids) can also help in battling against these marks. AHA is a compound that is derived from certain fruits and is also known as fruit acids. Creams containing AHA helps in improving the texture of the skin and its color by improving cell regeneration.

It acts by removing the uppermost skin layer thereby allowing the healthier skin to come up to the surface area, which in turn helps in enhancing the appearance of the skin.

Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks Removal

Laser treatment is now being used for many skin problems including these unsightly marks. However, lasers cannot eliminate the marks completely; it will only help to mask. With the use of lasers, the skin is loosened first which causes inflammation in the middle layers of the skin, thus prompting the body to create new tissues. It’s not just a one-time treatment; it requires 6 to 7 sessions. There could be some other factors related to the skin color and type.

These 2 methods of stretch mark removal have become increasingly popular over time. Nonetheless, both these treatments cannot assure 100% satisfactory results. Stretch marks can be tough to treat. It’s very expensive to consider undergoing laser treatments. Also, the results are not always encouraging as it depends on the person. Also, it has too many side effects that include blistering, bruising and swelling of the affected parts.

Oils for stretch marks removal for women after giving birth

#1.  Bio Oil

Bio oil is a combination of natural herbal extracts such as rosemary and calendula, and vitamin E and A oils, using a delivery system known as PurCellin Oil, which is an oil based on the preen oil of ducks. This combination makes Bio Oil a lot more ‘skin friendly’ than other oils, meaning it is rapidly and deeply absorbed by the skin.

Bio Oil is known to be particularly effective in reducing the appearance of relatively new or fresh stretch marks and is also great as a preventative for striae. It is safe to use during pregnancy and has published clinical trials to back it up. As far as oil for stretch marks go, Bio Oil is one of the most popular and has a good reputation for effectiveness.

#2.  Emu Oil

emu oil


Emu Oil is an oil for stretch marks and other scars made from the fat of the Emu, a bird native to Australia. This oil has been in use by the Australian natives for healing wounds, burns and bruises for centuries. It has been determined to be very effective for stretch marks, and there is some scientific research to back this up.

There is, however, a warning that must go oil with Emu Oil stretch marks formulation.The industry has been tainted by several unscrupulous dealers selling a product that is either low in potency or not the real deal at all, and the product has been highlighted by the world Food and Drug Administration as an area of concern.

This product can be very effective, but please do your research and make sure you are getting pure Emu Oil from a trustworthy and recommended vendor.

#3.  Vitamin E Oil

This oil for stretch marks is the active ingredient in both the above treatments and the antioxidant in charge of regulating skin cells, and protects skin from ultraviolet light, pollution, and other external damage, and encourages healing, regeneration, and the production of collagen, the protein that is sparse in stretch mark scarring.

For this reason, many people prefer to cut to the chase and apply vitamin E oil directly to their striae scarred areas. One little secret that is doing the rounds of the pregnancy discussion boards and social groups is rather than buying vitamin E oil formulated for skin applications or expensive vitamin E oils.

Many women have as good or even better results by buying the cheap gelcap version of the vitamin E supplements meant to be taken orally, and picking the capsule with a pin, squeezing out the oil and massaging it into stretch marks. This is an excellent method of getting an internal and external dose of this important antioxidant, with the combined benefits of being cheaper and likely purer than any creams or skin formulations on the market.

#4.  Almond Oil

This can make the skin smoother and softer. This can be used during pregnancy to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. It can help moisturize dry skin and nourish it. This oil doesn’t promote skin irritation and inflammation. This is the most common treatment for skin problems.

#5.  Blackthorn Oil

This oil can also prevent stretch marks. It is not too fatty and comes with a pleasant smell. This can also help even skin tone and make the skin more elastic. Not only that it can improve skin’s elasticity, but it can also strengthen the skin naturally.

#6.  Rose Hip Oil

rosehip oil

This oil is effective in fighting stretch marks and eliminating skin scars. It is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidant and fatty acids. The best thing about this oil is it absorbs quickly into the skin nourishing it from the inside. It keeps the skin hydrated, healthy, and can make the skin look younger. The ingredients from this oil are essential for skin regeneration.

There are many new and innovative methods and oils for stretch mark removal that can be tried. Traditional treatments such as cocoa butter and olive oil massage are still considered some of the best ways to help prevent these marks from appearing in the first place


Author Bio
Nancy Shaw is the founder of HiFiveBaby where she writes about common problems encountered by parents and how to deal with them, motherhood in general and FAQs about babies, toddlers and kids. She provides scientific and medical basis and also her personal experience as a mom to a wonderful toddler. Now you can explore the joy of parenthood with ease! You can also find her on Twitter

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festival dress

How to Dress up Like a Dream This Festive Season

Festivals come in our lives to give us yet another chance to laugh with our loved ones and to make happy memories. They are also an excuse to get dressed in our best outfits and dazzle the onlookers. Everyone wants to look their best on the day of the festival, thus, try to get the best outfit that they can lay their hands upon.

Whether it is Diwali, Dussehra, Eid or Christmas, Indian ethnic wear is one of the best choices that you can definitely go for. There are many things that you can try out from the vast range of ethnic wear that is made available in different styles, designs, colour combinations and other specifications in order to meet varied preferences of the people.

Here are different trips and tricks that you can consider while dressing up for this festive season: 

  1. Make sure to pick up something you are comfortable in
  2. Your outfit must be a mix of comfort and style quotient
  3. You can either select a Salwar Kameez, Saree, Lehenga Choli or a Kurti with a bottom wear of your choice
  4. At festive season, you can try out unique or weird colour combinations that are quirky as well as trendy
  5. Layering is a hit in ethnic wear and you can try it by going for a jacket over your Saree or Suit and even frills
  6. Traditional styles as well as contemporary ones go hand in hand on festivals
  7. You can readily go for the heavy embroidered outfits or the fancier versions of the ethnic wear as festivals allow you to wear anything that catches your fancy, without worrying about anything
  8. For Diwali, make sure not to wear flowy outfits or the ones having vast flare.
  9. It is also beneficial to avoid wearing outfit made using flammable clothes on Diwali.


Here are the specific tips for each of the suggested Ethnic Wear

#1.  Salwar Kameez

salwar kameez

  • Don’t be boring; rather pour in your creativity while selecting the Salwar Kameez for yourself or getting it designed
  • Choose narrow-fit salwars to go with the kameez as it will help you give a slimmer look
  • If you want to wear a churidar, then make sure that it is not made using body hugging fabric or a thin fabric

#2.  Saree


  • Sarees made up of net fabric are completely out of fashion
  • You can go for the Sarees made of light or flowy material, such as georgette, chiffon, etc
  • The silk sarees also look amazing at festive time as it provides the necessary elegant look to the personality of the wearer
  • If you have a heavy bust area, then you should go for the printed blouses
  • In case, if your arms are flabby, then you must not go for the sleeveless blouses and should opt for quarter or full sleeved blouses 

#3.  Lehenga Choli

lehenga choli

  • While selecting your lehenga choli, always remember that you are not picking it up for your wedding
  • Choose a Lehenga Choli with minimal embroidery work, but scoring high in terms of style and glamour quotient
  • Make sure that the flare of your lehenga is appropriate and not very voluminous

#4.  Kurti with a bottomwear

kurtis bottom wear

  • If you have a curvy or a lean figure, then it is best not to go for a body hugging kurtas. You should rather try on some loose fitted kurtas
  • You can try Kurtas made using cotton, georgette or silk fabric as these are quite in demand
  • You can also opt for Pakistani Kurtas that are quite long
  • If you want to try something new, then you can go for different cuts or styles of Kurtas, like the A-shape, uneven cut and high-low kurtas
  • You can also team up your kurta with the bottom wear of your choice, from leggings, jeans, cigarette pant, palazzo to any other type of your choice

Styling tips

  • Choose a pretty dupatta or stole matching your outfit or in contrast colour
  • Go for sleek bracelets or bangles as it will give an illusion of slimmer look
  • Avoid necklaces, and instead opt for statement earrings
  • When it comes to hair, it’s always better to leave them loose
  • Add a graceful appeal to your personality by wearing stilettos or pumps
  • You can also sport a tiny bindi on your forehead for that touch of tradition

Author Bio:
Aditi Aggrawal is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and adventure enthusiast who loves unusual trips, fashion and Latin dances. On her travels she likes to read story books and to surf the Internet. She is an avid lover of photography and regular author on several blogs.

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diet recipes

Diet Food Recipes – Cut Calories to Lose Weight

Lose weight is not an easy or quick process. However, with a few diet tricks, you can still work your way around, and shed those extra calories within a short period. The advantage of using this method is that you lose weight in a healthy way.

Eating lots of fiber, protein and healthy carbs will boost your metabolism, while keeping you satisfied for longer periods. This means that you will avoid those regular snacks or junk food that you normally take in between meals.

If you follow these recipes religiously, you will start seeing results in a few months. 

Healthy Food Recipes To Lose Weight

#1.  Broccoli and Feta Omelet

This is an easy breakfast recipe that can be prepared in less than 15 minutes. It is high in soluble fiber, which leaves you full, satisfied and energized all day long. The broccoli in the recipe provides the fiber. The good news is that each serving of this recipe contains less than 30 calories.

broccoli omelet recipe

On the other hand, the eggs are loaded with proteins. This helps to curb appetite, while staving off those late-morning cravings, which lead people to consume junk food. When served with toast, this easy meal can last you the entire day.

#2.  Spiced Green Tea Smoothie

One of the most recommended fat burning foods is green tea. It achieves this through EGCG, which is a metabolism boosting compound. According to research, drinking four glasses of green tea per day can help to shed an average of 6 pounds, within a period of 8 weeks.

If you are tired of drinking hot green tea, then the smoothie is the perfect alternative. The tea has been flavored with lemon, cayenne spices, together with agave nectar, to provide all the nutritional requirements, while leaving you satisfied.

#3.  Chocolate Dipped Banana Bites

If you are looking for a healthy dessert that will keep calories to a minimum, this recipe is the perfect one. You just microwave and a knife and you are set to go. Bananas contain a rich source of a healthy carbohydrate together with a resistant starch, letting you eat less and burn more calories.

If you are heading out to the gym and you want to minimize your carbohydrates intake, a banana will be a good option. It is easy to digest, giving you the energy and stamina, needed to go through the workout session. Additionally, the semisweet chocolate present in this recipe contains healthy fats, which increase your metabolism.

#4.  Banana and Almond Butter Toast

This is a tasty and simple morning meal, with an average of 3 healthy and low-calorie foods for breakfast. The whole grain bread together with the bananas are rich in resistant starch, which helps in boosting metabolism.

On the other hand, the almond butter provides healthy monosaturated fats together with a hunger-curbing protein. One slice of this healthy toast contains fewer than 250 calories but it will keep you full and satisfied, until lunch time.

#5.  Banana and Honey Grapefruit

If you want to maintain your slim physique or you just want to trim down, a tropical fruit salad should always be part of your daily menu. It can be consumed as a side dish during brunch or served as the main meal during breakfast. According to studies, grapefruits have been identified as some of the most powerful when it comes to weight loss.

This is attributed to its high effect on insulin, a hormone that regulates fat storage in the body. Additionally, grapefruit is also very satisfying and filling. It has a very high water concentration. More than 90% of its weight is composed of water. You can use some of the best juicers on the market to extract the banana smoothie, and then mix it with grapefruit.

#6.  Herb Hummus and White Bean

If you are tired of the bland hummus available at the supermarket, then you can prepare yours in less than fifteen minutes in your own kitchen. Hummus is rich in fiber. To prepare this meal, you just need four recipes, which are olive oil, lemon, chives and white beans.

White beans also contain a high concentration of resistant starch. When combined with raw vegetables like broccoli, you will be giving your body more fiber, as well as fat burning resistant starch. Ensure that you use the right pots and pans to prepare this great meal.

#7.  Middle Eastern Rice Salad

This dish takes less than twenty minutes, from start to finish. It can be consumed as the main meal or even as a side dish. It is rich in nutritious ingredients as well as highly potent in fat burning. You just need to prepare half a cup of these beans and you will be giving your body enough fiber and protein, to keep you filled up, without adding unnecessary calories and fat.

#8.  Quinoa

Quinoa is one of the most popular foods in the world today, among health and fitness enthusiasts. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is rich in protein and fiber. This is the perfect combination for those individuals who want to keep their metabolism high and stay energized throughout the day.


This dish should then be rounded off with black beans fragrant spices and fresh veggies, to make it satisfying while keeping fiber levels to a maximum. It can be taken as a side dish during dinner or the main meal during lunch.

#9.  Curried Egg Salad Sandwich

Eggs are ideal for dieters. They keep you feeling full for longer hours, while providing your body with the right balance of nutrients. Additionally, eggs are low in calories and tasty. This salad gives you a great means of incorporating eggs to your lunchtime meal, instead of taking those foods with high calorific value.

The eggs are then combined with low-fat Greek yoghurt instead of mayo, while the curry powder contains numerous antioxidants. You can also prepare a fruit parfait with Greek yoghurt, which will help you lose some extra pounds. The Greek yoghurt parfait provides a healthy combination of slimming protein and fiber.

Bottom Line 

Healthy recipes can provide a delicious means of losing weight. You don’t have to go through those rigorous regimes of eating foods that you don’t like or even starving yourself. With the above recipes, you can diet in a good way, while keeping your body weight at manageable and healthy levels.

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custom bridal dresses

In the modern world where brand loyalty is low, demands are definitely considered to be extremely high. Therefore, it makes sense that the customization is the new mantra in the fashion world and elsewhere. From shoes to dresses, anything and everything can be customized. Shoppers have always wanted to control and now they have what it and it is quite appealing. Custom made clothing are not only meant for celebrities. In fact, you would be able to design an extravagant bridal custom made dresses for yourself.

Irrespective of the occasions, customizing is necessary. As a matter of fact, it can be considered a go to option for all fashion lovers. However, while customizing your bridal dress it is important to take certain factors into consideration. With new and easy ways, customizing has never really been as easy as it is now. Therefore, by following certain tips, you would be all set to capture dreams in your bridal dress.

Steps for Customizing

In present times, brides would be liable to design their own custom made dresses for themselves. Therefore, get set to personalize your wedding dress into your own unique style.

#1.  You will first need to come up with your dream design idea.

#2.  Communication plays a key role while customizing your dress with the help of a designer. Make sure that both you and the designer are on same pages, prior to taking it to the next level.

#3.  Next comes the major part. It is highly important for you to tailor your dress accordingly by following necessary designs.

#4.  Each step is extremely crucial while designing a dress. Therefore, it is a mandate to confirm each step before finalizing it. Post completing it, a final review is done and then you would be all set to rock your dress.

bridal dressmakers

Integration of Vital Elements

While designing your bridal custom made dresses, it is important to go through some major factors. Integration of such factors is what will help you create dream come true wedding dress. 

#1.  While focusing on the back of your gown, it is best to go for two options. These options are namely buttons and zippers. Either ways will help your dress look stunning.

#2.  In wedding dresses, there is always the age old concept of something borrowed and something old. Therefore, incorporating antique lace or a bustle ribbon would prove to work wonders.

#3.  Fabrics are something that you need to keep in mind while customizing. Silk chiffon would prove to be a better option than polyester chiffon.

Keeping all such things in mind while customizing is what will help you to design a perfect one of a kind wedding dress.  

bridal dresses

#Choosing Beautiful Shades of Colors

Colors are naturally the first things to pop up when designing your bridal custom made dresses. However, it will require you to opt for suitable colors which will match with both your complexion and dress as well.

#1.  There happens to be varied shades of colors to choose from. Some of it would be white, off white and candle light. These constitute to be the basic colors for bridal dresses.

#2.  Ensure to never overlook any kinds of pastel colors. Such colors can literally surprise you tremendously.

#3.  Lastly, you would be liable to opt from rich beautiful shades of color like champagne or ecru. Using such colors in your dress would help it to look extremely elegant and sophisticated as well.

#Proper Research Work

Prior to designing your own bridal dress, it would be best to do an extensive research work for custom made dresses. You would be required to visit bridal shops and dress shops in right to gain ideas. Such things will help you understand the things in a better way. Apart from such factors, ensure to pay close attention to all kinds of minute detailed work on your dress. Although customizing your wedding dress can prove to be an extremely difficult job but the rewards will surely make things worth it.

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Heal Damaged skin

Best Ways to Heal Damaged Skin

Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ? Therefore, all the damage that it suffers should be taken seriously. Your body will try to fix them and that can put some additional pressure on your entire system. The least you can do is help your body deal with the healing process so that it’s faster and more efficient. Moreover, providing some proper healing and some good nutrition for your skin will make it look healthy again. That will give you back that lovely glow that makes you beautiful. Here are some things that you can do to help your damaged skin.

Start from the Inside: Healthy Diet

Your diet is very visible on your skin. It doesn’t mean that you will turn orange from too much carrot, but it means that too much junk food will make your skin look lifeless and dull. You need food that’s rich in antioxidants. Also, introduce a lot of vitamins C, E and B into your diet to boost all the important processes that heal your skin. Additionally, don’t forget about zinc. This element works wonders for it.

healthy diet

Mind Your Surroundings

Once you’re all ready to throw out all the toxins from your system and reward your body with some healthy nutrients, make sure that you protect your skin from the outside factors as well. Avoid rooms that are filled with smoke, because it will suck the life out of your epidermis. It should not be exposed to sun or extreme heats. The same goes for cold and wind. If you’re forced to do so, make sure that you always have proper skin care for your skin type.

Avoid Unnecessary Chemicals

You can have too much of a good thing when it comes to skin care. A lot of products contain aggressive chemicals that your skin doesn’t really like. Use products with simple formulas that avoid things that hurt your skin. Unnecessary perfume, alcohol, bleaches or self-tanning lotions should not find their way into your home.

Enjoy the Wonderful Homemade Scrubs and Remedies

Aloe Vera, shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil are just some of the ingredients of the many wonderful homemade skincare products. These scrubs, masks and treatments are very easy to make and they can work wonders for your skin. If you are not a fan of DIY, you can always find a local shop that makes and sells these kinds of products. Their popularity stems from their great results. Therefore, give the natural remedies a chance, since they can help your skin heal itself and get better.

homemade skin scrub

Bring Out the Big Guns

There are some things that simply cannot be solved with creams and good diet. Different scars, acne and other imperfections have their causes in some things that you simply cannot control. Therefore, in order to deal with those, you need to go that extra mile. Go for a professional Fraxel laser treatment and get rid of the imperfections once and for all. It will remove layers of your epidermis and stimulate the production of a healthy, new skin.

Taking care of your skin is a necessity and not a luxury. Having nice and smooth skin with minimal damage can boost your confidence and make you look more attractive. However, looks is not all that is important. Keeping your skin nice and healthy also means that your overall wellbeing will improve. It’s all about being happy and healthy, and this is one of the steps toward that goal.

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best watercolour tattoo

tattoo artist

Tattoo has become one of the trendy additions of today’s lifestyle. From youngsters to adults, from men to women, people have accepted this art form with open arms across the globe. It has crossed all the way to acquire perfection of modern times. There are a lot of different styles of tattoos practiced all over the world. Many countries consider it as an expression of art. Water color tattoos have achieved great success in recent years. They can instantly enhance the look and style that you have. So, if you want best water color tattoos, you must rely on professional tattoo artists.

Important Features of Water Color Tattoos –

Water color tattoo has recently been applauded and largely appreciated in many places due to its uniqueness and elegance. It is so flawless in design and style that it looks like painting on the skin. The artists do not use specific inks or tools to create water color tattoos on your body. They use their artistic techniques to meet your demand and desire. This specific feature makes it different from the tattoos created through typical tattoo techniques. So, if you are a fanatic tattoo lover, you can go for water color tattoos to experience something new.

Here is a quick list of Some Important Features of Best Water Color Tattoos. 

  • They are normal tattoos that are designed expertly to get the appearance of water color.
  • They come with a layered, light and brushed appearance that make them more interesting and outstanding.
  • They range from complete water color paintings to tinted splotches on the skin.
  • They utilize black color wherever it is required but not for outlining the tattoos.
  • They are created by using advanced tattoo techniques such as bleeds, splatters, blurs, shades, fades and runs.
  • Typically they focus on subjects like birds, flowers, feathers and different elements of nature.
  • They highlight uniqueness through wide brush strokes and gorgeous vistas.

There are a lot of other features of water color tattoos that can make you feel overwhelmed with joy and happiness. However, it is advisable to contact the best professional tattoo artists to get a better perception. 

Difference Between Traditional and Water Color Tattoos –

You may wonder how water color tattoos are different from the traditional ones. They are different from each other in terms of shading and coloring. You will come across a wide variety of colors and shades if you choose to create water color tattoos to create your distinct identity.

  1. The traditional tattoos are created with solid colors while the water color ones flaunt different levels of colors as seen in water color paintings.
  2. The tattoos using typical styles are outlined in black. But the water color tattoos use black ink to paint but do not include any black outline. Even without this black outline, they look extremely attractive.
  3. Since the water color tattoos do not use black ink, they do not last for long in compared to traditional tattoos. Black ink is not just darker but also thicker.
  4. Ink saturation is an important part of traditional tattoos. Generally, the color areas are saturated with ink by the artists. However, water color tattoos need subtle shading with less ink saturation.

Since water color tattoos tend to quickly fade away, the artists recommend regular touching up tattoos. 

Some Popular Water Color Tattoo Designs –

watercolor tattoo designs

Water color tattoos are indeed a wonderful form of art. Some popular designs are:

  1. Feather water color tattoos
  2. Water color tattoos
  3. Wolf water color tattoos
  4. Floral water color tattoos
  5. Water color tattoos
  6. Butterfly water color tattoos
  7. Fish water color tattoos

So, you must choose the best water color tattoos that can heighten your personality in a brilliant way.

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Fashion tips

Best Fashion Tips and Advice for Musicians

One of the most important things that all successful musicians around the globe have in common is a great attention for fashion. As far as the musicians are concerned, fashion and style is as important as their music. A lot of people observe musicians closely everyday and therefore, they should maintain good fashion habits. Most of the musicians’ especially female musicians focus more on their fashion and their dress codes when they are in public.

All successful musicians used to make their mark by either being great stylish or very simple in their fashion or style. There are many people who imitate musicians’ life style, fashion and style. Media and a good number of people are focused on evaluating and judging whatever a musician wears. If a musician is famous, whatever he wears becomes popular. Hence, musicians have got to think about their fashion styles and apply their own mark in fashion. Following are some of the best fashion tips and advises that can be very useful for Musicians:

Go for Fashion that Suit Your Image

One of the important things that the musicians should consider when they go for choosing a fashion or style is their image. Obviously, every musician has their own image in the public and they don’t destroy their image by choosing a poor fashion or affects their image poorly. Musicians don’t underrate the power of a solid and trademark style. Before you select a too predictable fashion or poor style, you should remember that your fashion and style can be key to drive you on to the further level.

Be Creative

Musicians are indeed very busy with their music life and they may not get ample time to choose a good fashion. However, since musicians have several different music concerts every year, they will definitely get diverse chances to be creative with their wardrobe and style. Fans will in fact remember what their preferred musicians wear, and may even imitate your wardrobe and fashion.

Reflect Your Individuality

Every musician has to opt for a style that reflects their individuality. Being a musician gives you the freedom to play with your attire and fashion. Musicians can make use of fashion and style to embody both your music and onstage personality. They can exploit what the fashion industry has to offer. You should seek to create a style and image that is strong, effective, influencing both the public and your careers, and notably, reflect+ your individuality.

Enjoy Your Excitement

Musicians should never lose their excitement on fashion and take pleasure in the beauty of fashion. Once you start to take pleasure in the beauty of fashion, you will be able to understand the power of color, structure and varieties of style. Musicians are not generally fashion experts and therefore, they have to create a mind that always aspires to know more about fashion and its new offerings.

 Observe Others

Musicians have to look around them in order to understand what trends are happening in the fashion industry. Obviously, knowledge about fashion and its new trends are invaluable for the musicians to create an image of their own. Fashion has a sense of individuality. Musicians can easily find their personality in fashion field once they gain knowledge and start to observe others and their new styles. Fashion trends always come from nothing and therefore, observe others to find your individuality in fashion.

Go through Social Media

In the present day, going through social media is important for the musicians to know about fashion, styles and new trends in this field. Fashion designers, fashion experts and other professionals in the field of fashion used to update their new creative fashion items in social media platforms. So, if the musicians get through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they will be able to realize the new fashion trends and apply it to their real life.

Find a Fashion Expert

A lot of famous musicians hire fashion experts to aid them to create their unique image in fashion area.  Finding a fashion expert will let you to form your own style and individuality in fashion. However, musicians itself can become a great visionary in fashion by means of observing others and understand what makes them stand out from the rest of the people.

Choose and Buy Right Clothes

Musicians can improve their fashion through choosing and buying right clothes. Avoid clothing that wrinkles easily and looks too casual. So, opt for attire that look stylish, formal, and elegant and look well for you.

Go for Comfortable Fashion

You should not go for fashion or styles that are not comfortable for you. Performing with uncomfortable styles, dress, shoes, etc in fact makes way for bad image. Wear something more relaxing and flexible to you. Buy clothing that is more on the formal side, but still fashionable.

Find a Good Hair Style

Musicians have to find their perfect hairstyle because having great hair is a must. It looks so bad if your hair is old-fashioned. Keep in mind that having an ideal hair style and dress code add to your overall professionalism.

Dress Up Your Age and Body Type

The fashion or style that you apply should match your age and body type. Whether you are young or old, it’s imperative for the musicians to attract their audience by being fashionable but your fashion should not form a poor attention.

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Art of Skin Care

The Art of the New Skin

Your skin is something you’re recognizable for – your face is the first thing anyone sees and it’s part of a definition of your whole character. However, your face is the most exposed part of your body and that’s why the skin on it needs extra care. All the beauty and makeup products you apply are seen as another form of dressing yourselves – it’s the second skin you wear in order to look younger, prettier, and, therefore, healthier. It becomes a tool of characterization, but it really is a form of art – finding the right measure and doing the best for your skin, so here’s how to achieve it.

#1.  It’s in the water

Ask any dermatologist and they’ll tell you the same thing – hydration is a cornerstone of achieving your skin goals. Hyaluronic acid in our skin is there to help hold water, so when there’s enough of it, hyaluronic acid does its magic and your skin looks more vibrant and becomes less prone to wrinkles. This is done by drinking an adequate amount of liquids but you can help your skin from the outside, too. Mists are there to help you refresh your skin without messing up your makeup, so keep it at hand wherever you go.

#2.  Mask it out

Face masks are one of the quickest and most direct ways to treat your skin the way it deserves. They’re usually packed with nourishing ingredients ready to penetrate your skin and make it look healthier. Many women apply the mask when there’s some special occasion coming up, but you can use it on a weekly basis as well – your skin will be thankful. Masks are good for detox, moisturizing, increasing circulation, and, above all – they’re so pampering. You can purchase it at the drugstore or you can make your own – if you’re more into all-natural, home remedies.

face mask for skin care

#3.  Go under the knife

Long gone are the days when plastic surgery was a taboo – with nowadays technologies and experts in the field, it’s one of the simplest ways to improve your skin condition and to look younger. As in the rest of the world, cosmetic surgery in Perth is quite popular due to their excellent anti-aging experts. You can upgrade any part of your face you’re not satisfied with – your lips, eyebrows, ears, nose – or you can opt for a skin rejuvenation treatment and get a complete facial makeover.

#4.  Beware of the sunlight

Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

No, this doesn’t mean you should only go out when the sun goes down but bear in mind how harmful the sun rays can be to your skin. Wearing sunscreen or some kind of product with an SPF is a must, even on a cloudy day. Not only it’s the best prevention for skin cancer, but it’s also a smart way to prevent various skin discolorations, wrinkles, age spots, and other things that are making your face look older. Dermatologists suggest wearing at least SPF 15 every day but even higher if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun.

#5.  Don’t forget to Exfoliate

As you age, the process of cell regeneration slows down. It means your skin is now slower to shed skin cells and generate new ones, so exfoliating is there to help your skin in this process. You might be cleansing and moisturizing regularly, but if you’re not exfoliating – your skin is not as healthy as it could be. Think of those dead skin cells as a barrier – all the product you use will absorb better once they’re gone. You’ll need a good scrub that removes the dead skin cells off your face either mechanically or chemically. Do it at least once a week and you’ll surely see the results.

There’s so much you can do for your skin, but patience is the key in this process. Pamper your skin, give it some time, and enjoy the process of creating the most important work of art in your life – fresh, healthy skin.

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loaded deviled eggs


How To Make yummy Deviled Eggs – Simple and Delicious Stuffed Eggs

Serving Appetizer to guest with some new style is always appreciatable. This loaded deviled eggs are great for the job! They’re very simple to make and it will make you blush! Enjoy the recipe 🙂


15 Min

15 Min

Ingredients :

  • 12 large eggs, hard-boiled, cooled and halved
  • 6 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled
  • 2 teaspoons fresh chives
  • 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons white vinegar
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 tablespoons finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon sour cream (more or less) paprika

Instructions :

  • Remove egg yolks from egg halves and place in a mixing bowl. Add in bacon, chives, vinegar, mustard, cheese, garlic powder, salt and pepper.
  • Add the sour cream last and use more as needed to reach desired smoothness.
  • Spoon yolk mixture back into egg halves. The bulk will have grown substantially, so pile it high. Sprinkle paprika on the tops of the eggs.

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jogging woman

Are you a runner who is interested in achieving greatness? Are you always looking for the next opportunity to break the world record?

If you answered a resounding “yes” to either of these questions, then look no further! You’re not alone among fellow runners in striving for nothing but the best in the sport, whether it’s to get into top shape, achieve stellar race times, or just be an all-around athlete.

That said, we’re here to help you out! In this article, we’ll break down just what you need to do in order to a great runner. We’ll give you tips on how to be a perfect girl through running, and we hope to inspire you to get out there and do your best.

#1.  Set a goal

No dream is achieved without having a solid idea of how to go about doing it. Even more so, not having a plan makes it harder to keep you motivated, and after a short period of time, you just might feel like giving up.

Hence, it’s important to have a goal in mind, so that you can create a clear pathway towards obtaining it. Interested in running that marathon? Want to break your personal record in track and field? Have something to hold on to while you train and practice, and it’ll give you a reason to continue working out and getting closer to becoming fit and ready for any obstacles in your way!

#2.  Create a workout schedule

Once you have a set goal, the next thing is to create a good workout regimen to get there. If you’re a beginner to running, start small with fewer miles to get your body used to the sport. If you’re already at a comfortable level of running, then increase the distance and amount of times you work out per week.

One useful item to have is a daily planner, so you can write in your workouts on paper, thereby making it harder to ignore the task when it comes to doing it. Plus, you get that satisfactory feeling when you cross it off from the list at the end of the day- it’s very rewarding!

#3.  Be consistent

Benefits of Running

Even if you have a goal and a workout schedule, nothing gets done if you don’t go around making things happen! There’s no excuse to hitting that snooze button when you ought to be hitting the pavement before work; don’t be that person who chooses to skip a run just because you’re “too tired” to do so.

Instead, what matters is that you have a consistent workout schedule, for it helps you stay focused when the going gets rough—while running and in real life—and pushes you to do your best every single time.

#4.  Have support

While it’s true that running can be an individual sport, it’s even better to have others like you beside you in the process of achieving your dreams. By having support from other athletes, as well as family and friends, it helps you stay motivated and inspired, especially when you aren’t feeling particularly confident in yourself (trust us; it happens from time to time)

Additionally, having fellow runners with you on runs is a great opportunity to push yourself, as well as each other, to get better and get ready for race days. They’re great for honing in your running skills while also providing excellent moral support; consider them your personal cheerleaders!

#5.  Eat well

It’s not just about training hard every day, but also having a good diet. You can’t expect yourself to become a better runner if you eat junk food all of the time. Incorporate more-balanced dishes into your everyday meals: especially load up on fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates (e.g. whole wheat), and lots of lean protein, particularly chicken and eggs. Of course, you can’t forget your dairy products, too!

By eating well, you perform well, and that’s what will help you feel in optimal shape not only in running, but also in your day-to-day activities. It’s time to dig in1

#6.  Take care of your body

General as this reason might seem, it’s true that, besides taking care of your body through exercise and a good diet, you should also take good care of it when things start getting more challenging.

Perhaps you get injured while training for a marathon or maybe you’re feeling especially fatigued after a short run. While pushing yourself to run faster and harder is good for improving, it’s also good to know when your body can’t take it and tone down the workout regimen. What’s more important is that you let your body heal than running through the pain, for chronic injury is never desirable at any cost! Listen to your body, and in the end, it’ll pay off.

#7.  Get equipment

It isn’t a matter of getting the most expensive running shoes, but rather good, durable ones that can last you through long, intense workouts while also feeling comfortable. This is the same for other running equipment, such as a stopwatch or a running backpack: find what you need and don’t need for your runs, depending on the distance, the intensity, and everything in between.

As said, you don’t need to fork over a ton of money for these items: many of them are actually readily available at your local sports store for a good price. Try them on before purchasing, to make sure that they are what you need.


In order to achieve perfection in running, it comes down only to a few, simple steps to get there. From setting goals to sticking with them, making an effort to improve your performance from start to finish is the most important aspect of all, and eventually, you’ll begin to see the results from your hard work. That said, you can be sure that everything will pay off soon!

Happy running, folks!

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prescription painkiller

Most of us will, at some point or another, be prescribed some kind of a painkiller. Maybe you broke your arm, or maybe you’re recovering from surgery. Either way, painkillers are a commonly prescribed treatment for any kind of chronic pain. Most of the side effects seem pretty tame and in line with what you’d expect from a prescription drug, like nausea and fatigue. However, there are hidden dangers in prescription pills, and the effects they can have on your skin, hair, and beyond become clear very quickly.

Prescription Painkillers –

Even with regular, prescribed use, prescription painkillers can do serious damage to the body. Your skin will often take the first hit. Hydration is one of the most important factors in skin care, and since painkillers can often dehydrate the body, your skin will suffer. Many who take prescription painkillers experience rashes and hives across the body, along with a bright red flushing of the skin. This is usually very visible, as some painkillers can also make the skin look pale and clammy. Your body may also sweat a lot, which means that not only are you losing nutrients, but you’re becoming even more dehydrated. With all this happening to the skin, some people feel the need to itch and pick at their skin, meaning that not only will your skin look worse, but it will take far longer to heal. Dehydration doesn’t just affect your skin though; the lack of water in your body can take a toll on almost anything, including your hair and nails.

Just like your skin, your hair and nails also require you to be well hydrated to remain healthy. Even in short term use, those using prescription painkillers see their hair and nails suffer. It doesn’t take long for finger and toenails to become dry and brittle. Cracked nails can happen easily, leading to even more visits to the hospital. Your hair will often suffer similarly. For hair to stay healthy, it needs the right balance of nutrients, oils, and hydration. With prescription painkillers, it’s easy to lose most if not all of these. Some of the most common side effects of prescription painkiller use are nausea, vomiting, and sweating. Not only will all of these lead to extreme dehydration, but you’ll also lose quite a few vitamins and nutrients through sweat and lost food. Your hair’s natural oil will suffer as well. Just like your skin, your hair produces and uses oil from the scalp to maintain health and strength. Prescription pill abuse can affect your hair in one of two ways: by producing too little oil due to dehydration, or producing too much of it due to fatigue.

Fatigue –

Fatigue is the most common symptom of virtually all prescription painkillers. In normal sleep, our body produces natural oils that help keep our hair looking and feeling healthy, and we wash our hair if it feels too oily. When using prescription painkillers, sleeping or experiencing heavy fatigue for hours on end isn’t at all uncommon, and often results in the body producing an excess of oils, which can make both the skin and hair feel greasy. Washing your hair might not remove all these oils either, and they can accumulate again pretty quickly. Many who experience the fatigue and drowsiness of painkillers feel like they have a lot less time awake during the day, and it’s easy to let hair and skincare routines fall by the wayside.

Painkiller Side Effects –

Even with the right care and attention, your body still might not be able to fight the powerful side effects of prescription painkillers. Some may choose to go to a luxury rehab center to address their problems with prescription medication, where holistic treatment can help to look at the bigger picture. One common side effect that also arises from dehydration is dry mouth. While the severity of dry mouth can change from person to person, it can do serious damage, even in mild cases. When the body is dehydrated and experiencing dry mouth, the first thing to go is saliva. Saliva is an incredibly important part of dental hygiene because it helps keep teeth healthy and rids the mouth of bacteria. Without it, people can often expect to see tooth decay develop relatively quickly. Bad breath follows next, as without saliva to get rid of bacteria, it remains in the mouth causing halitosis. In extreme and prolonged cases, dry mouth can actually cause tooth loss.

While the side effects can be very serious, prescription painkillers are sometimes the only option we have to deal with chronic or very serious pain. Some who take these drugs may only experience one or even none of the side effects listed. However, keeping in mind how dangerous they can be is important. That, coupled with the fact that many prescription painkillers can be addictive means that the best tool you have for dealing with these side effects is to be observant. If you start to notice these side effects taking place, or even a craving for the drug, it might be time to consult your physician about a better approach to pain treatment. Your hair, skin, and nails will thank you.

Simone Flynn writes about addiction, recovery, mental health and wellness for varying sites.

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makeup looks

You must keep your skin healthy so that you can attain your best look. Here, I will give you some tips on applying your makeup during the winter.

What is a Winter Look?

I am going to talk to you about a winter look for two reasons. First of all, winter looks are designed to help keep your skin moisturized. In the winter, I always struggle with chapped lips. Not only do they look bad, they also feel terrible. Others of you may struggle with chapped skin, not only on your lips. These tips will first teach you some tips on taking care of your skin in the winter then special application techniques to give you a different look during the frosty months.

Keep Your Skin Healthy –

First of all, you must keep your skin healthy. You can do this by practicing a few techniques. Cleanse your skin daily to keep your skin from drying out or feeling stretched in the cold. One way you can help your skin is by choosing a creamy cleanser instead of a gel-based cleanser. The creamy cleansers will give your face more moisture that it can hold onto throughout the day. You should also apply sunscreen if you are going to be outside. Though it is cold, and you may not usually think of sunscreen when you are putting on your winter jacket, you can get burnt during all times of the year.

Protect your face from the icy cold wind by pulling your jacket up or using a scarf. If you find that your skin is becoming red from the cold, apply a green-tinted moisturizer. You can apply this moisturizer either in one spot or on all of your face. This will help heal the pain but also help hide the redness.

To keep your skin from becoming flaky, apply a hydrating mask on a regular basis. If you let your skin continue to dry out without using anything to hydrate it, your skin will become very sensitive. Last of all, you can keep your lips from becoming chapped by regularly applying chapstick. One good idea is to apply the chapstick every night before you go to bed. The chapstick can sit on your lips all night without you eating and knocking it off, etc. This will allow your lips to heal during the night.

If you keep your skin healthy, then you will be able to enjoy your winter look instead of constantly having to worry about how your skin is holding up under the weather.

Color Matters –

During the winter, you lose your tan, and your face becomes its natural color. For some people, this can be quite pale. Color is pertinent if you are going to have a natural, glowing look during the winter. I am going to work through some different ways that you can add color to liven up your complexion, then I will work through tips that make your winter makeup unique.

If you have sensitive skin, check out these products to help you produce your cold-weather look.

1.  Bronzing Powder –

In the wintertime, bronzer can work wonders when your skin is pasty white if applied correctly. You shouldn’t add too much, but using it on a regular basis can help give your skin a natural color that will lay under any other makeup you apply and give you a slightly darker base to work from.

2.  Blush –

You must add blush to give your cheeks some color. Applying blush on top of the bronzing powder I mentioned above can help give your cheeks some vibrant color. You can choose peachy colors if you naturally have lighter skin. If you have darker skin, consider colors that fall more in the line with terracotta colored makeup.

3.  Mascara –

In the winter, it is typical to wear big coats that cause your face to be the real center of attention. Adding mascara can help bring out your eyes at any time of year. However, in the winter, having that color is especially important. If your face has a little color, then the mascara can add a dark layer of coloring, your face will seem to have multiple layers.

4.  Lipstick –

Lipstick is always a great way to add color to your face. This year lipstick colors are trending toward darker mauve colors. If you choose to use darker lipstick for your winter look, you should not use as much color in the other ways above. You can stay minimal with your other makeup and let your lips be the focus. If you use dark lipstick and other colors as well, your face will seem too busy. Choose one or the other.

Winter Hacks For Your Makeup –

If your foundation is thick or you simply want to make it bit thinner, try this hack. Put a little water on your foundation brush before application. Doing this will help give your foundation a slightly more natural, smooth look.

Use leftover lipstick for blush. If you have a lipstick color that you don’t wear anymore or that is simply too small to apply correctly to your lips, consider smudging the lipstick on your cheek. You can then use your finger to rub it in, and it will give you a natural blush.

Consider applying waterproof mascara. The cold will tend to produce tears in your eyes, especially if the wind is strong. By wearing waterproof mascara, you will guarantee your makeup won’t run even if your eyes get teary.

Give your eyes a special look. Help your eyes be the focus by applying winged liner around the edges. You can use the bronzer I mentioned above and combine it with a great look for your eyes. You can also add a smoky glow by applying a darker color as eye shadow. You could also consider going with a bolder color such as gold.

What Do You Use ?

The looks above will help give you a glowing look even through the cold, dry months. You can protect your skin and look amazing. Let me know in your comments below which looks you tried and what your favorite was.

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rocking girls

Ladies Night Out

If you’ve done nothing but work, work, work… You might be close to suffering a burnout. There’s no better way to unwind than chilling with your gal pals! A ladies night out is just the thing you need to beat out the stress in your life. This can be extra helpful too if you’re going through a rough patch in your romantic relationship.

Without further ado, here are the things you mustn’t forget for that much-needed girl’s night out!

1.  Your Killer Outfit –

Have you ever dreamed of being a sexy Cinderella for just one night, where you get to play dress up and go a little bit wild? A girl’s night out is a great excuse to just go all out with your makeup and dress. It’s like playing a modern day dress-up with your girlfriends! As a tip, try to pick one that isn’t prone to wardrobe mishaps

night out outfits

Photo by

2.  Your Sexy High Heels –

Ah, the ultimate price of beauty! Remember those really hot pair of heels in your closet you may or may not have purposely forgotten to wear because they’re such a pain to walk in? There’s no other time to bring it out but now! Make those legs stand out and walk the walk with that pair of high heels. The pain will be worth it—especially the feeling of relief when you chuck it off AFTER the long night.

heels night out

Photo by Shutterstock

3.  Non-Smudge Lipstick –

Don’t want to worry about constantly reapplying product to your lips?The latest matte lipstick craze is onto something—they look great.

non smudge lipstick

Photo by ThLipstickMakeUp.Institute

4.  Mascara That Won’t Run –

Let’s be real. Sometimes, the tears just start flowing when you’re out with your girls. You’ll need waterproof mascara for that. Whether it’s because of sadness or joy, you just want to look good doing it.

night out mascara

Photo by

5.  Your Selfie Game –

There’s no better way to say #SquadGoals but through a really awesome group selfie!

selfie game

Photo by


6.  A Cocktail to Remember –

Get the party started with the luscious Fountain of Youth, which is a mixture of vodka, pomegranate juice and sliced ginger.

cocktail night out

Photo by

7.  Dance Moves –

It’s time to channel your inner Queen Bey! It’s completely fine to let loose because your girls got your back!

dance moves night club

Photo by

8.  Breath Freshener –

Whether it’s for the hot guy giving you the eye or for that shot of tequila you just downed. If you forgot to pack some breath mints, for first aid, you can munch on the mint leaves on your cocktail.

breath freshener

 Photo by Shutterstock

9.  Toner spray & Loose Powder –

There IS a way to look fresh even if you already feel wasted. With these two handy items, you can handle it despite feeling tipsy. How to do it? MakeUp artist Eva Scrivo’s tip is to lightly mist your face with the toner spray, and then pat with soft tissue. For a velvety finish, simply dust your face with loose powder.

toner spray for face

Photo by Shutterstock

10.  Your BFFs –

And of course, there’s no better way to spend your night but with your most-trusted besties.

What are you waiting for? De-stress and plan a night out with your girls. Who knows? This girl’s night out may just be the best one of your life!

best friends night out

Photo by Shutterstock

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